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You did not set a good example for your son

“What’s wrong.” Seeing she was silent, Eric couldn’t help but ask.

Sarah did not tell him what was on her mind, and she just said, “Nothing, go in first, it’s quite cold outside.”


Eric and Rita both took her inside.

After entering the door Eric went to get a glass of water with her, and he said with a tentative eye, “Why don’t you tell me that you have a boyfriend?”

“I thought I’d talk about it after our relationship was stable.”

“Your relationship is not stable now?” Sarah paused.

Well, it is quite stable, actually.

It’s just that she wanted to wait a little longer, in case the captain liked her just because of the her previous appearance and personality. She wanted to tell her father until the captain knew the true her.

“Your relationship is really unstable?” Eric worried about her and asked more seriously, “What causes it?”

“There is no instability, we are quite good.” Sarah replied him with serious face.

Eric looked at Rita, and asked, “Is that so?”

“Don’t worry, My sister and Will are sweet on each other.” replied Rita.



“Really?” asked Eric.

“It’s true.”

After receiving a positive answer from Rita, Eric was relieved. If Pumpkin is really unhappy, Muffin will definitely not hide it, since she said there is no problem, that means their relationship is really stable.

That day.

Sarah has been staying at home.

Her father cooked the food himself.

When it was close to lunch, Wilson came to dine.

After finishing the lunch, Wilson gossiped with Sarah, “Did you know that Jason went back to Atlanta?”

“I’m not concerned.” Sarah answered truthfully.

She didn’t pay much attention to Jason after he recovered, and only told Serial that if

Jason were suffer a relapse, he must have tell her.

Beyond this.

She didn’t even care anything about him.

“Did you really put him down?” Wilson asked a serious question.

Sarah replied with a peaceful tone, “Yes.”

If she didn’t let go, she wouldn’t commit to the next relationship, that would be both irresponsible to herself and hurtful to others.



Only when the heart is vacated clean, the people who live in it will be comfortable.

“Then I’m relieved.” Wilson took a sip of tea, at this moment, he finally behaved like a little brother, “Will is quite good, I am very relieved that you are with him.”

Although last time he was fooled by Will, he knew it clearly that the man was worthy for Sarah’s trust for life.

To judge a person as good or bad,

Sometimes all it takes is a meal to know.

Sarah gave him an unexpected look.

When she was about to say something, the special phone beep suddenly sounded.

She didn’t have to look to know that this message was sent by Will.

Then she took the phone and checked the message, ‘When will you introduce me to your family?’

‘You’ve already met my father.’ Sent by Sarah.

Although Sarah replied like that, she was actually thinking when to take him to meet with her Dad officially is more appropriate.

The time they spent together was too short.

And it doesn’t seem appropriate if she introduce Will to her family too early.

‘Then when can I come to visit my father-in-law to ask him if he will marry you to me?’

Will changed the way he asked.



Sarah couldn’t say a word.She was silent.She prepared to ignore this message.

When she was thinking of asking him what he did at the company today to change a subject, another message came in.

It was Mr.Noth, ‘Has Jason healed?’

I asked Serial for the report, the report shows that all data and indicators of him are normal, and his memory has also recovered.’ replied Sarah.

‘What happened?’ Sarah sent another message to Mr.Noth.

Mr. Noth took a look at his son, who was so different from before, and sent back with a word ‘Nothing’. Meanwhile.

At the Noth family.

Everyone was surprised when they saw Jason return.

Grandpa Noth wrinkled his brow, and his words came out directly, “Didn’t you go to New York to chase Sarah? Why are you back?”

“No more chasing.”


“She has a boyfriend.”

Grandpa Noth was stunned.

Mr. Noth was not surprised.



Sarah had always been a wonderful girl, and there was a suitor of her was a perfectly natural thing.


This kid could actually accept it so calmly?

“Who’s her boyfriend?” Grandpa Noth asked with concern, he really thought of Sarah as his own granddaughter, “Is he good to her? Have you examined?”

“Will of the Gardner Group, who is righteous, a man worthy of a lifelong commitment.” Jason said in the calmest tone of voice the words that pierced his heart the most.

No one would want the person they like to be with someone else. He was the same.

But he was also clear that he and Sarah’s relationship had come to an end.

Since he couldn’t give her happiness, he might as well make her happy with someone else.

Grandpa Noth and Mr. Noth glanced at each other when they heard this and had a conversation with their eyes.

Master Noth, ‘What’s wrong with this kid?’

Mr. Noth, ‘I don’t know.’

This kind of words would never have been said by the previous Jason.

He would only say that, ‘Am I your biological kid? I’ve divorced with her, why should I be concerned about her life?’ Grandpa Noth gave Mr. Noth a rolled eye, he really did not know how Mr. Noth to be a father since he didn’t know what happened to his own son.



“It is good to for Sarah to find a person who is worthy of being entrusted for life.” Grandpa Noth could only replied calmly, and incidentally changed the subject, “You must be quite tired after a long trip, go and have a good rest.”

“Okay.” Jason’s voice was low, and the whole person of him looked more composed than ever.

As soon as he left.

Grandpa Noth’s brows knitted together. He looked at the direction where Jason’s back disappeared, and his aged face was more worried and sorrowful, “Don’t you feel that Jason has changed a bit since he came back this time?”

“Emotionally traumatized, it’s normal.” Mr. Noth was not that worried.

People always have to go through something to really grow, as long as he overcomes the difficulties, he will have new understandings.

Just this process.

Will be very difficult to survive.

“How could you say it’s normal?!” Grandpa Noth took his cane and hit him, glaring at him, “When have you ever seen him like this since he was a kid? You are his father! But you didn’t care him at all.”

“Didn’t you say he hurt Sarah and you wanted to teach him a lesson and snubbed him?” Mr.Noth responded indifferently, saying without a moment’s hesitation.

Grandpa Noth held his anger in his heart.

Wanted to dislike but did not know how to dislike!

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After all, this is indeed what he said, but at that time he did not think that Jason would be like a different person when he came back again. “You don’t have to worry too much.” Mr.Noth was worried only about his injuries, and he wasn’t worried about anything else at all, “He’s an adult now, he can handle his own emotional problems.” “It’s all your fault.” Grandpa Noth wasn’t be kind to him. Mr. Noth raised his eyebrows lightly.

What did this have to do with him?

“If you hadn’t been bad to Stephanie in the first place, and absent from Jason’s childhood until he was five, he wouldn’t have gone this far with Sarah.”

The more Grandpa Noth said, the more angry he became, and he finally perorated directly, “In the end, it’s all because you didn’t set a good example for him.” Mr. Noth was silent. Grandpa Noth continued, “And…”


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