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Are you so proud of this?

Will was silent.

How could he answer this. He could not honestly tell her that he was preparing for them to live together years ago.

“Captain Leon.”

“What’s up?”

“Besides me, do you have a love? Crush counts.” Sarah was suddenly enlightened because of what happened before. Will did not hide it from her, “No.”

“You liked me four years ago, right?” Sarah made a bold guess.

The man generally does not knock the wall through and build a door if he wants to live there alone.

This was obviously unreasonable.

Unless, there was a purpose.

Will smiled and fessed up, “Are you so proud of this?”

“You really had a crush on me four years ago?”


“Suddenly, I am a little worried about the future.”

Will’s eyebrows raised and he was confused.He thought, ‘Worry about the future?



Knowing that he liked her for so many years, shouldn’t this guy be happy?’

“How did you manage to like me while at the same time lecturing me extra hard?” Sarah was really curious about this, “You also dig me a hole and let me train doubled several times.”

In addition to Robert, a fox, all six of them were ripped off by Captain Leon.

Fear of being getting ripped off, they subconsciously wanted to slips away when he was kind to them.

Will looked at her carelessly. He thought, ‘Bring up the past?’

“Hmm?” Sarah asked him.

“You can interpret that as my love for you.” Will’s voice was low and slow, and he smiled again. Sarah replied, “Then you love quite a lot of people.”

Will felt he was sloppy.

“Jacob, Jim, Samuel, Buck and Julian.” Sarah counted that on her fingers, “Samuel and Julian should be your most loved people.”

These two people would also fall for it after being ripped off once. The consequences could be imagined.

“Are you jealous?” Will blandly defused it.

Sarah was surprised.


“Don’t worry. From now on I only love you.” Will’s words were meaningful. Sarah moved her lips.



Why did she think Captain Leon’s love was in quotation marks? Was he preparing for training her alone?

“I suddenly remembered that Muffin and Dad asked me to go back to live for a while.” Sarah immediately found an excuse and intended to slips away, “I’m going out first.”

Will dragged her back with one hand.

This little guy.

She still wanted to escape.

Sarah immediately became a chicken.

Will did not tease her again, and after seeing that her previous bad emotions were gone, he was also relieved. He gave Sarah a peck on her red lips and said that he was going down to cook dinner, told her to wait, and then released her.

He didn’t need to go out and buy groceries in this place.

Whatever they wanted to eat, someone would send the freshest ingredients over.

While eating.

When Sarah looked at the man with a reserved demeanor sitting across from her, an idea suddenly popped into her head. How about… proposing to Captain Leon?

Although usually it is boy who proposes, Captain Leon is so kind to her, if she does not return something, it seems not good, right?

This idea came out.



There were all kinds of strange ways to propose in her head.

So much so that when it came time to sleep at night, she lay awake for a long time because her head was too active.

It was said that the night was a time when people easily lost their sanity, and this was also true for Sarah. At eleven o’clock, Sarah still was not asleep. She sent Jacob and Jim messages in the chat group of three, asking if they were asleep.

Both of them replied at the first time, so Sarah called them.

“Didn’t you go to bed at around ten?”

“What’s up?”

Jacob and Jim expressed their confusion.

They all knew how regular Sarah were. It was surprising that she was still awake at this moment, which was more or less inconsistent with her past habits.

Sarah hesitated for a moment and told them what she wanted to do.

The result…

The two were puzzled.

Jacob even made the first question, “A marriage proposal? Are you serious?”

“Yes.” Sarah nodded.

Jim was silent.



Although she slept last night, she still saw the messages Captain Leon sent in the chat group about the proposal when she got up today.

Right now, Pumpkin was also planning to propose. If both they do that, aren’t those two things bumping into each other?

In the process of thinking

She suddenly thought of a wonderful thing.

Since both of them were planning to propose, it would be better to combine them, so that they could surprise both Pumpkin and Captain Leon.

“When do you plan to propose to Captain Leon?” Jim asked.

“Wait for some time.” Sarah was more thoughtful, “Now Captain Leon may have a filter on me, so it’s not fair to him if I propose at this time.”

All people had many sides. She hoped that when they get married, they know each other well enough, and she didn’t want the captain to regret for being with her in the future.

“That’s okay.” Jacob was already thinking about some things, “Tell us when you plan to propose and we’ll help you keep an eye out for a more stunning proposal plan in the meantime.”


Sarah didn’t notice anything unusual at all.

After the phone was hung up.

Jim and Jacob just chatted in private.



As long as they knew the day that Pumpkin intended to propose to

Captain Leon, they could tell Captain Leon and let him act firstly, and incidentally ask her what kind of proposal she liked during casual conversation.

In this way.

Then it would be foolproof.

After chatting, Sarah was a little relieved and started to sleep, and went to work as usual on Monday morning.

Compared to the calm days on this side, it seemed to be a bit more volatile on the other side.

Jason and Chris were abroad, sitting in a spacious and luxurious villa. Sitting opposite them was a beautiful and elegant girl.

This person was Cindy.

Jason’s legs were folded and his coldness was displayed to the extreme at this moment. He said, “How long does Miss Thomson plan to escape?”

“How did you know I was here?” Cindy’s palms were sweaty and she had long lost her usual calmness.

She had been hiding abroad for so long, and even the people grandpa and dad had sent over hadn’t found her.

But Jason. Surprisingly, he came here directly.

Jason did not answer her question, but only looked at her indifferently.

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Cindy was a little nervous. She had adored Jason, but she was also afraid of him, “What are you doing here?”

“To take you back to plead your guilt.” Jason said slowly.

“I can’t understand what you’re saying.” Cindy would never admit it and was very nervous, “I advise you to leave now, you are not welcome here. If you do not leave, when I call the bodyguard here, you cannot leave even if you want to.” “You can call and try.”

Jason was indifferent.

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