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Jason stood in front of the police station for a long time without moving.

Both Chris and Serial were waiting by the side. After about ten minutes, when they saw that he had no intention of leaving, Serial finally couldn’t help but ask, “You’re not going to stand here until it gets dark, are you?”

Jason did not say a word.

He had already done what he was supposed to do.

As for the rest, it was not his place.

“Book a flight back to Atlanta early the morning after tomorrow.”

Jason withdrew his eyes and announced this decision with complex feelings.

“Three?” Chris asked.

Jason replied, “Um”.

After saying that, he walked towards the car.

Serial hurriedly went over and stopped him, blocking the car door, “Are you asking me to go back to Atlanta with you as well?”

“Do you have an issue with that?”

“What do you think?”



Although his home was not in New York, but abroad, Bella was here. If he goes to Atlanta for three full years and do not return, then what is the point of breaking away from the family in the past?

The most important thing was that after three years, Bella may have forgotten him cleanly. He could not do so.

“I still have very important things to do in New York.” Serial discussed with Jason, “I can’t stay with you in Atlanta all the time.”

“Let’s talk about it when we get back.”


Jason ignored him, dragged him away and got into the car.

Serial was a bit furious, but he reluctantly scurried into the car.

All the way, Serial was chattering around Jason. If it were in the past, Jason would have driven him off, but today he did nothing, just let Serial talk endlessly there.

Serial did not get a reply and also noticed that Jason was abnormal. He touched Jason with his elbow and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m fine.”

“That’s impossible.” Serial saw through him with a glance and added, “Not surprisingly, it has something to do with Sarah, right?”

Jason glanced at him without much emotion.

Serial covered his mouth.He thought, ‘Forget it.He might as well stop talking.If he continues, this guy may turn three years into five.’



That night, Jason let Serial go back to pack. There were only Chris and Jason in the family.

Looking at the person who had been sitting on the balcony of the study for a long time and had not moved, Chris walked over and said, “Boss, do you want me to send a gift to Miss Yeats tomorrow?”

“Never mind.”

Jason refused.

Sarah already had a boyfriend. If he gives her a gift, it would inevitably cause an argument, and most importantly, she wouldn’t want him to send it.

She said that a qualified ex should be as good as a dead man, not to mention that he was her ex- husband. He should not disturb her. It was the only thing he can do now.

Chris stood at the door and wanted to say something, but finally he said nothing, leaving this space to his boss.

If his guess is correct, the boss asked him to book a ticket for the next day so that he could be under the blue sky in New York with

Miss Yeats on her birthday.

It really … made people not know what to say.

The night of this day.

Jason sat in the study until late at night.

Will arranged the Valentine’s Day dinner for them in advance.



There were piano and violin playing, the flowers were ready and it was the most formal Valentine’s Day of Sarah’s life.

She had never attached great importance to these holidays, including her own birthday.

But now she suddenly understood a truth.

What people focused on was not the holiday, but the atmosphere.

As long as they liked each other, every day could be any holiday.

At ten o’clock that night, after Will finished his date with Sarah, he took her to that place where the birthday gift was. Knowing that Sarah slept on time daily, Will let her rest in the car for a while first.

Sarah looked sideways at the person who was driving seriously and asked, “Captain Leon, where are we going?”

“You will know when you arrive.”

“Can’t you tell me?”

“It is a secret.”

Hearing this, Sarah thought for a moment. She looked back and forth at him for a moment, and began to imagine. Captain Leon had deliberately changed his clothes after work today and was dressed a little more elaborately than usual, So…

“Are you preparing to propose to me?” Sarah made a bold guess and asked him.

Will did not expect her to guess that. He said carelessly in a low and slow voice, “Are you suggesting that I should propose to you?”



Sarah was stunned.

Not a marriage proposal?

“Please rest assured, Miss Yeats. Your baby will start preparing the proposal tomorrow, to ensure that you are satisfied.” Will added.

Sarah explained, “That’s not what I meant.”

“I know.”

“You don’t know that.”

“Well, I don’t know.”

Sarah was silent. She wanted to explain again, and then thought that it seemed useless to explain herself. Captain Leon was clearly trying to cause trouble.

It was better to work out the proposal plan with Jacob and Jim earlier.

In this way. She could propose to Captain Leon before he does.

When the two were thinking about their own business, Will had driven the car to the top of the mountain. It was only 23,50, so Will locked the car and was not going to get off.

Sarah was confused.

Sarah asked in confusion, “Captain Leon?”

“Take a break.”

“I’m a little tired after driving for so long.”



Sarah became more and more confused. Why did she feel that she could not understand what Captain Leon said?

Will glanced outside and unlocked the car and got off with Sarah after consideration. But he blindfolded Sarah’s eyes when he led her forward.

They walked very slowly.

After reaching a beautiful building, Will turned her around so that her back was facing the building.

Seeing that there was only a minute to go before the 15th, he released her eyes and said, “Well.”

Sarah’s vision was restored and she could see clearly what was in front of her.

It was a very high hilltop, with a fence built around the edge and darkness all around.

“What are we here for?” She asked in confusion.



Sarah was puzzled. She thought, ‘Why did he count?’

She looked around, but she didn’t find anything unusual.

Just as she was about to ask two more questions, Will took her by the shoulders and looked straight ahead and counted the next number, “Three.”



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The words fell.

A series of sounds suddenly rang out.


Suddenly, gorgeous fireworks appeared in the sky. They were colorful and bloomed one after another. They were very beautiful.

Sarah paused and was still a little dazed. She was a little confused about the current situation, “Captain Leon, this is…” “Happy birthday.” Will was gentle and doting, said with full of love, “Atha.”


Sarah paused for a moment.

Days quickly flashed through her head. After taking out her phone and looking at it, she realized that at this moment it was already 00,00,25 on the 15th.

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