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“I told them about it. They don’t mind.” Will is very serious and has a strong ability to talk nonsense. “He said that it’s nothing to have someone in her heart. If she really likes them, they will make her only have them in her heart.”

Zack was at a loss for words.

He was stunned.

He glanced at Julian and Robert not far away, with confusion.

It was not strange that Julian said this, but Robert…

Although he was not familiar with Robert, he knew that this man was abstinent. Could such a man say such sensational words?

“What’s wrong?” Will asked.

Zack didn’t want him to read his mind. Zack said, “Nothing”. He didn’t know how to describe his current mood. His mood was mixed up.

Will saw all this.

At the end of the evening.

Susan was still talking with Julian and Robert. They really hit it off.

Zack walked over and stood beside her. His words sounded natural, “Susan, if you don’t leave now, you can’t get back in time.”



It was very interesting for people with high EQ to chat together. Everything could be the topic of their talks.

Of course.

Robert also told them some interesting cases he had encountered before.

Susan was stunned.

“Hello.” Zack shouted when he saw that she was absent-minded.

Susan turned to look at him. “What’s the matter?”

“How about Robert and Julian?” Zack asked directly, “Don’t think they are nice just because they were introduced by Will to you. Some people perform well as friends, but they are not good lovers.”

“I know.” Susan gave a simple reply.

Zack didn’t get the answer he wanted.

He wondered, ‘So… what does she think of Julian and Robert?’

Susan answered his question, “They are both good. If a woman’s boyfriend is Robert, she will be taken good care of. If a woman’s boyfriend is Julian, she will have a lot of happiness.”

They were very different.

One was mature and steady, the other was lively and cheerful.

“Are you serious?” Zack felt a little depressed, but didn’t show it. “Why not? Anyway, the man I like don’t like me. It’s meaningless to stick to it.” Susan’s words are a test, but also a warning to herself, “It’s better to put down the past and look forward to the future.”



But in fact.

She couldn’t do it.

When she was a little girl, Zack was willing to be bullied by her.

Years later, when she was bullied and hurt at middle school, Zack stepped forward to protect her and told everyone that she was his sister and no one could bully her.

Zack had occupied a large part of her life, and he was almost at every critical turning point in her life.


She didn’t like him.

This result was known before, but now he still had a little hope.

When Zack heard her words, he felt an impulse.

He wanted to ask her, since she was going to put it down, could she try it with him?

“Do you get over it? You are in a hurry to a marriage because of your family’s wish?” He asked tentatively while driving.

Susan paused.

She didn’t know what to say.

She just made up all that.

After a brief thought, she gave the answer, “Yes.”



“Then you could make a couple with me.” Zack said this very naturally, as if he hadn’t hidden any selfish feelings. “We know each other well. Your parents like me and my parents like you. If we are a couple, we can save much trouble.”

Susan’s head hummed.

She was stunned. Her heart set off a storm, some of which were difficult to suppress.

“What…. did you say?”

“Well, you don’t think I deserve you?” Zack was still joking.

In this way.

Even if he was rejected, they could still be friends.

Susan was afraid that she might lose a good friend if she agreed to have a try with him and the try didn’t get a good result. She came up with an excuse. “I have to worry about whether you will flirt with other women every day if we are in a relationship.”

“I don’t like to hang around with girls.” Zack thought it was a big misunderstanding. “I haven’t even touched a girl’s hand at this age. The time you saw it, those guys forced me to do it. After you left, I let them leave.”

“I don’t believe you.” Susan was not calm at all.

“Go to my house.”


“I can show you the surveillance.”



He specially copied the surveillance on that day, so that he could prove his innocence in case that he might be the lucky dog to be with Susan one day.

Susan was surprised.

Zack drove towards his home and decided to have a good talk with Susan.

He couldn’t see her being with Robert and Julian.

He accepted that Susan liked man from the Davis family more than him. After all, Susan had loved that man since she was very young.

However, she just got to know Robert and Julian. As her childhood sweetheart, he should have some advantages against the two man.

After they left.

Will and Sarah also left. On the way back, Sarah suddenly became curious about something.

When did Will start to like her?

When did Robert know it?

She asked all these questions after she came home.

“You are thinking about something all the way?” Will asked her while changing shoes. “Is it because I stopped you from going to the nursing home with Jacob and Jim?”

Sarah was speechless. She said in her heart, ‘Come on, can’t we get over it?’


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“Tell your boyfriend what it is.” Will led her to sit down on the sofa.

Sarah puckered her lips, and said with a kind of desire, “I’m curious about something.”


“When did you start to like me?”

He paused. He didn’t expect her to ask this question.

“You want to know?”

“Yes.” Sarah nodded honestly.

“Kiss me and I’ll tell you.” Will’s voice was very pleasant, low and slow. “Be a good kisser.”

Sarah hesitated.

At last.

She chose not to kiss.

Will couldn’t keep it secret for a lifetime. She would know it one day.

With this in mind, she stood up and was going to go back to the room to sleep. She said to Will in passing, “Forget it, I don’t particularly want to know.”

“Kiss me even if you don’t want to know.” Will took her by the hand and took her in his arms. When Sarah was stunned, his thin lips were on hers.

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