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“Don’t be so desperate.” This was an outcome that Edgar had never thought of in any way.

“Don’t bother Eve.” Jason didn’t joke with him this time, he was talking to him seriously, “If it wasn’t for Sarah, Eve’s child might have been aborted by your various tactics long ago.

Your presence will only make her think of the past.

Eve is not as strong as Sarah, and she doesn’t have Sarah’s confidence, so for her to be well, it’s the best not to disturb.”

Edgar wanted to retort. But Jason was right.

With what he knew at first, he would definitely abort that child.

Not to mention his suspicion that the child was not his, even if that person told him that the child was harmful to Eve’s body, it was impossible for him to keep the child.

“But I’m still the child’s father.” Edgar pursed his lips, his mood slightly heavy.

“Do you want Eve to regret not aborting the child in the first place?” Jason said the most heartfelt words, “If you always go to see her and bring distress to her life, she might regret her decision in the first place.”

This remark was made.

Edgar paused.

There were a few more moments of gloom between his sorrowful brows. Would it really hurt that much?



“Then what should I do?”

“When the child is born, give her a sum of money every month and tell her it’s money for raising the child.” Jason gave the advice, “Don’t be too stingy, give more.”

Edgar did not have the good grace to give him a kind look.

This was what he said.

As if he was stingy!

“What about you?” Edgar changed the topic, not wanting to talk more on this matter, “Sarah is already with someone else, what are you still doing in New York?”

“Things are not finished.”

“What is it?”

“It has nothing to do with you.”

“I say you’re so strange.” Edgar couldn’t ask anything, so he still had a temper, “Ask you anything, and you won’t answer. Can’t you say something else?”

“I’m going to be busy with things, take your time and don’t see me off.”


Like this!

Edgar cursed and left.



Jason sent him away and went back to the study, picking up again what Chris had submitted, which was the results of the investigation into Will.

Before Edgar came, he had only read a little bit. He had not yet had time to read the rest.

He sat on the boss chair and looked at the information in his hand.

When his eyes fell on top of the special organization retirement, the bottom of his eyes also had a few more reassurance.

In this way.

Will could also protect Sarah. He looked slowly down, to Will’s friends and circles, of course, except for the organization.

After reading all of them, Jason did not know how to describe the current mood.

Although he did not want to admit it, but according to Chris’s investigation and his previous memories, Will would become a good match for Sarah and take good care of her.

After staring at the information for a while longer, Jason took it away.

This information was not just a check. He also visited a lot of people.

But the organization’s secrecy was very well done, even with Chris’ all-out effort to investigate, he could only find a special organization.

A few moments later.

Jason gave Chris a phone call and asked him to buy him a ticket to a foreign country and told him the destination to go.



Chris saw it and knew what his boss was going to do, so he decided to buy two.

One for himself, one for his boss.

As for Sarah’s side.

At this point she had already gone to the villa area where she was with Will.

Seeing that the car was driving in the wrong direction, Sarah immediately spoke to Will, “Wrong way, go that way.”

“Not wrong way.”


“Mine is over here.” Will told her the truth, but also respected her opinion, “How about staying at mine this time?”

Sarah stunned for a moment, then agreed, “Good.”

As far as she was concerned.

All the same. Anyway, it was all in this area, and it was more convenient to go to work.

“Right, you said before that after winning Edgar let me promise you a request. What do you want me to promise you?” Sarah decided to talk about this matter first, she was afraid of a change if it was dragged on.

Will thin lips slightly open, he slowly said, “I want you to live with me on my side.”

In fact.



If Sarah did not agree to live on his side, he would not use this request to make her agree.

In his place, she has absolute freedom. He could listen to her as long as she didn’t easily abandon him.

“That’s it?”


Sarah pursed her lips.

Such a simple thing, why did he still need to ask for it?

“You doesn’t seem too satisfied with this request of mine.” Will thin lips slightly open to tease her, lazy, “Does it mean you want me to mention something that is conducive to the progress of our relationship?”

Sarah was stunned.

Emotional progress? Was it something like that?

“I didn’t think, it’s what you think.”

“So you really want me to mention something that would be good for our relationship?” Will raised his eyebrows lightly. “Captain.” Sarah can’t guess his way, and afraid of being pitted, “You just directly speak it out. Your ideas, I can not feel for the time being.”

“Directly speak it out?”

“You speak first.”

In case it was a rather pitiful one.She couldn’t just say yes.



“I want to have an appointment for Tuesday night first.” Will’s thin lips parted slightly and he blurted out, “How about that?”

Tuesday was Valentine’s Day.

Her birthday was on Wednesday.

On Tuesday night, he took her to Valentine’s Day, after that he directly took her to the place where he prepared a gift for her, and once the zero hour came, he gave her the gift.

In this way, he could celebrated her birthday and let her play with

Jacob and the others.

The most important thing was.He would be the first person to give her birthday wishes.




Sarah agreed first.

She immediately looked at the calendar to see if she had forgotten any day, otherwise why would the captain book the evening for no reason?

By the time she saw Valentine’s Day automatically marked on the calendar, everything made sense. Valentine’s Day… What was a good gift?

When she was thinking about these, the car had already arrived at the villa’s parking garage.

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Sarah looked at the surroundings. There was a relatively large garden, in which there was a few clean cobblestone paths. The other side of the garden was an area of grass covering a wide area.

Will took the suitcase in her hand and led her inside.

The villas here were built by the world’s top architectural team and decoration team, and the decoration was made by asking the owner’s decoration opinion before the construction, and then adjusting the architectural design reasonably according to the opinion.


The twelve villas here were all different in appearance. For example, Sarah’s side, fully automatic and intelligent, the color

scheme was mainly black and white gray.

Will’s house, on the contrary, its interior decoration gave a warm feeling at first glance. People not knowing him would only think that this was a gentle woman’s home.

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