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“How dare you mention this?” Zack still felt scared when he thought of that day when his mother was punching him. “Whom did you ask to insert the virus into my mobile phone? I asked several people to help me. But they failed.”

Sarah was speechless.

Will smiled and said one word, “Expert.”

“Don’t I know that he is an expert?” Zack felt that this guy became cocky after he had a girlfriend. “I’m talking about the identity of that guy.”


Zack rolled eyes at him.

Zack thought, ‘l can’t talk with this guy. If it goes on like this, I will be pissed off one day!’

Zack came up with an idea.

“You are waiting for others here. I will go to see if Julian is capable.” Will said that that man was a hacker. Julian’s skill wouldn’t suck. Since it was the case.

He would ask Julian to crack it.

When he went to Julian, Julian was having fun with Susan. When he went in the room, he heard Julian praising. “You are twenty- eight years old? You look much younger.”

“Do you often praise girls like this?” Susan replied.



“No.” Julian said the truth. “You are the first person I praise besides Sarah.”

As for Jacob and Jim.

They always made fun of each other.

“Julian, Will told me that you’re a hacker. Is it true?” Zack felt that Julian was unreliable and went over to interrupt them.

“That’s right.” Julian said modestly.

Although his hacking technology is not as good as Sarah, it was also impressive. Compared with Alicia, who was second only to Sarah, it was not much worse. Zack grabbed Julian’s shoulder naturally and said, “How about doing me a favor?” now Zack took him to the room inside.

Zack asked Julian to crack the virus, and Julian made it quickly.

This time.

Zack saw the hope.

He told Julian to wait a moment and then went to the car to get his cell phone with the virus. He asked Julian, “There is a powerful virus in it. Many hackers failed to crack it. As long as you help me solve it, I will invite you to dinner.”

Julian took the mobile phone.

He just planned to use the computer to break the virus in the phone! As a result, the computer got a virus!!!

What the hell?



Julian was stunned.

“It also happened to those who helped me crack the virus before…” Zack coughed to cover up his embarrassment. He hadn’t come up with this before.

Julian didn’t speak. He just continued to crack the code.

After half an hour.

The computer had returned to normal, and the virus in Zack’s mobile phone had also been cleared.

He knew that the virus was written by Sarah. It was a harmless prank, that was why he could crack it. If Sarah was serious, he could not solve it.

Sarah’s serious virus had not been cracked by anyone so far.

Even other top hackers had never done so.

“You…” Julian stopped when words came to his mouth.

Julian wanted to ask him how he offended Sarah, but after a second thought, Julian realized that he was the captain’s friend. Sarah never dealt with Will’s friends.

Zack now knew that Julian’s technology was better than those he knew. “What’s the matter?”

“Where did the virus come from?”

“I don’t know. It’s inexplicable.”

“Think again.”



“Do you know something?” Zack was Will’s friend, and he was smart. “Do you know who made this virus for me?”

Julian didn’t say anything. It was acquiescence.

Zack had a showdown with him. Julian would not tell him if he was not honest. “The virus was implanted by Will for revenge.”

Julian was astonished.

His heart beat violently out of fear. “Captain?”



It was over.

He would be finished.

The captain wanted to deal with Zack, but helped Zack to crack the virus If it was known by the captain, he would be dead meat!

“The virus has not been completely cracked.” Julian immediately told a lie. He really didn’t want to be punished. “Give it to me.”

Zack handed it to him.

He had no doubt about the Julian at the moment.

Julian’s fingers knocked on the keyboard, quickly restored Sarah’s virus. He turn off the mobile phone to keep it secret for a while.



“All right.” Julian handed the mobile phone back to Zack. “I have something to deal with. I’d better go now. If there is any problem, call me.”

Then Julian left.

Leaving Zack no chance to speak.

Julian was in a panic.

He thought to himself, ‘l restored the virus. I didn’t destroy the captain’s plan, did I?’

He doesn’t want to carry out those cruel training. The punishment was scary.

Zack felt weird.

He ignored the weirdness of Julian.

When he saw that his mobile phone was turned off, he turned it on and planned to move the mobile phone card to it later.

When he opened.

A full-volume voice came out of the mobile phone, “Mom, come and hit me, it’s a pity, you can’t reach me, hahahaha!”

Zack was stunned. In an instant.

The voice of the mobile phone attracted the attention of those nearby.

Zack scolded Julian in his heart. Then he immediately turned off his mobile phone.



Zack thought, “What the hell is this guy doing? He has cracked the virus. Why did the phone play that audio?”

Julian didn’t care about it. He went back to the place they had agreed.

When he went.

The rest of people had basically arrived.

Robert saw his furtive look and was confused, “Did you do something wrong?”

“How can it be?” Julian scratched his head and felt obviously uncomfortable. “I was looking for the captain and Sarah. Aren’t we going to match the captain and Sarah today?”

Robert pushed his gold-rimmed glasses, but didn’t tear him apart.

Several people went to play after Zack arrived.

According to what Will told them before, Robert and Julian had a good term with Susan.

Seeing this scene, Zack felt a little uncomfortable. After he suppressed his emotion, he went to talk to Jacob and Jim. He thought, ‘It’s just a talk. No big deal. I can do it well too.’

Jasmine and Jim never gave him this opportunity. The purpose of the two of them today was to match their team leader and Pumpkin. There was no time to waste with him. Jasmine and Jim found a place with a wide view and a clear view of the crowd. He sat in the sun while chatting with Sarah, “Pumpkin, how are you thinking about the captain?”


“He likes you.”

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Sarah pursed her lips, thinking about how she should say that she had been in a relationship with the captain.

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