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Will took her to the third floor. Here room was on the left, while

Will lived on her right.

After entering the bedroom.

Sarah then went to put her suitcase.

The two bedrooms upstairs had a huge checkroom in addition to the basic configuration of bathroom.

After Sarah finished she went to open the closet, thinking to see if there was dust inside and so on.

However, in the moment of opening the closet door, she saw it was full of clothes and accessories, and what was more, they were all for girls.

She paused, and her hand subconsciously retracted.

At that moment.

Will appeared at the door.

After taking a look at the door and not seeing anyone, he walked in and saw her coming out of the checkroom.

That moment.

The four eyes met.

Sarah could not say what mood she was in.



“Like it?” Will glanced at the closet that was opened and asked, “If there is something you don’t like tell me, I’ll have someone change it.”



Sarah opened her mouth, in hesitation.

Ask or not?

Will sensed that she had something on her mind and asked with concern, “What’s wrong?”

“Has someone lived here … before?” Sarah changed the way she asked, and her eyes flooded with complexity, “Or did you have a sister who came here?”

“No one has lived here, and there is no sister.” Will answered her question, “What’s wrong?”

Sarah’s past confidence was gone somehow.

The moment she saw those clothes, she thought about whether it could be what the captain prepared for her. After all, they did not bring a change of clothes this time. But she just took a closer look.

The clothes in the closet were all brightly colored, not consistent with her style.

She also did not care about the clothes. If she really wanted clothes, she had all her clothes and his prepared well in her villa. She just …

Had a very strange feeling.

It was like suddenly intruding into someone else’s territory.



Will saw her silent for a while did not speak, so once again opened his mouth and asked, “What’s wrong? Not happy?”

“There are clothes in the closet.” Sarah stifled her voice.

Will was aware of it, “Hmm.”

Sarah, “?”

Just one hmm? Not two more words?

“Don’t like them?” Will saw her look abnormal and immediately noticed it.

Sarah paused for a moment.


“It’s okay if you don’t like them.” Will did not think he had screwed up, holding her hand towards the checkroom, “Tell me which ones you don’t like, I’ll have someone come and change them.”


Will opened the door of the checkroom.

Next, dazzling clothes, shoes, bags, watches, accessories, brooches, scarves and other things, all appeared in front of her eyes.

Sarah’s pupils were stunned.

“Which one?” Will asked her and walked towards the brighter clothes immediately, “these?”

Sarah opened her mouth and found that she did not know how to speak.



She seemed… to have misunderstood the captain.

The closet door she just opened happened to be the brightly colored one, but in fact, there was a row of closets on each wall, and the style she often wore was in another closet.

“I’m sorry.” Sarah was a person who immediately apologized when she knows she was wrong, and the guilt in her heart filled the whole person.

What was wrong with her?

Why did she become so sensitive?

Will came in front of her. His warm dry palm rubbed the top of her head, and his tone was unprecedentedly patient and doting,

“What’s the point of saying this?”

“I thought …” Sarah said these and couldn’t say anything.

If she doubted the captain’s good intentions.

The captain would be sad, right.

“You thought these clothes were for the people who lived here before you?” Will’s eyebrows lightly raised. Through the words just now and her reaction, he already guessed, “So you are unhappy.”

Sarah nodded obediently.

Hanging her head, she did not dare to look at his expression.

Will raised his hand and gave her a knock on the head, “Idiot.”



Sarah, “?”

“It seemed that I still have to send you back to the organization for a full set of training.” Will spoke to her in a relaxed tone, “Or else you’ll be thinking blindly all day.”

“I was wrong.”


“I’m sorry.”

“It’s too insincere to apologize with your mouth.” Will looked at her in a good way, “Go to my bedroom and help me take out the things from my suitcase and pack them up, and I’ll forgive you.”


“Just go.”

Sarah took steps, turned back and went obediently.

She knew the captain was doing this because he didn’t want her to be too psychologically burdened, but the more he was nice to her, the more guilty she felt.

Will looked at her slow figure walking forward, his thin lips pursed up a slight

This girl.

What a fool.

A few moments later.

Sarah took all the things out of the suitcase and helped him pack it up.



Just after she put down the last thing and intended to report the situation, in the moment of turning around, she was trapped in the arms of Will.

Will’s hands were propped up on the dresser, and his deep black eyes were locked on the small person in his arms.

“Packed up.” Sarah kept herself calm.

“Remember what I said before?”

“What ……”

“With me, you never need to say sorry, it’s more appropriate to replace it with ‘l love you’.” Will knew that she was extra patient because of her sensitive past, “You know?”

“But I did it wrong.” In Sarah’s philosophy, when you do something wrong, you should apologize.

“If you really want to say it’s wrong, it’s also because I didn’t tell you in advance.” Will always put the mistake on his own body, “Thinking that you are usually in black, white, and gray, with a minimalist style, I prepare you some different styles.” Each style, he had prepared some for Sarah.

But he prepared her favorite style the most. Sarah pursed her lips, and her heart was moved, “Why are you so good to me?”

“I want someone to know that she is a treasured one in my heart.”

Will’s love words were handy, but they all came from the heart, “As long as she can be happy, I would give everything.” Sarah was silent.

“Don’t think blindly in the future.” Will pinched her face. The tone of his voice was gentle.

Sarah nodded her head.

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Will released her and took out a set of keys with his right hand and handed them to her.

Sarah froze for a moment, “What?”

“The key that connects our two bedrooms.” Will handed it to her and pointed to a place, “You don’t have to come in from outside when you want to come over, just open that door directly.”


Will led her to walk over.

Sarah paused for a moment when she saw that it was an extremely well camouflaged door, “You … purposely make it through?”


“This villa area was built only four years ago, right?”

“I think so, I can’t remember too well.”

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