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Susan’s eyes brightened.

Sarah put a piece of meat in mouth, and turned her eyes.

Will has never been a matchmaker, let alone without Robert and Julian’s knowledge.


Zack loved Susan?

Will said that on purpose.

“Their character is very good. If you don’t believe it, you can ask Sarah.” Will suggested Sarah to join them.

Sarah understood his meaning. They had tacit understanding on such matters, “Both of them are very good people. Robert is gentle and meticulous, and upright, while Julian is lively and cheerful, and his views on all aspects are very positive.”

“Really?” Susan also understood something and began to cooperate in the performance.

Only Zack didn’t know they were acting. However, Susan was puzzled. Why did Will do this? Zack didn’t love her after all.

“Hmm.” Sarah nodded.



Will noticed with his split version that Zack’s appetite was obviously not as good as before, and there was a little depression between his eyebrows.

Sarah said more to Susan, “Why not come with us after dinner? They are available today, and you can have a meet.”

“That’s fine.” Susan agreed.

“I’m going too!”

Zack suddenly said it. They focused their eyes on him, and Susan’s heart raised a little unexpected expectation.

“I heard that two girls have a good relationship with Robert.” Zack said that in an extremely normal tone. He continued, “Why not ask them out and I can make a blind date.”

Susan’s hopes were completely shattered, and she sneered at him, “You don’t need that since you go to the nightclub frequently.”

“Come on, I only have entertainment in nightclub.” Zack explained to himself, “I have never done something bad.”

“You really have not done anything bad, because you just had simple flirtations.” Said Susan coolly.

Zack could not refute him.

The last time when he went a nightclub with his disreputable friends, they offered him two women, and Susan saw that before he refused.

From then on, he knew that he could not explain it clearly.

They had different thoughts when having the meal.



Will asked them when were they available on Facebook and could they have a date.

He and Sarah were in a relationship with Jasmine and Julian’s help. So he should invite them to have a meal anyway, and then announce the matter.

After the message was sent.

They all said they were free.

After answering his message in chatting group on Facebook, everyone began to send private message to Will.

Jasmine: [What’s wrong with you, captain? You are wooing Pumpkin, aren’t you? Why do you invite other girls to our date?]

This was not normal! Normally, no outsiders attended their date before.

Jim: [Captain, have you changed your mind?]

White mouse: [Captain, don’t you love Sister Sarah?]

Robert: [What’s wrong with you?]

Buck and Samuel also queried him.

Will and Sarah were very important to them, and they all hoped them fall in love.

But at this time…. Will even took other girls to their date?!

Will made a simple explanation and also told Robert and Julia.

The two of them knew how to act, so they agreed him.



After everyone knew his real intention, they all relaxed.

Over the years, they have never been so serious about the couples in the TV series. But they hoped Will and Sarah fall in love very much.

After the matter was settled.

Will and Sarah told Susan about the matter. In order to contact in the future, Susan and Sarah kept each other’s contact information on Facebook.

After a while, they left after checking out.

Sarah and Will sat in a car, while Susan and Zack in another car.

“Are you really going to have a blind date with Robert and Julian?” Zack asked Susan sitting on the copilot while driving.

“What else?”

“Don’t you love the man of the Davis family?”

“He loves another woman. Since my love is doomed to be fruitless, why not try to have a date with other men.” Susan said that naturally.

Zack closed his lips and kept silent for a long time before he said,

“If you call me brother, I will help you woo him. I promise to do that successfully.”

“Don’t bother him.” Susan would stop him. She didn’t want to expose it yet. “I don’t want my love to cause him any troubles.”



Zack didn’t speak again. He didn’t understand why was the young master of the Davis family so good in her eyes?

Was this guy worth her love for so many years?

Will and Sarah were also talking about this question, but Sarah was only asking: “Zack loves Susan?”



“I spent most of my time in the organization, and only came back to meet them for a short time when I was on vacation occasionally.” Will explained to her in a very pleasant voice. “I’m not clear what happened to the two people, but I just feel that Zack has been a little strange over the years.”

“So you want to help him with Robert and Julian?” Sarah asked him.

“Yes.” Will pursed his lips.

Sarah nodded.

The two people drove to the destination where they got together. It was a place that gathered all kinds of fun.

There was a special racing area, a golf course, a tennis court and various other projects in various centers, and even a venue similar to a nightclub.

This place was specially developed by the Shawn Group and covered an extremely wide area.

When the four of them arrived there, only Julian was there. He was the closest to here.



“Sister Sarah, captain.” Julian said hello as soon as he arrived, but his eyes were full of gossip.

He wondered how her captain was getting along with Sister Sarah. The two just hummed.

Sarah watched Susan and Zack come and colluded with Julian, “She is Susan. You can act later, but don’t go too far.”

“No problem!”

Julian showed an understanding expression.

After the two men came to them, Will made an introduction first.

Julian was really lively, and his acting skills were especially natural.

After the greetings, he enjoyed the time with Susan. Sarah and Will were even surprised during the whole process. Zack twisted the skin between his new eyebrows and eyes. “IJulian is really a man with a simple mind?” Said Zack under the banner of justice, “He is not reliable because he talks to Susan skillfully.”

“He is better than you.” Said Will slowly. Zack, ”…”

This guy.

How did he say that.

“Susan has been playing with us since childhood.” Zack reminded

Will in disguised form, “If you hurt her, I will not let you go first.”

“How do you plan to deal with me?” Will twisted his eyebrows slightly, and infuriated him on purpose, “Implant virus on my phone or hit me?”

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Zack almost vomited blood in anger.

He didn’t understand why he loved and hated Will, his friend, at the same time.

Will treated him very well, but sometimes also made him extremely angry.

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