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Madam winterss fight for her children by summer wine

He’s going to tear up Edgar’s umbrella

“Right now.”


The two of them carried their suitcases and went out the door.

They did not have a lot of thing. Daily wear clothes were also prepared there. They only needed to bring the computer and some commonly used books and materials over.

After all, they might also occasionally come over to stay.

Edgar’s side.

He left Sarah’s house in a mess and went to Jason.

He made sure to tell him that his ex-wife had already had a new love, so he should stop thinking about it, and also tell him that Sarah’s boyfriend was a bit powerful.

Jason didn’t treat him very well.

After all, Sarah didn’t like him.

“What are you doing here?” Jason’s brows were slightly knitted with obvious dislike.

“I came to tell you a particularly important matter, of course.” Edgar consciously walked to the sofa and sat down, his body still hurting a bit, “Something you definitely don’t know.”

Jason was surrounded by a thin coolness, took a glass of water and handed it to him,




“It has to do with Sarah.” Edgar sold a story.

Jason paused.

The water in the cup accidentally spilled some out and just spilled on Edgar’s body.

He immediately jumped up and shouted, “What are you doing?”

Jason did not say anything. He just put the cup in front of him, but his heart set off a lot of waves because of his words.

Sarah …


“What’s wrong with you?” Edgar saw that he was more indifferent than ever and asked without understanding.

“Nothing much.” Jason said naturally, “You are going to say about Sarah. What happened to her?”

“You… still like her?”


“Then this is not good news for you.” Edgar played a precautionary shot first, followed by the words, “She has a boyfriend.”

Jason had mixed feelings in his heart, but he also only said, “I know.” Not only knowing. He also witnessed their intimacy.

Edgar, “?”



Edgar seemed to have discovered some new continent. “How do you know?”

“It has nothing to do with you.” Jason did not intend to say more to him, and with a single step he intended to go back to the study.

Edgar called out to him, “Wait.”

Jason stood still and waited for his postscript.

“Can you tell me how you managed to live with Sarah in the first place when she still hated you?” Edgar was really curious about this question, “With her character, shouldn’t she have been very bad to you?”

Jason’s throat knot rolled and his eyes were complicated. If it was possible. He would rather not have that time.

Being together was admittedly fun, but he disturbed her too much and created too much trouble.

“Why don’t you say anything?” Edgar felt that he could not see through him more and more.

Jason changed the subject, “You met up with her?”

“Not only did I meet up with her.” Edgar was angry when he remembered this, “I also had a fight with her boyfriend.”

Jason, “?”

A fight?

With Will?

“Courageous.” Jason rewarded him with this.



“What do you mean by that!” Edgar’s body still hurted now, “You don’t even know how scheming this person is. At the beginning he pretended to be raised by Sarah, and after that he beated me badly.”

Too cunning!

Too much!

“But.” Edgar thought about what happened before and said his thoughts, “Looking at his pattern of getting along with Sarah, he seems to be begging for money around Sarah. maybe he is with Sarah for her money. It’s only because of his good looks and good skills that he was taken in by Sarah.”

“You’re thinking too much.” Jason thought he was too good at brainstorming.

He remembered Will’s time with Sarah, and also remembered the words he said to himself during the time he lost his memory.

The person who could say those words couldn’t be a person who was with Sarah because of mundane things.

What was more.

He was also the prospective heir of the Gardner Group.

“You didn’t see that scene, and if you did you would have approved of my words.” Edgar tried to say, and also described what he saw before. Jason thought about the information Chris had just brought over,

“Do you know who he is?”


“Will Gardner.”



Edgar, “????”

Will Gardner?

Who was that?

“Is he very famous?” Edgar’s eyebrows were flushed with doubt, his mind trying to think of the character Will, “Why don’t I have any impression?”

“What about Gardner Group?” Jason said one of the more widely circulated. Edgar nodded his head.

This one he knew.

The Gardner Group had always been very low-profile in the industry, but its strength could not be underestimated.

“You mean, Sarah’s boyfriend is the heir of the Gardner Group?”

Edgar pondered for a moment and inquired.

Jason gave a hmmm.

Edgar was confused for a moment.

The Gardner Group had more money than him… And he had just blurted out in front of him.

Shame on him!

“How do you know all this?” Edgar had a guess in his heart, his eyes looked back and forth on him, “Who told you, or did you go to investigate people?”



“It has nothing to do with you.” Jason did not intend to say anything more to him, directly gave an order of expulsion, “If there is nothing, you go back first. I have things to do here, it is not convenient to entertain you for the time being.”

Edgar gave him a disgusted look. He knew how to drive him away.

“Help me with one thing.”


“I want to meet Eve. That villa area has better security, I can’t get in.”

He could not get in didn’t not mean that Jason could not get in. This guy knew so many people. In Atlanta, New York and even abroad, there were his contacts.

To get in, it was easy for him. “You can go and find Sarah.” Jason did not directly agree.

“It’s because Sarah wouldn’t let me in that I came looking for you.” Edgar explained, incidentally saying bad things about her, “You don’t even know how mean she is, and she scolded me.”

Jason’s thin, cool eyes fell on him with a sense of oppression. Edgar was baffled, “What’s wrong?”

“You scolded her, and you want me to help you?” Jason asked rhetorically, “Who gave you the confidence?”

“You are divorced, and she also has someone she likes.” Edgar said extremely natural, and he did not feel anything wrong at all, “Anyway, you have no chance, just help your brother.”


“Jason Noth!”

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“We have at least so many years of affection.”

“It’s because of our years of affection that I won’t help.” Jason said seriously, “There are blessings and difficulties. I am already hopeless, why should I let you see hope?” Because he had gotten wet, so he wanted to tear up Edgar’s umbrella.

Edgar, “???”

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