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“If he confesses to you, what are you going to say?” Jasmine asked.

Sarah gave an honest answer, “He won’t do that.”

Jasmine was surprised.

Jim was also confused.

They didn’t know why she said so.

Jasmine asked directly, “Why?”

The captain was rejected?

Or was Pumpkin and Jason still emotionally involved?

It wouldn’t be the case.

If it was true, Pumpkin should not come with the captain. There was no Pumpkin’s car in the parking lot.

“We are already together.” Sarah thought that it was better to say it directly.

Her words were a shock.

Jasmine and Jim seemed to have been pressed the pause button.

There were surprises on their faces that hadn’t been covered up yet. Their eyes fixed on her.

What did they just hear?





“When did it happen?” Jasmine pulled her and asked, “Why didn’t you tell us? How did he confess to you?”

“Are you… not angry?” Sarah raised her eyes slightly.

Jasmine and Jim looked at each other. Both of them were puzzled, “What shall we be angry with?”

“You think the captain is bad. You asked me not to be with him.” Sarah said seriously, blinking eyes.

“Well.” Jasmine immediately smiled meaningfully and told the truth. “That’s because you are too dull. We decided to stimulate you in another way. Otherwise, it will be a long time before you agree to be with the captain.”

Sarah was stunned.

Jim gossiped, “You didn’t know the captain likes you until that night?”

Sarah nodded.

If it was not for the call reminder on the mobile phone, which showed that the captain had called her during that time, she would not know that the captain liked her.

After all, this was too dramatic.

“Well, so you already know this?” Sarah quickly realized their implication.

Jasmine and Jim nodded.



Sarah was slightly confused.

Why didn’t she know?

“Robert said that when we got together with the captain,” Jasmine told her. After all, they were a couple now. “He should be the first to know.”

Hearing this.

Sarah thought of the past.

Since Will came back, Robert had been saying good things about him in front of her.

Up to now, she still clearly remembered that Robert said that Will might feel inferior because of his identity and asked her to take care of Will.

Now she really wanted to ask a question.

Would the heir of Gardner Group feel inferiority complex?

“What’s the matter?” Jim saw her fall into thinking.

“You’d better guard against Robert.” Saran made a summary. “He is sly.”

“You are wrong.”


“It’s not only Robert, but also you that should be guarded,” Jim said with a smile in the soft and cute tone.

Jasmine agreed, “Yes.”



“Why?” Sarah didn’t understand.

“You are the captain’s woman now.” Jim said slowly. “You two might set a trap for us one day. After all, no one can defeat captain in slyness, including Robert.”

Sarah was speechless.

She thought, ‘Can I break up with Will?’

‘I want my innocence back.’

In the evening, she was still thinking about this matter. After a group of people entered the box to eat, play and drink, she sat beside Will and wanted to say something.

Will noticed that Sarah was worried, “What’s wrong?”

“Can I return it?”



Will raised his eyebrows and looked at her, “Why?”

“Now we are a couple. Jasmine is worried that I will set a trap for them one day.” Sarah said seriously, but in fact, it was just something interesting between a couple. “I have to prove my innocence to them.”

“Just because of this?” Will was not surprised.

Sarah nodded, “Yes.”

“Reject, you can’t return it.” Will’s voice was low and careless.



“Will you lose your strength because an ant thinks you are too strong and is afraid of being seized by you?”

“No,” Sarah answered truthfully.

But she was thinking.

‘What does this have to do with an ant?’

“lam your strength, and Jasmine is the ant.” Will made the simplest analogy.

Jasmine was a little annoyed.

Jim, too.

They said with one voice, “Captain Leon, your metaphor sucks.”


They were not ants!

“Don’t try to ruin my relationship with Sarah.” Will still said in a relaxed tone. “If anything really happens, I will throw you into the organization for devil training.”

The two men were silent.


Although Will left the organization, it was not difficult for him to do that.

“Pumpkin, you’d better not stay with the captain. I’m afraid you will be bullied by him one day.” Jim suggested seriously. Jasmine agreed, “You can only admit defeat if you fall into that situation. After all,



you can’t beat him.”


“Break up quickly.”

“The three of us can get together. When we get old, we go to the nursing home to be happy old ladies.”

“That’s right!”

Will looked back and forth on their faces. His aura was still at leisure and noble. He looked nonchalant.

Jim and Jasmine trembled under his gaze.

They were a little worried.

They thought, ‘Will going against the Captain bring us miserable results?’

“Would you like to go to the nursing home with them to be a happy old lady?” Will asked with his eyes on Sarah.

Sarah was timid and shook her head decisively, “No.”

If she said yes, she would be finished. She wouldn’t get herself into a big trouble.

“Will you break up with me?”

“I dare not.”

“Dare not?”




“Did you hear that?” Will said to them, still in his low, nonchalant voice. “She would like to live with me. The two of you can give up the idea of bring her to the nursing home.”

He knew they were just joking, so he was not angry.

But after a second thought, he found it was not absolutely impossible.

If it hadn’t been for the early confession, Sarah might have been taken to the nursing home by them.

In the following time, Sarah was chatting with them. Robert and

Julian were more congenial with Susan. Only Zack was sipping wine, and his face showing unsatisfactory with Will.

Here it was.

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While Sarah and Jasmine went out to do something, Zack came back.

His eyes fell on Will. This time he asked more seriously than ever, “Are Robert and Julian really reliable?”


“You are immoral.”


“Susan still has someone in her heart. Her love for that guy hasn’t changed. Aren’t you afraid that Robert and Julian will mind if they know?”

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