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Why run away after kissing

He accurately walked towards to the room where Sarah hid with his long legs,, and called her through the door, “Sarah.”

Sarah didn’t answer him.

The most deadly thing was to run away after seducing him. If she went out, she must be held by her captain and kissed for a long time.

“I will come in if you don’t come out.” He said that in a casual and lazy tone.

Sarah was stunned. She immediately remembered that his skills in almost all aspects were very good. It was not difficult for him to open a lock.



He didn’t counted to one yet.

But Sarah obediently opened the door and came out, with a clear conscience in her eyes.

After careful consideration, she thought it was much better to have a kiss in his arms out of her room than being pressed on the bed after he broke into the door. After all, they might do much more in bed.

Will raised his hand to pinch her face softly, and said: “You deliberately ran away after flirting me just because I intend to train you, right?”

“No,” Sarah denied.



“Are you sure not?” He leaned towards her with his nonchalant face.

Sarah tensed up and said honestly, “Yes…”

“Why run away!” Will leaned down slightly. The two were so close that they could hear each other’s breathing. “You should not run away after kissing me just now.”

After he said that, …

His thin lips cover her red lips.

Sarah’s heart was about to jump out, and at this moment she was not as calm and confident as she was before.

Will pecked her, and then raised his hand to tap her on head. His low and lazy voice slowly overflowed from his thin lips, “Go to change your clothes.”


Why change clothes?

Will was really gentle with her, “Take you to meet my real childhood friend.”

They could not have a date, so he could only change his plan.

Robert was their common friends, so he didn’t need to introduce him to her. But his childhood friend was very important in his life, so he should introduce him to Sarah.

Sarah went out with him after washing herself and making up.

They were at a hot pot restaurant.



In the box.

Zack was sitting with a cute girl.

The girl was not very tall, about 1.55 meters in height. Sitting with Zack, who was 1.85 meters in height, she looked very cute.

“When Will comes here later, you pretend to have a crush on him from childhood to now and confess to him.” Zack still remembered that will input a virus in his mobile phone last time and his mother chased and hit him because of that.

He had to revenge on him!

It was a good time to revenge.

Susan, “????”

Susan said without hesitation, “Did you go out today without taking medicine?”

Confess with Will. Was he crazy?

“Please help me, your brother.” Zack shook her arm and blinked.

“If you promise me, I will buy you what you want!”

“I have money.”

“I promise you a request!”

“No interest.”

“Susan, for the sake of being beaten by my mother before because of him, please help me.”



Susan answered him simply, “Go away!”

“If you don’t help me, I will expose your secret love for the boy of the Davis family for many years.” Zack grunted twice and began to threaten her.

“How dare you!”

“Just wait and see.”

Susan suddenly clenched her fist, glaring at him and feeling sour at this same time.

This fool!

How stupid!

“As long as you promise me, I will keep this secret in my heart forever, and I will promise you one thing.” Zack raised his eyebrows and said seriously, “How about that?”

Susan hit him with a fist, which meant a disguised promise, “You’d better do what you say.”

The two were fighting and quarreling. Sarah and Will came here at this time.

As soon as they came in, Susan kept her eye on Sarah, and a bit of surprise flashed between her eyebrows.

But she was curious how did Will successfully woo such a beautiful girl?

“Little sister, we are meeting again.” Zack greeted warmly and touched Susan with his elbow quietly.

Zack wondered whether Will has confessed to this girl.



Although he didn’t admit it and said that she was just his boss, he could be 100% sure that Will absolutely loved her!

“They are my childhood friends. He is Zack, and she is Susan.” Will introduced them to Sarah, and then introduced Sarah to them.

“Sarah, my girlfriend.”

Several people simply said hello.

Zack winked at Susan at this time, but the latter really wanted to beat him!

But she had to stop Zack to spread the news that she has a crush on the guy of the Davis family. Once he did, she could not conceal the lie.

“Will.” Susan called him.

She was only two years younger than Will and Zack. Although she was twenty-eight years old, she looked only in her early twenties because of her petite figure and lovely appearance.

She was very good-looking. Will was about to sit down with Sarah at this time, and he asked,

“What’s the matter?”

“I secretly love you from childhood to adulthood.” Susan said sorry to Sarah constantly in heart, but said that with a serious face.

Will, “??”

Sarah, “?”



Their expressions were synchronized, and they were both confused.

However, Zack was secretly poking and gloating.

“Can I sit with Sarah for this meal today?” Susan said later, “I like her too.”

Will, “?”

Zack, “?”

Before Will said something, Sarah agreed first.

Although Susan made a confession to Will, she somehow liked her very much.

After the two sat together, Susan first apologized to Sarah, and then told Will honestly,

“Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t really like you, but Zack forced me to say it.” She said two sentence.

But the three people took a look at her.

Zack didn’t expect Susan to betray him without any self accusation, “I did that because you implanted a virus in my mobile phone last time.”

Will didn’t argue with him.

He didn’t need to revenge on him immediately.

Will and Zack took good care of the two girls when they had hot pot.

Will knew Sarah’s favorite food, and Zack also new what Susan liked to eat. The two men put what the two girls’ favorite food next to them for their convenience.

After eating for half an hour, Will began to fight back, “Susan.”

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Susan raised his eyes.

“I heard that your family is urging you to get married?”

“They are very vexatious.”

“I know two high-quality single men. Do you want to make a date with them?” Will said that carelessly, and somehow looked at Zack.

Susan paused.

After all, he knew Susan loved Zack, didn’t he?

“one of them is mature and sedate, while the another was tender.

They are Robert and Julian.” Will said this to stimulate Zack. “Although Julian’s family background is not as good as Robert’s, he is a hacker.”

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