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Cindy had never seen such a Jason.

In the past, although Jason was indifferent and detached, he had never been so cold like this.

Even with all the preparations, at this moment she couldn’t help but feel timid and wanted to retreat.

“Miss Thomson, the bodyguards you hired have been controlled by the people we called.” Chris kindly reminded and he smiled, “You’d better go back with us.”

“Why should I go back with you guys.” Cindy said directly, “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Jason gave Chris a wink.

Chris immediately took out a stack of information from his briefcase and handed them to Cindy.

A bad feeling rose in Cindy’s heart, “What are these?”

“The evidence of your crime.” Jason said slowly and his tailored suit made him extremely good-looking, “The reason why I didn’t directly hand them over to the police now is because I want to catch you back with my own hands.”

The biggest reason he and Sarah had come to this point was because of himself.

But without Cindy’s manipulations behind, they wouldn’t have come to this point.

Thinking of the damage she caused to Sarah, he would catch her.

“Ironclad evidence. You don’t have to slyly argue that you didn’t do that.” Jason said and his words were cold.



“I won’t go back with you.” Cindy said directly, palm full of cold sweat, “I do not believe that you can forcefully take me back.”

And not to mention other obstacles.

Jason could not pass through airport with her.

Jason leaned back in his chair, with a strong sense of oppression around him, “Chris, give her something to look at.”

Chris took out another power of attorney.

Cindy was stunned when she saw the content on it.

Dad actually…

“With this, it will be easy to bring you back as long as you are put in a coma.” Jason prepared everything properly, “After all, you are the one who is seriously ill.”

On Uncle Thomson’s power of attorney, it was written that Cindy was seriously ill and he entrusted Jason to bring her back. These were the results of Jason’s discussions with Uncle Thomson.

“Jason!” Cindy was anxious.

“Chris, call Serial in and let Miss Thomson get some sleep first.”

Jason only wanted a quick solution and didn’t want to waste half a minute, “Prepare the private plane and go back to New York.”

“Yes.” Chris immediately went to arrange that.

Cindy knew she couldn’t escape, so she was annoyed and asked, “Why.”




“Why are you doing this to me?” Cindy didn’t understand, “What happened at the beginning didn’t cause any substantial harm to Sarah, and she is fine now, so why do you still hold on to me.”

“You have to pay for what you did wrong. I had paid for it, now it’s your turn.” Jason’s eyes were cold like ice.

There was unwillingness in Cindy’s eyes, but that was useless in front of Jason. No one had always been able to change what he had decided.

Not long after that, Serial came here, and he cursed all the way.

He knew that Jason was not a good person to deal with, but yesterday he realized what that meant.

Originally, he was planning to look for Bella, but Jason came to him and asked him to pay for the damages.

He could pay for such a huge amount if he did not separate from the family, but he had already separated, so he could not pay for it.

Jason then changed the conditions.

If he can’t pay it back, then he must take his body to offset and work for Jason for three years. Then that could be wiped off. Although he was reluctant, he had given Jason a psychological implication through Sarah. It was indeed his fault, so he agreed.

“Have you brought everything?” Jason’s eyes swept over his body.

Serial said very naturally, “Yes.”

“Let’s begin.” Jason said coldly.



Serial opened his medical kit.

From it, he took out a bottle and poured out a pill for Cindy and handed it over. He still was gentle and said, “Miss Thomson, medicine or injection, please choose one.”

“What is this…” Cindy subconsciously resisted.

“The medicine that makes you sleep for a few hours.” Serial explained and his tone was always gentle, “Mr. Noth is worried that you would make trouble on the way back.”

Cindy looked at him with a face full of anger, “Jason!”

“Make your own choice.”

“What if I don’t even choose?”

“Serial will knock you out.” Jason said bluntly, and he was emotionless, “No matter what you choose, in the end you will pay for what you once did.”

Cindy wanted to retort.

But looking at Jason’s appearance, she knew it was useless to say more, and most importantly, she couldn’t avoid what this man had decided.

But even so, she still wanted to have a try.

She took a look at Jason and Serial and saw that both of them were in a very natural state, so she ran upstairs and tried to leave by another way.

But she didn’t run two steps. She was dragged back by Serial.



Serial had good medical skills and was agile.

This was also why Jason asked him to help save Sarah.

“Miss Thomson, it’s better for you to go back with us obediently.” Serial’s warm tone sounded comfortable, “The entire villa is surrounded by bodyguards, so you won’t be able to escape no matter how much you try.”

Cindy’s fists were clenched.

Serial added, “Of course, we have checked, there is no underground passage here.”

Cindy’s unbelievable eyes looked toward Jason. She never thought he would make such thorough preparations.

It was just for Sarah. He had forced her to such a state.

Jason did not intend to waste any more time, and after giving a wink to Serial, he walked towards the outside.

Serial let Cindy fall into a deep sleep for the time being, as requested.

The group officially flew back to New York.

The day they arrived was the afternoon of Valentine’s Day.

Jason took Cindy to the police station soon. Cindy also woke up in this way. Serial had the dose under control.

When they arrived at the police station.

Cindy stared at the indifferent man who got down from the car,

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“When you do this, aren’t you afraid of spoiling the relationship between the Thomson family and the Noth family?” “The relationship between the Thomson family and the Noth family will not be spoiled because of you.” Jason said frankly, “I’ve already spoken to your parents about what you did to Sarah and Jenny, and as for sending you to the police, I’ve also told them.”

It was because he talked to the Thomson family in advance that he could do it directly.

Cindy must pay the price for what happened in the past. Cindy was unwilling, but at this moment, she can not do anything. She was sent to the police station by Jason, and all the evidence in his hands were handed over. These were enough to get Cindy convicted.

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