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“I’ll count to three, if you don’t move the car, I’ll call someone to have it towed away for you.” Sarah was not at all spoiled for him.

Edgar’s lungs were about to explode.

This guy!

Why didn’t she listen?

“Just once, as long as you take me in, I apologize to you for those impulsive words I just said.”

Sarah turned a deaf ear, and spoke a very sharp word, “Three.”

Edgar, “?”

This was the end?

This was to three?

Sarah ignored his look, took out her phone and started calling.

“I drive!” Edgar said word for word, gritting his teeth.

Sarah saw him get in his car and go driving, and did not call again. She went back to her car, started the car and left.

When she drove the car some distance away, she found that Edgar was following behind her.

She wrinkled her brow.She felt that he was a fly.



When she arrived at the traffic light intersection, she counted the time to maintain the speed of the car, and Edgar faced a red light.

A certain person was forced to stay at the crosswalk there. He stared at Sarah’s gradually distant car and once again cursed her countless times in his heart.

Cunning woman!

Faster than a rabbit.

Sarah left and continued to drive forward. A traffic light was enough for her to get rid of people.

But what she didn’t expect was to see him once again when she entered the underground parking lot of the neighborhood she lived in.

That moment.

She had some doubts about life.

Was Edgar so capable of following?

“It’s useless to stare at me.” Edgar watched her get down from the car, and sad a very natural sentence.

Sarah sighted on him for a moment, “How do you know I live here?”

“Originally, I didn’t know.” Edgar’s shit luck was really good, “But I inadvertently knew that Jason had lived with you, so I looked up Jason’s past, so naturally I knew about this place.”

Sarah wanted to ask him how he got in.



When she thought she saw a figure through the rearview mirror when she entered the parking lot, she knew roughly.

This person probably told the security guard when she entered the parking lot that he was with her, and the security guard let him in.

“So what if I know?” Sarah arrived home and did not care anymore, “I will not take you to see Eve.”

She could not let Eve have any accident now, not to say to bring any change.


Qualified ex should be the same as dead.

Edgar was divorced from Eve. There was no need to come out and bounce around again.

“If you do not take me, I will always be here.” Edgar said extremely natural, “I know all your information, if you call the police, I will say that this is our family business.”

Sarah, “”

A shameless person always got what he wanted.

This statement was really true.

“Ok.” Sarah did not intend to care.

Captain was here.

If Edgar could stay here, she would even praise him.

Edgar froze for a moment.



This script was not right.

With Sarah’s character, she would give him a wild beating.

As long as she beated, he could use her intentionally hurt to threaten her, when she will certainly take himself for his reputation.

But now…


Just when he was wondering if this was another one of Sarah’s schemes, Sarah had already locked the car and walked towards the elevator, and he followed it in a flash.

She looked at him coldly without any word.

The elevator went up.

After arriving at the right stair, Sarah went out, and Edgar followed.

Sarah went to Will’s house, and knocked at the door. She already knew what to say.

Edgar, “?”

What the hell?

She knocked the door when she entered her own house?

Was her family also here?

If there were really elders here, how should he explain later that he followed Sarah here? He regretted now.



Sarah knocked several times in succession, but no one answered.

She then turned to knock on her own set.

Only aft two knocks.

The door was opened from the inside.

Will’s tall and straight, handsome face was reflected in the sight of the two.

Edgar’s eyebrows twisted invisibly.

Who was this again?

Seeking help from neighbors?

“Darling, I’m being tailed.” Sarah even changed his title and said with a straight face, “It’s him.”

Will, “?”

Edgar, “?”

Both of them are wondering at the same time a name, Darling?

Sarah gave him a term of endearment? /Sarah’s boyfriend? “What trailing? Don’t make it sound so strange.” Edgar was afraid of being misunderstood and immediately explained, “I just want you to take me to meet Eve.”

Sarah didn’t pay any attention to him.

Will also did not pay attention.



He took out the shoes that Sarah changed and put them on her, gentle and careful.

The reason he didn’t worry at first was because when Robert told him about Sarah’s past, he mentioned Edgar, and the secretary gave him that information, in which he also mentioned him.

After guessing the purpose he also knew it was not really trailing.


If his wife said it was tailgating, that was tailgating. After Sarah put on his shoes, Will’s lacquered eyes like dotted ink looked at him, and his very nice voice carried some sense of oppression, “You are leaving on your own, or I call security up to ask you to leave?”

Edgar wrinkled his brow.

Who was this person?

Why was his aura so strong?

“What does my business with Sarah have to do with you?” Edgar blurted out?

“She is my girlfriend.” Will said unhurriedly, but the momentum was extremely strong, “If you don’t leave again, I don’t mind personally asking you to go down.”

Edgar’s eyes rolled. He was practiced, so he was not afraid to fight with people.

The problem was!

Sarah was very powerful, he couldn’t fight!

What if later she saw that his boyfriend was at a disadvantage and stepped in to help?

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“Do you dare to compete with me?” Edgar suddenly came up with an idea out of nowhere.

Will did not say anything.

Edgar continued, “Let’s fight, if I win you, you let Sarah take me to see Eve, if you win me, I’ll leave immediately.”

Anyway he was to get kicked out anyway, so it was better to have a competition.

In case he won. He could then see Eve.

Will refused, “No way.”

“Are you afraid of losing?” Edgar deliberately said.

“It’s not that I’m afraid of losing, it’s that there’s no way to honor your request if I win.” Will said carelessly, “She ruled our family, so the most I can do is to help you talk to her. I can not let her directly promise you.”

Edgar’s eyes showed a little contempt. It turned out that he was a househusband.

When did Sarah like this?

“I promise.” Sarah wanted to see Edgar get beaten up, “You beat Cap… darling, I will take you to see Eve in the distance.”

Will’s eyebrows lightly raised.

This guy.So eager to watch the show? “That’s what you said.” Edgar was confident.

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