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Madam winterss fight for her children by summer wine

He had been fit before, and he was athletic, but he was still much worse than Sarah.


Since the last time Sarah beat his bodyguards and took Eve away from him, he had studied martial arts for a while, vowing never to have such a humiliating incident again.

He couldn’t beat Sarah, but he could beat a househusband.


Sensing his burst of self-confidence, Sarah also replied to his words, “It’s me who said that.”

“What’s the reward if I win?” Will’s body type was erect, and his tone was low and nice.


“No reward?”

“What do you want?”

“Promise me a request.” Will said this, calculating in his heart.

Sarah did not think much about it and agreed, “Ok.”

She and the captain were still in the beginning of the relationship, even if there was any request, it was also a trivial matter.

There was no reason not to agree.



Listening to the conversation between the two.

Edgar became more and more disgusted. It is was really a weak man.

This kind of time, he still did not forget to ask for something from Sarah to make a request.

“Your taste is also really bad.” Edgar still couldn’t hold back, “At least you are the descendant of the Yeats family, and you find such a boyfriend?”

“You…” Sarah was about to quarrel.

Will squeezed her small hand and slowly said, “She likes me, do you have an opinion?”

“You are really invincible for your shameless mind.”

“How about adding some more?” Will began to dig a hole for him.

Edgar was very unconcerned, only taking this as the pride of a weak man, “You say.”

“Whoever loses, in addition to what you just said, give the other party three million.” Will said very casual.

“OK.” Edgar agreed extremely quickly, “Three million is a drop in the bucket for me, but … do you have it?”



The two agreed.



When Edgar asked where to compete, Will said right where he was and said, “I don’t need my right hand when I fight later, as long as you can knock me down once you will be considered a winner.”

In that case.

It should not be considered him bullying him.

Edgar became more and more disgusted.

He acted like this.

Just wait and see.

Edgar really didn’t hold back, and punched down at Will with such force!


Will moved.

The force was with the wind and the momentum was majestic. Just blocking Edgar’s hand let Edgar pain to twisted his brows.

He didn’t stopped. When he thought that this was a chance for him to see Eve, he tried his best. He kicked, punched and used all tricks.

Not to mention knocking Will down, all of his attacks were blocked back by him.

At this moment he also understood that Will was not easy to deal with. He was not sure if he was a weak man, but he could be sure that his body was definitely not under Sarah. Where did she find such a god!




Another blow.

Edgar was punched back with a punch. Seeing that Will’s next punch was about to fall, Edgar spoke, “Wait, I’ve lost!”

Will also did not strike again. He just stood there looking at the person who was leaning against the wall, covered in wreckage.

“Although I lost, I still want you to take me to meet Eve.” Edgar words are said to Sarah, a pair of eyes full of seriousness, “I really want to…”

“Don’t think about it, I won’t take you there.” Sarah interrupted his words.

Edgar’s fists hanging at his sides tightened again.

Sarah did not pay attention to him again. She threw a sentence to let him willing to bet and leave, then went in with Will.

In the living room. Sarah like a child who did something wrong, “Captain … you will not be angry with me, right?”

“Call Darling.”


“Since you’ve thought of a love name, don’t just change it.” She just simply didn’t want to expose the word captain, so she picked one out randomly from Rita’s previous suggestions.

She can’t just call him baby or babe, right…

“What, is Ms Yeats planning to throw me away when she’s done with it?” Will looked at her in a good way.



Sarah, “?”

Why did this sound strange?

Will pinched her face, said in a low and sexy tone, “This behavior of yours gives me reason to suspect that in the future, when you get married, you will lift your pants and leave me.”

“Isn’t that a phrase to describe men?” Sarah had a billion points of confusion.

“Girls don’t wear pants?”


Will’s eyes fell on her, stubbornly asking her to change her title,

“What do you call me?”


“And captain?”

“Darling is a little weird.” Sarah indeed did not call smoothly. After a flash of light she asked, “Do you have a nickname? I call you by your nickname.”

Will paused for a moment and quickly denied,, “No.”

That nickname.

Absolutely he wouldn’t let Sarah know.

It was even worse than the captain.



“Really no?” Sarah was still keen enough to detect a little.

“Gard if it counts, it’s a nickname.” Will casually gave one, “My parents called me so.”

Sarah thought back for a moment and corrected, “Not true.”


“Uncle called you brat.”

Will was exasperated and laughed.

He pinched her fair as porcelain face, and his voice was obviously a little more dangerous than before, “From what you’re saying, are you planning to call me brat, or Gard brat?”

“Just kidding.” Sarah corrected in time.

At this moment she did not realize that, unknowingly, her character has followed Will, gradually becoming cheerful.

During the first few days of the relationship, she did not smile.

Now she had learned to joke.

Will also found this, and his heart was very pleased, “You dare to call this, I will directly throw you to the organization, reward you with a SSS-level training mission.”

Sarah immediately behaved.


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When she saw that the captain wasn’t angry at all, she asked curiously, “Aren’t you angry that I used you just now?”

“Do you have a misunderstanding about the word boyfriend or about the word use?”


“Go and study the language properly, badly learn what the word use means.”

Sarah decisively stopped talking.

As long as he wan’t angry, it was good. Otherwise if she moved over to live under the same roof, there was still some awkwardness.



“I’m glad I could help you out.” Will was really happy, for she was finally willing to open her heart a little, “In the future, you can be good at letting your boyfriend out, and you recede into the background.”

Sarah pursed her lips. She prefered to do things herself.

It made her feel safe.

Although she thought so, she still agreed, “Okay.”

“I’ve packed all the things, do you want to go there now or move there later?” Will inquired, but in his heart he was wondering if Sarah would be angry when he knew he had taken it upon himself to bring her to his side.

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