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I don’t want you to be so tired

Not chatting in the group, Will Gardner then roughly outlined the results of their discussions, and the usual balloon proposal was directly passed by him.

He listed a few series out – starry sky, the Milky Way, flowers, technology, literature and so on….

After the list, he then began to do the general plan.

He was busy until almost two o’clock when he was ready to go to bed, which was the first time he slept so late after he returned from retirement.

Perhaps because the head was too active before going to bed, or he was thinking about Sarah’s proposal happily, Will, lying in bed for a full twenty minutes, did not sleep.

In the past, this had never happened before.

When he was planning to open his phone to learn more about the proposal, he saw that someone in the proposal planning group someone had sent a message.

It was Julian.

Julian, [Wednesday is Sister Sarah’s birthday, where do we spend it with her?]

Will was stunned and typed a question mark.

When Julian saw the message, he was first surprised, not expecting the captain to be up so late.

The next was a fatal question, [You do not know that Wednesday is Sister Sarah’s birthday?

Will, [Yes.]



That was his wife, how could he not know?

He had planned to take her out on her birthday and give her the birthday gift that he had prepared for a long time.

That birthday present. Sarah should like it.

Will, [We can only meet during the day, I have something with her at night.

Samuel, [What is it (bad smile face)]

Jacob’s meaningful sentence, [At night, what do you think can be the matter?]

Little white mouse, [I get it.]

James, [I also get it.]

Looking at the people who are popping up one after another, Will’s eyebrows lightly raised. Were these guys still awake?

Among seven people, five people stayed up until after two o’clock.

Only Robert and Jim had a healthy schedule.

Looking at the message they sent, Will naturally returned their sentence, [really understand?]

The people all typed “yes”.

As if they really understood.

[How about a series of level SSS training to let you understand better?] Will slowly and methodically tapped the words.



It was obviously just cold words, but the crowd smelled danger from these words.

One by one, after saying that they were sleepy, they all slipped away, of course, before going offline, they also did not forget to say

Sarah’s birthday was he work, they would just eat.

In case their arrangement collided with the captain.

Will’s eyes moved slightly.

From the city center to the place where he prepared the gift, it would take more than an hour’s drive, even longer with traffic jam.

But Sarah cared a lot about this group of friends, and she would spend her birthday with them.

Thinking about it.

When he was looking at the possibility of not having a solution to the dilemma, he thought of it.

After the problem was resolved, the head was not as active as before, and he gradually fell into a dream.

The next day.

Sarah woke up early.

Because of the biological clock, Will still woke up at the same time as before, but because of the lack of sleep, his head was a little dizzy.

When eating breakfast, Sarah looked out.



Thinking about what she thought before going to bed last night, she discussed with Will, “Captain, should we change our place to stay?”


“I have a villa that is not very far from the company, let’s stay there.” Sarah gave the suggestion and said the reason, “We can ask two nurses to help cook and clean.”

Will paused, his voice was a little low and hoarse because he hadn’t slept well, “I don’t cook well?”

“Delicious.” Sarah explained, “But I don’t want you to be so tired.”

In Angel Group, there were so many things. Back home, he still had to look at what the secretary passed to him, Gardner Group’s information, in addition to these, he also had to cook.

She thought about relieving some of his tasks, however, he did not hesitate to refuse, but also let her do business.

As for cooking … She was also rejected particularly ruthlessly.

So much so that later he threatened her, if she went to the kitchen again, he would do bad things to her.

“Live together?”


“Sure to live together?” Will asked again.

Sarah nodded.

Just living together, not in the same room.



Not a big problem.

After all, the villa was still quite large.

“Okay.” Will rarely agreed.

In the place that Sarah said, he also has a villa.

It was the only villa area in the prime location, and there were only twelve villas inside. In fact, the villa should be called a small manor.

After all, the environment was excellent and there was more greenery.

The lawn was also extremely wide.

It was also equipped with a golf course and various other leisure projects.

“Really?” Sarah was a little surprised.

“I can’t lie to you.” Will started to mess things up again, with a easy tone, “But……’

“I “

Sarah pursued, “But what.”

“You wouldn’t want to plot against me.”





Sarah suspected that she had heard the wrong words. Will’s whole face was extremely good-looking, with a righteous aura, but he said the words out titillatingly and lazily, “First, let’s say, we only live together, you can not play with my body.”

Sarah, “!”

When did she want to do that?

“Even if you want to fight, you have to hold back.” Will added another sentence.

Sarah spoke a sentence out, “Captain, your ability to hit backwards is really a model for my generation.”

“Did you not plot against me?” Will’s tone was not fast, “You send me house, and let me move to your villa to live. It is difficult for me not to think more.”

Sarah held his breath in his heart.

Jacob was right.

The captain was bad, and she was no match.

“I should be the one saying this to you.” She began to fight back,

“You’re the one who’s plotting.”

He played her for so long with Robert.

She actually believed it.

“I plotted against you a long time ago.” Will’s thin lips pursed up a nice arc, the whole face shining, “You just know?”

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Sarah was stunned.

All the words were stuck in the throat.

“What are you doing? If you don’t eat breakfast, it will get cold.”

Will flicked her on the head.

Sarah pursed her lips, a natural counterattack, “Disillusionment.”


“Nothing.” Sarah did not dare to tell the truth.

If she said he was too different from before, maybe he would give her a SSS level training mission.

She couldn’t bear it.

Even if she didn’t say, he knew what she meant.

He also did not tease her again, making her eat breakfast first.

After eating, he was going to pack up and move his things over, but Sarah planned to go to see Eve.

She has not been to her after the New Year. Counting the time, next month the baby was expected to be born. This time, it was better to go and see. Will agreed.

He was going to take her there, but Sarah insisted on driving there by herself.

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