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Quit himself or you’ll fire him

Tate looked at him, and his beautiful lips pouted. His mind was a total mess.

Without his phone, Jason drank one cup after another.

After a few more, Jason’s consciousness had completely dissipated, and his mind was full of his time together with Sarah when they just married.

They were… so happy.

But all this was destroyed by him.

Tate picked him up and planned to take him back to his room for a rest, but Jason grabbed his arm and said, “Give me my cell phone.”


“Then call Sarah.”

“Don’t have her number.”

“I remember it, I could tell you.”

“She was asleep, do you want to wake her up?” Tate asked him.

The light in Jason’s eyes immediately faded. After standing there for a long time, he said in a dull voice, “I don’t want to.”

Tate can’t tell what his mood is.

This guy had never suffered setbacks in his studies and career. He was a typical A student.



But now.

He was like a child who did something wrong.

Jason pushed away his hand and staggered back to the room and threw himself on the bed.

That night, he dreamed of Sarah.

When Jenny called, he hung up the phone and told her that he was married and asked her not to disturb him again.

He also dreamed that he and Sarah had lovely children, and their family of three lived happily.

But anyways.

When he woke up in the morning, it all turned into bubbles.

He stared at the ceiling in a daze. The pain of suffocation spread from the tip of his heart to his whole body. He was drown in regret.

In the next few days.

Jason had been staying at home. He didn’t walk out for once. Chris was investigating Will.

Sarah was living happily there.

February 6th.

She and Will went to work at A&Y International.

At noon, Sivan looked at the intimate appearance of the two when they had lunch. A little doubt and puzzlement crossed his eyes, “Boss.”



“What’s the matter?”

“You…” Sivan always felt that something big happened that he didn’t know.

Sarah blinked.

She promised Sivan that if she remarried, she would ask for his advice.

Although they were just boyfriend and girlfriend…

“We are together.” Sarah looked at Will and said in a calm voice. “In a serious relationship now.”

Sivan looked at Will.

He said that this man entered A&Y International with an evil intention.

Unexpectedly, it was really happening.

“Are you going to fire him, or was he going to quit himself?”

Sivan’s voice was as cold as ever.

Sarah and Will were both confused.

Sarah was shocked by his words.

A&Y International had no regulations to prohibit office romance. Why he had to leave?

Sivan saw her look and asked, “Did you forget the notice that I sent to each department?”

“What notification?”



“The boss forbids office romance, and once it happens they should be fired.” Sivan said seriously, adding, “This was what you asked me to say when too many men asked you out after the business got stable.”

The boss was good-looking and capable. Many guys in the company liked her, and some of them have openly started their pursuit.

The boss didn’t get used to this, so she asked him to send the notice.

After the notice came out, those people also knew what the boss was thinking, so they didn’t continue After all, no one wanted to lose their job.

No one can promise that they will be together for a lifetime anyways.

Sarah paused and looked at Will awkwardly, “Can I say I forgot?”

“I could help you remember.” Sivan said solemnly.

Sarah was speechless.

Will raised his eyes slightly with indifference. He didn’t expect it to happen.

Sarah thought carefully and said to Will, “Captain, why don’t you leave and go back to just inherit your family’s wealth?” “You’re driving me away?” Will said lazily in an indifferent tone.

“I’m the boss, I have to set an example.” Sarah was very serious.

Will raised his hand and flicked it on her forehead, “To set an example by sacrificing me?”

Sarah pursed his lips and said nothing.

This was not easy to answer.



No answer then.

“I must leave?” Will looked at Sivan and consciously didn’t ask

Sarah, knowing that she had forgotten all about it.

“If you can control yourself from having close contact with the boss in the company, I can help you keep it secret for the time being.” Sivan said word by word, still cold, “That way you don’t have to leave.”

Will thought about it for a while. It was not a big problem, so he agreed.

At work that afternoon, Sivan reported to Sarah all the arrangements for the week.

After that, he looked at her without hesitation, “Boss, can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead.”

“Did you chase Will or Will was the proactive one?”

“He chased me.”

How would she dare to chase the captain. What if he let her run with weights and do frog jumps?

“What’s the matter?” Sarah saw that he was worried.

“Is he good to you?” Sivan’s cool tone was more concerned, and his eyes were full of emotion.

Sarah smiled and said, “Pretty good.”

Before she didn’t expect the captain to be so gentle, careful and provocative.



Sivan was relieved to see that she was happy. But in order to determine whether Will really loved the boss, he decided to talk to Will.

The boss was injured in her last relationship. She can’t have it again.

Will was not surprised when he saw Sivan.

During his working time at A&Y International, he also knew how much Sivan cared about Sarah. He was a perfect help.

“Let’s talk.” Sivan said with a cool face, but he still looked like a little boy.

Will nodded.

Sivan closed the door.

Without beating around the bush, Sivan cut straight to the point,

“What do you like about the boss?”

“I like her for being herself.”

“Or for her money.”


“If your ex showed up, you will choose to stand on the side of the boss or your ex.” Sivan asked the key question.

“I don’t have an ex.” Will’s thin lips slightly curled, “But at any time, I’m on the same side with your boss.”

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He didn’t felt offended by Sivan’s interrogation at all.

On the contrary. He was glad that Sarah had such a person who took care of her carefully and really cared about her over the years.

“The last question.” Sivan felt a little relieved after seeing that Will was not lying.

Will said in a low voice, “Okay.”

“If someone else pursues the boss, what would you do?” Sivan blurted out, and his cold eyes fell on Will’s face at this moment, not missing any sign on his face.

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