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Just as she was about to stop, Will Gardner clasped her body and deepened the kiss.

Worried about losing control later, he kissed for a while and then released her. His rough thumb touched Sarah’s red lips stained with water. His voice was much lower than before, “This is called kiss, understand?”

Sarah nodded with red cheeks.

“Go to wash and sleep, and I will call you for breakfast tomorrow.” Will Gardner did not continue to flirt.

He knew Sarah’s work and rest, and would not easily disrupt. Keeping early hours was the key to good health.

Sarah agreed and then added, “You can come to my room without knocking, just come in.”

“Okay.” Will Gardner responded.

Knocking on the door before is because Sarah’s sister was here. It was always impolite to enter without knocking when two girls were here.

Sarah went down from his arms, said good night to him before entering the bedroom. She then went to the bathroom to wash and then sleep. Will Gardner calmed down for a while before returning to his room next to Sarah’s Room.

He has only one idea now.

Marry Sarah early.

Compared with their quiet and warm daily life here, Jason Noth had formed a huge contrast.



After leaving Sarah’s community, he sent a message to Chris, telling him that if Sarah asked, he should reply that he work nearby and meet him later. He didn’t want Sarah to worry about him any more.

Chris didn’t spill the beans at Sarah’s side. His answers were normal.

The sky began to drizzle.

Jason Noth leaned back against the car and looked at the building where Sarah was. From his position, he couldn’t find the window of Sarah’s home.

But he didn’t want to leave.

He wanted to be closer to her.

It was raining all the time.

In just ten minutes, Jason Noth’s hair was wet and his body was stained with rain.

The cold air rushed into the body, and the feeling of chill rose.

But these were not as cold as seeing Sarah be with others.

The rain continued to fall on him, and he was just stay there as if he didn’t feel the rain. It seemed that in this way, he could reduce the suffocating pain in his heart.

Just at this time, a black umbrella appeared above his head.

He looked sideways and saw Chris standing beside him with an umbrella in his hand.

His voice was hoarse, as if he had been stripped of all his energy and said to Chris, “I don’t need the umbrella.”



“You have just recovered, and you are weak.” Chris had never seen his boss look like an abandoned child. “If you have a fever again because of rain, what will you do?”

Jason Noth didn’t say anything, but took back his sight.

Chris took the car key from his hand and opened the back seat for him. “Go home first.”

Jason Noth looked at the building again and finally got on the car.

Chris helped him close the car door, then closed the umbrella, sat in the driver’s seat and started the car to leave.

On the way back,

Jason Noth had been looking at the retrogressive scenery outside the car window, thinking about the little things he and Sarah were together.

Chris turned on the air conditioner to warm the car.

Jason Noth felt a little warm and asked him, “Why are you here?”

“I’m worried that you will have an accident alone.” Chris is honest. Because he has never seen his boss in that condition. “So I took a taxi to follow you.”

“Investigate all the information about Will Gardner.” Jason Noth sat down on the seat,

“And handed it to me after investigation.” Will Gardner is a good man from the contact during the period of his amnesia.

But since Sarah is with him, he needs to know better. I can’t let her feel frustrated any more.

Chris agreed.



When boss was in the period of losing his memory before, he also asked him to investigate Will Gardner. But at that time he didn’t investigate his information very much and didn’t pay much attention to.

This time it was different. This time real boss asked him to investigate.

“After the investigation, you should go back to Atlanta first.” Jason Noth’s voice was too lonely and low to say. “Dad probably doesn’t want to run the company. You should take the post of CEO temporarily, and your salary will be doubled.”

“How about you?” Chris asked.

“I’ll stay in New York for a while.” Jason Noth didn’t hide the real thought from him, “Wanting to see her more.”

Even if he could only watch her from afar, he wanted to stay longer.

Who is she?

Chris knows.

He wanted to say something, but he found that it was not appropriate to say anything that time.

When he arrived the community, Jason Noth asked Chris to stop his car. He went to the convenience store and bought something before entering the community.

When they were at home,

Jason Noth asked Chris to go back first.

“It’s better for me to accompany you here.” Chris said frankly to him, “I am worried about your current condition.”



Jason Noth was eager to talk but stopped. He didn’t urge him to leave.

Thinking that he hadn’t eaten all day, Chris prepared him some food, but Jason Noth didn’t touch the food.

No appetite.

Didn’t want to eat.

“If you don’t eat, you must change your clothes.” Chris cared him like an old lady. “It’s easy to catch a cold when the clothes are wet.”

Although there was heating in the room, it was better to replace the clothes.

Jason Noth still didn’t take any action.

A moment later, he took out the cigarette and lighter he had bought in the convenience store from his pocket, lit it with a snap, and then took a sip.

Chris, “??”


He remembered that his boss never smoked.

The company also clearly stipulated that smoking was not allowed in public areas in order to prevent people from inhaling secondhand smoke.

Chris thought that why did he start smoking now? He began to cough!

Jason Noth was choked by the smoke and coughed violently.



Chris sighed, went to take the cigarette out of his hand, extinguished it and threw it in the garbage can, “If you can’t smoke, don’t smoke. Smoking is harmful to your health.”

Jason Noth said nothing and threw away the cigarette and lighter he had just bought.

Sure enough, He still didn’t like the taste.

“Drink? I’ll get some drink.” Chris knew he was in a bad mood.

“No.” Jason Noth’s eyes were dim, and his whole heart was empty.

It was no use getting drunk.

The deeper you get drunk, the more you miss.

Now he could control himself with reason not to disturb her new life, but if he get drunk, he can’t help calling her.

He watched the dark night outside the window, and his heart was filled with thousands of complex emotions, “Chris.”

Chris came over.

“I regret.” Jason Noth said this with a deep thin lip and a slight movement. It seemed that it was hard for him to say these words. His eyes were sour. He regretted.

But everything couldn’t go back.

“If I had listened to you, would she not have left?” Jason Noth hid his face and lowered his eyes, tears flowing down his fingers.

Chris couldn’t bear to see it, but he told the truth, “She will still go.”


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Jason Noth felt intense pain.

The was a gnawing pain from his heart.

“For Sarah, one infidelity means that she would not forgive you for one hundred times.” Chris said word by word, and his heart became more complicated, “Since the moment you asked her for a divorce because of Jenny Smith, Sarah’s heart fainted.”

The only difference was that the relationship between you two would not be too rigid if there was compensation and no other harm.

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