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The fool “Won’t do anything, just love her and care about her as usual.” Will’s voice was low and slow, pleasant to listen to. “Marriage should be a big thing in her life. She can choose her favorite among many suitors and make the best choice.” “Even if she doesn’t choose you?” Sivan was surprised. Will answered firmly, “Yes.” The biggest reason why he can say these words was that he knew that he would love Sarah wholeheartedly. Sarah was not a flirty person. He can give her happiness that others can give as well, but he can give her something that others can’t. “If one day you don’t love her, don’t do anything that hurts her.” Sivan said his closing words, and was satisfied with this conversation. Will promised, “I will love her until the end of my life.” This promise would work. Sivan handed over a document in his hand. Will took it and was about to open it to see what the document was when Sivan’s voice rang. “It records the boss’s hobbies, work and life habits.” Sivan said formally, “And her allergy to food and medication. You can have a look.” Even if Will loved the boss, it was impossible for him to know everything. After all, he had not lived with his boss for a long time. Now that he had become the boss’s boyfriend, he could give it to him. Will read it carefully. If he had just felt that Sivan cared about Sarah, now he could be sure that his care was filled with emotion.



If not, it was impossible to do this far for her. “Insomnia?” Will’s finger fell on the bold font and frowned slightly. “A few years ago, she often had a bad sleep and needed incense to help.” Sivan explained carefully. “Now she had recovered, but I’m not sure if she will have it again in the future, so I wrote it down.” Will looked at this line. Sarah never slept beside him, and he didn’t know her sleep problem. However, from the observation after her return, Sarah’s spirit was good every day, and he never thought about this problem. “When did she start to have insomnia?” He asked. “Four years ago in July.” Sivan remembered it very clearly. “She said she would go out with Robert to do something, and she began to lose sleep when she came back.” Will trembled a bit. At that time… It was just the time when they went to perform the most brutal task. Sarah was almost seriously injured, and the scene was bloody and frightening. Fortunately, all the staff returned after finishing the task. “I gotta go now.” Sivan explained everything that should be explained, “Treat her nicely.” “Wait.” “What’s the matter?” “You…” Will wondered how to ask. “I like the boss, but different from you.” Sivan knew exactly what he wanted to ask. “If you treat her bad, I will take it over.” After that, Sivan left. Will felt a little relieved. If Sivan also had feelings for Sarah, he might choose to resign and leave A&Y



International. After all, Sivan treated Sarah well, and he couldn’t display their affection in front of him. Fortunately, their feelings were different. After reading the whole document, he put it in the drawer and planned to talk to Sarah when he returned from work in the afternoon. This fool. She never told him about insomnia. After that mission, she stayed in the base for almost a week before leaving. Sarah left in Will’s car when she got off work in the afternoon, and Sivan could stay longer in the since he didn’t have to do this driver work anymore. After all, for him. It’s boring to go back. It’s better to stay in the company. On the way back, Sarah noticed that Will was a little different than before. She glanced at him and slowly asked, “Captain, something’s on your mind?” “Yes.” “What?” “I wonder why a fool didn’t tell me about her insomnia.” Will looked at her and continued to drive safely. Sarah was confused.. Fool? Insomnia? She asked curiously, “What fool?” “Whoever answers the question.” Will was amused by her dazed



look, and his voice was a little more relaxed. Sarah was even more confused. She? “Sivan said that you had been having insomnia for a long time before and could only sleep with the help of incense.” Will said. “Is it the psychological trauma left by that task?” When he mentioned the past again, Sarah’s thoughts drifted back

to the past. Her insomnia was really related to that task. Not only she, but also Jacob and the rest of the group. “Why don’t you tell me?” Will asked. Sarah replied seriously, “You are too fierce.” Will was a little shocked. This was the second time Sarah said that he was fierce. Was he that aggressive to her? “But you can talk to them.” Will meant the mates who had a good relationship with Sarah. “At that time, your team was pretty close.” Sarah didn’t tease him, but said the truth, “At that time, I didn’t think it was a big deal, and I would be alright.” Unexpectedly, it didn’t. On the contrary, insomnia was becoming more and more serious. “Next time, tell me immediately.” Will smiled. “Don’t fight by yourself.” Just say it or find someone to talk about it. But if you keep it in your heart, it will gradually enlarge and finally affect your mind. “OK.” Sarah agreed.



The car was driving on the road. Sarah looked at the buildings outside the window. She suddenly found her peace at this moment. She didn’t know what it was like to have peace. But this moment. She seemed to feel it. When seeing her quiet face, Will’s smiled and his look were tender, and he began to think about what to cook tonight. It was half past six when they arrived at the community. When they were just about to drive into the underground parking lot, a figure suddenly jumped up and greeted Will warmly, “Brother Will!” He had to stop the car. Sarah looked at Lola, who looked just like a model, and naturally asked, “Your friend?” “No…” “Brother Will!” Lola came over with a sweet smile on her face. “I finally got you.”

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