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A heart-to-heart talk

Jason Noth’s heart was throbbing with regret occupying him.

Chris couldn’t bear to see it. After being silent for a moment, he went to fetch the beer and called Lucas Richardson at the same time, who was filming in New York.

The physical state of boss was too bad.

If he doesn’t adjust, he will break his health.

After taking the beer, Chris also brought the food. Drinking on an empty stomach not only makes you drunk quickly, but also hurts your health.

Jason Noth refused all.

“I’ll tell you something about Sarah after you eat this meal.” Chris began to lie to let him eat. “It’s about you.”


“You eat first.”

Jason Noth really had no appetite, but he wanted to know something about Sarah.

In the intertwined emotions, he squeezed the food into his mouth and ate it one mouthful at a time. Until he finished eating, he didn’t know what the food tasted like.

Sarah was full of his mind.

“Finished.” He put down his chopsticks and bowl and watched



Chris with a little vitality between his eyes and eyebrows. “You can tell me now.”

Chris, “…”

What should he say?

He was lying.

During the stalemate, Lucas Richardson came.

After entering the house, he took off his cap and mask, and took off his scarf and overcoat.

As a movie king, his acting skills were so good that he had so many fans that it was difficult for him to go out.

Seeing him coming, Jason Noth was distracted.

He adjusted his state for a while, and didn’t want his affairs to be known too much,

“Why did you come?”

“I’m in a bad mood.” Chris taught Lucas Richardson to say like this. “I want to drink with you.”

Jason Noth frowned.

He glanced at Chris subconsciously.

Chris’s acting skills were excellent, and he looked surprised at the sudden arrival of Lucas Richardson.

Lucas Richardson was familiar with Jason Noth’s home. In the past, when Jason Noth came to New York for work, he would also talk to him about the old days, and naturally knew his door password. He was very familiar to get the glasses.



When taking the glasses, he glanced at Chris and asked, “Do you want to drink?”

“Just drink with the boss.” Chris didn’t like to drink. “I’ll go back first and don’t bother you to talk about the past.”

After finishing his words, he left. He gave them space.

Jason Noth didn’t want him to leave, but Chris was so fast that he didn’t give him a chance to talk at all.

Lucas Richardson took the glasses and took the beer Chris put there. He poured the beer and asked, “What is Chris doing with the beer? Are you in a bad mood?”

“No.” Jason Noth hid his feeling.

Lucas Richardson didn’t ask more.

One glass for each person.

After clinking the glasses with Jason Noth, he drank it all at once.

Seeing him like this, Jason Noth adjusted his mood and cared about his buddy first,

“What happened?”

“I was liked by a man at the dinner party tonight.” What Lucas

Richardson said was true, but his tone was the same as before. “He wanted to take me back to be a toyboy, and said that I could choose any resources.”

There were many such things in their circle.



Some talked about these things with resources; Some would not pay anything; Some even use drugs to play dirty tricks.

There were many different ways.

“Your agent is not with you?” Jason Noth asked.

He was not worried that Lucas Richardson would suffer losses.

Although he was in the entertainment circle, and his family had strong capital, he had always been in this circle as an ordinary person.

“No, my agent was brought to another private room to talk about things.” Lucas Richardson was disgusted about these things, but he didn’t need to find someone to drink.

The reason why he spoke out these things was to let Jason Noth drink with him.

Chris said that this guy was in a bad mood and didn’t eat or drink, so he was invited to persuade him.

Seeing that the beer in his glass was drunk, Lucas Richardson filled his and Jason’s glasses.

After the next few glasses.

Lucas Richardson didn’t say a word, just drank one glass after another.

Jason Noth was deeply worried and depressed, so he didn’t think about Lucas Richardson’s reaction and his things.

If he is normal, he will know that these things will only be ignored because of Lucas Richardson’s character, and he will not be unhappy to come to him for drinking at all.

After the drinking has gone through three rounds.



They have already drunk two bottles of beer.

Jason Noth was a little drunk at the moment because of the high degree of alcohol and the strong delayed effect of the beer.

Lucas Richardson was not drunk.

Because when he drank, he didn’t finish the glass. Every time when he took a sip, he put the glass down and continued pouring. He held the glass in his hand, so Jason Noth couldn’t see it.

Through these series of behaviors, Lucas Richardson understood one thing.

Jason Noth was on his chest.

He didn’t find anything wrong with two uncommon things in a row. This was totally not the person he used to be.

“How about you?” Lucas Richardson, seeing it was the time to ask, poured him another glass before pretending to be natural and asked, “How have you been lately? How is your relationship with Sarah?”

Lucas Richardson and Edgar Williams didn’t know about Jason’s coma and memory loss after serious injury.

Jason Noth didn’t tell many people about these things.

The things that broke out on the Internet before were also regarded as edited photo after Jason Noth appeared automatically.

“I lost her.” Jason Noth held the glass in his hand, and his sad and depressed mood became more obvious after he was drunk.



Lucas Richardson paused. He looked up and saw something else in his eyes. Jason Noth drank the beer in the glass and began to tell Lucas

Richardson the truth, “She is with other people.”

“Is that person good to her?”


“What do you think?” Lucas Richardson asked again.

“I don’t know.” Jason Noth’s voice was hoarse and couldn’t find the right answer. “I don’t know what to do.”

“Let it go.” Lucas Richardson began to talk to him formally, with a warm voice and healing power. “Now that she has a good home and someone takes good care of her, you should also go forward.”

Jason Noth shook his head.

He didn’t say a word.

How did he go forward…

“Don’t you want to get her back?” Lucas Richardson asked suddenly.


Jason Noth gave the answer without hesitation.

If Sarah is single now, and if she doesn’t have a relationship with

Will Gardner, he will chase her even if he is badly beaten.

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But there was no chance. He couldn’t destroy her happiness without the bottom line.

“Take a good rest for a while, and sincerely apologize to her.” Lucas Richardson said. He was not surprised by the result. “Then go back to your original life course, and do not disturb her.”

Jason Noth said nothing.

Even if he wants to return to the original life course, he have to wait until she is truly happy.

They drank for a while, and Jason Noth became more intoxicated. He looked at the mobile phone on the side. There were countless voices in his mind asking him to call Sarah and tell her that he missed her, loved her, and could not live without her.

But the only reason told him not to disturb her. With the two emotions intertwined, he picked up his mobile phone, looked at it for a long time, and then threw it under the sofa.

The place he threw the phone…

Even if someone is completely drunk, he can’t take out his mobile phone form that place.

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