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His girl deserves the best of all

Sarah pushed his chest with both hands, and his face was a little flushed, “You are taking advantage of me.”

“Yes.” Will raised his head slightly. He looked a little “shameless”.Sarah was speechless.

What a sly man.

It was not easy for her to deal with him.

“Next time you want to return the goods, I will not just kiss you.” Will was very close to her, and his voice was very nice. “I’ll register for marriage with you. In this way, you can’t return me anymore.”

Sarah’s focus was relatively strange, “Do you want to get married?”

Will raised his eyes slightly.

He was waiting for her following words.

“Did your family urge you to marry or…” Sarah hesitated.

Will was thirty years old.

It was normal for him to want to get married. After all, he was not very young now.

“Or what?”





“Nothing really.”

“You think I might want to marry because of I’m old now, right?” Will saw it through and said with a slow tone.

Sarah was stunned.

Jacob and Jim told the truth.

Will was really… difficult to deal with.

Will raised his hand to pinch her face. “You think I’m old?”

“No,” Sarah denied.

She swore that she didn’t do that.

It was just a fact that he was at an age that was quite suitable for marriage.

“Whether it is true or not, I have to tell you something clearly.” Will said this very seriously. He lost his usual carelessness.

“Please remember.”

Sarah felt a little nervous. It was the first time she saw him so serious, “What?”

“We can only marry because you want to marry, not because of other external factors.” Will really liked Sarah, “Understand?”

Neither age nor family’s wish were the reasons for their marriage.



He hoped that their marriage was wanted by Sarah. He wouldn’t marry her until she truly wanted to have a small family of their own with him.

Hearing this, Sarah was shocked. She felt secure.


She always thought that though he liked her in a certain degree, the biggest reason he chose to being with her was that he had come to the age that was suitable for a marriage.

Now she found that he really liked her very much.

“What?” Will was extremely gentle with her.

“You can move here.” Sarah blurted out, “We live together.”

Cohabitation can test whether it was appropriate for them to marry.

After all, marriage was not just about feelings.

His eyes darkened, and he refused in a low voice, “No.”


“I’m a normal man with normal desire.” Will said quite frankly. This time he didn’t hide anything. “I’m not sure I can keep my mind if I live in the same room with the girl I love.”

He was self-restraint and had never cared about this kind of stuff before.

But he had changed after being with her. Now there would always be some small fluctuations in his body and mind after every kiss with Sarah.



If they really live together… It was dangerous.

Sarah was speechless. She remained silent.

They were adults and naturally knew what he meant.

“Why do you want to live with me?” Will asked her.

“I want to know if we are really suitable for each other.” Sarah told him about her true thoughts. “In this way, if we find we are unsuitable for each other, we can break up before the marriage.”

She didn’t want to go through another divorce. She wanted to have a complete relationship, and live a peaceful and happy life.



“Believe me and yourself.” Will knew what she was worried about.

“Our marriage will be happy.”

Sarah’s red lips puckered.

Will added, “If you are really worried, I can move in with you.”

“No!”Sarah refused quickly this time. His lips curled up. “You wanted to live with me before.”

“Didn’t you refuse me?” Sarah found an excuse. After her reason returned, she found her previous decision was irrational. “It’s getting late. Let me send you to have a rest.”

Will sat still.



Sarah was a little confused. What was wrong?

“I haven’t answered your question yet.” Will stared at her, who looked blankly and lovingly. A warm current flew in his heart. Sarah was puzzled, “What’s it?”

Did she ask anything? She didn’t remember it.

“The question you want to know is related to the watch you changed last time.” Will said lightly.

Sarah was still confused.

Will urged her to wash and sleep.

When taking a bath, Sarah came to realize that the question was when Will liked her.


What did it have to do with the watch?

No matter how hard Sarah thought, she couldn’t come up with anything about watches.

Will knew that she couldn’t get it straight. After all, when she asked him last time, he knew that this guy had forgotten everything before.

Back next door, he purchased something online.

Ring measurement.

He had to customize the proposal ring and wedding ring in advance, so that when she wanted to marry, he could propose to her at any time.

As for the proposal. He had to plan well.



She was married to Jason in a flash before. There was no way to propose.

He wanted to give her a surprise.

When thinking about this, he turned on his mobile phone and started a group chat.

He, Jasmine, Jim, Robert, Julian, James and Samuel were all here.

Jasmine, “???”

Jim, “Isn’t there a chat group? Why did you create another one?”

Robert, “Pumpkin is not here?”

Samuel, “?”

James, “What’s going on?”

Samuel, “Is the captain going to do something behind Pumpkin’s back?”

When they discussed these, Will changed the group name into Proposal Planning. It was simple and straightforward.

It also answered their questions indirectly.

“Propose? Is it so fast?” Jasmine asked. “Aren’t you just together?”

Will, “Prepare in advance and make a plan. I can give her a perfect proposal when she wants to get married.”

Everyone was speechless.

They were caught off guard by the love show.

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Will, “Do you have any suggestions?”

The biggest purpose of this group is to ask them to be the workers when Will had come up with the proposal plan. In the proposal, Sarah’s friends had to be there.

Not for a moment.

The chat group was in a hot discussion. Everyone gave suggestions and explained the reasons by the way.

Will recorded them one by one. When they finished talking, it was almost twelve o’clock. He checked their suggestions and planned to find a chance to test Sarah. It was very important to propose.

He hoped that Sarah would think it was good as well. Besides, he couldn’t tell her about it, otherwise there wouldn’t be a surprise. After all, his girl deserved the best of everything.

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