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It’s really too exasperating

Will couldn’t argue with her, so he let her go.

After Sarah left he started to make a phone call to someone to pack his own villa, and he wanted to go over to live.

After the phone call, he began to pack his luggage. He finished his things and told Sarah, then he went to pack hers.

Now Sarah was at Eve’s house, and this was the first time she found Sarah took out her phone to return the message at time.

Vaguely, she had a suspicion.



“You…… in love?” Eve was smart.

Sarah just finished returning the message. She was stunned, and said with surprise,

“How do you know?”

She shouldn’t know.

The bodyguards shouldn’t gossip. She and the captain’s affairs also did not spread on the Internet.

“You are not a person who loves to play with your phone. Just now someone sent you a message and you did not care much.” Eve was very attentive, with gentleness between her eyebrows, “but when that



alert tone appeared, you returned the first time.”

“He is your special concern, right.”

Eve began to gossip.

Sarah did not deny it and admitted it.

For all kinds of contact information, she set a special tone for the captain, in order to be the first to return his message.

“When you are all free after that, I will introduce you to each other.” Sarah really treated Eve as a good friend, “He is especially good.”

Captain was really bad.

But the care and like for her was real.

Especially when he said that marriage could only be done because she wanted it in her heart, not because of other external factors.

She knew that he was worth committing her life to.

“That’s good.” Eve was relieved.

All along she had been worried that Jason would affect Sarah.

It was good to see that everything was okay.

The two talked for a while longer, and Sarah asked when Eve’s due date was, and when she learned that it was around the 18th of next month, she planned to move those days out of next month as well.



In case the situation was urgent, she had to go.

“Sarah.” Eve suddenly remembered a very important thing when she talked about giving birth, “There’s something I want to trouble you with.”

“Surgery signature?”


“No problem.”

Sarah agreed very crisply.

Edgar and Eve divorced, and he did not have the conditions to sign, as for Eve’s parents……

If they are allowed to come, Eve would be angry to death. The two of them, never cared about Eve’s life.

Eve was grateful. In order to allow Sarah to sign more conveniently,

Eve also deliberately find a lawyer to write a letter of attorney, signed and sealed before giving Sarah.

With this.

When she was critically ill, even if Sarah was not her family, she could still sign.

“Settle down.” Sarah soothed her, “The baby will be healthy and you will be safe and sound.”

“Ok.” Eve smiled faintly.

Sarah accompanied Eve to have lunch and chatted with her for a while in the afternoon before leaving.

With the bodyguards and aunties around, Sarah was also more at ease.



Eve would have a bodyguard with her when she went out to protect her, and if she wanted to see someone, she would also let the bodyguard go out to pick them up.

In general.

Everything was quite good.

When she left, she still told Eve to look for her if there was something, don’t be polite. Eve also smiled and agreed.

After driving away from the villa area, Sarah intended to go back to move.

However, she was stopped at the gate of the district. She looked at the car that stopped in front of her, and her eyebrows wrinkled invisibly. She was about to get out and say something when she saw Edgar get out of the car.

Seeing him, Sarah subconsciously worried about Eve. She didn’t know if he went to see Eve, if he did, did Eve get angry with him?

For a while.

All kinds of thoughts came out of Sarah’s mind.

So much so that the look in her eyes was filled with dissatisfaction.

“Don’t look at me with such a look, I didn’t go to look for Eve.” As if he knew what she was thinking, Edgar said very directly, “I promised her that I wouldn’t bother her anymore.”

“Then what are you doing?” Sarah still had a dislike for him.

“Waiting for you.”



“I’m coming over after the New Year.” Edgar explained, “Stayed around here and had someone see if you showed up every day.”

Sarah did not quite understand his brain circuit, “What do you mean?”

“I promised her I wouldn’t bother her, but I want to know about her.” Edgar said very serious, and his attitude was different from before, “So I purposely waited for you.”

Sarah did not want to tell him. Selfishly speaking, she didn’t want Eve to have anything to do with Edgar again.

A person who forced his wife to get an abortion, she didn’t think he would be a good person, even if, his reasons were helpless.

“How is she now?” Edgar asked.

“She’s fine.” Sarah only said one-sided, “As for the rest, it has nothing to do with you anymore.”

“And the child.”

“Also very good.”

“Can I look at her from afar?” Edgar inquired, with a few tentative emotion between his eyebrows, “Don’t worry, I won’t disturb her, just look at her from a distance.”

Sarah refused, “I can’t.”

“Sarah!” Edgar felt that this woman was his nemesis. He couldn’t do anything about her.

Couldn’t even mess with her.



“What for? Will it make up for the damage you once caused her or will it make her twice as happy?” Sarah said bluntly, she has no good attitude towards the scum, “Why should I disgust her in order to satisfy your little fake love?”

Edgar felt like he was going to be sick with anger.

He has never seen such a poisonous person!

What fake love.

He really liked Eve, but he used the wrong method before.

“Don’t talk if you don’t know how to talk.” Edgar retorted stiffly, with suppressed anger in his eyes, “You’re not me, what qualifies you to talk about me like that?”

Sarah, “?”

“In the past, I was the one who used the wrong approach and loved in the wrong way.” Edgar just wanted to go in and see, “But I know I was wrong now. I am trying everything to make up for it. You can scold me, but you can’t trample on my feelings, especially you can’t say I’m faking deep love.”

He just didn’t get it.

This kind of poisonous woman, why did Jason still like her? Was it masochism or sickness?

“Move the car.” Sarah no longer want to talk nonsense with him. Sometimes thick skin could really be invincible.

She didn’t even understand how Edgar said these words, wouldn’t he feel ashamed of himself?

“You take me in to see her.” Edgar once again made a request, “I won’t talk to her, just look from afar.” Originally he wanted to talk to Sarah properly. Who knew that when talking to this person, he could not

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hold his temper.

It was really too exasperating.

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