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Why don’t you just simply say ‘Yes, yes, yes!’

“When Sarah first told us about the divorce, do you remember what you said?”

Grandpa Noth began to dredge stuff up from the past, “Knowing that Jason was taking the wrong path, you didn’t even remind and teach him a lesson as a father.”

Mr. Noth paused for a moment. It was true that he hadn’t done his best at that time.

At that time, the words that “You didn’t take Sarah as that person’s replacement, right?” was just a joke. He has only known that Jason had a first love, and didn’t know too much about it.

But he did not expect.

He was really willing to divorce Sarah for that girl.

If he had known this before, he would have given him a good beating at the time.

He can only say that Jason and Sarah are not the right person to each other.

Destiny did not tie them together.

It is destined that they can’t spend the rest of their lives together.

“I really don’t know why Stephanie fell in love with you at that time.” Since Grandpa Noth couldn’t bear to scold his grandson, he began to scold his son, “How could a person as dedicated as me give birth to a scum like you?”

“This word is more suitable for Jason, not for me.” Mr. Noth was experienced, “He is really a scum, I just can’t help it.”



“It’s all because you didn’t teach him well.”

“Well, you’re right.”

“Why don’t you just simply say ‘Yes, yes, yes’ as all your reply to my answer?”

Mr. Noth can’t speak a word.

He felt that it was better to let Jason do such things as being scolded.

Without being targeted for long, he suddenly a little do not know how to answer, after all, in this situation, he will be scolded if he say a wrong word.

“I’ll go and see Jason.” Mr. Noth changed the subject.

Master Noth made it clear that he was looking for a fight with him today, “What, you think I’m bored and don’t want to stay with me?”

“How could I think like that? Let’s play chess?” Mr. Noth didn’t care too much.

He could stay anywhere.

Sometimes he couldn’t take his dad’s words, but that didn’t matter.

If you can’t take it, you can deal with it calmly, think of a good wording and then speak slowly, after all, at their age, it is more important to be calm in mind.

As long as he remains calm in his momentum, he can win.

“Get out of my sight.” Grandpa would be angry as long as he saw him. And he was really worried about Jason, so he said, “Go and figure out what’s going on with Jason, find a way to make him feel good.”



“He’ll be in a good mood if you go to see him.” Mr. Noth said extremely serious.

Grandpa Noth looked at him with a disgusted eye.

If Jason was in an usual bad mood, Grandpa Noth would be able to talk to him and talk about his feeling.

But now it was obviously different.

“Go as you’re told to. Don’t linger like this.” Grandpa Noth urged, really wanting his grandson to be well, “If he is unwilling to come to dinner and eat three servings of steak at night, I will definitely beat you up.”

Mr. Noth was silent.

Not to mention that Jason was in a bad mood. He would not eat three servings of steak when he was in a good mood.

However, Mr.Noth did not dare to say this, if he said this, he will certainly be scolded.

So Mr.Noth just said he will try his best and then went to Jason.

Jason was wearing a knitted shirt sitting on the sofa of his room, looked a few more calm and steady.

The temperature in Atlanta is very different from New York.

Atlanta is snowy and icy in February, but you won’t feel cold sitting in a heated room in a sweater.

When Mr. Noth came, he saw that Jason was not as cool as he used to be, and he was even a little peaceful at that time. So Mr. Noth walked and sat next to him and asked, “What are you thinking about?”



“Nothing.” Jason said with a clam voice, seeing him come, he take the teapot and cups aside, poured a cup of tea for his own father.

Seeing this, Mr. Noth’s eye full of warmness.

“Let’s have a talk?” Mr. Noth took the tea Jason poured and slowly said.

Jason inclined his eyes and looked away, “Please continue.”

“Are you being polite now?”


Mr. Noth smiled and didn’t poke him, chatting with him naturally,

“Since you have been taking over the Noth Group, I’ve rarely seen you sitting in the sofa of your room and enjoy the yard view outside the window, why do you have this leisurely mood this time?”

“I just want to clean up my mind and relax.” Jason replied naturally.

“Your heart is messed up?”

“It’s okay.”

“Not even telling me the truth?”

“Did grandpa send you?” Jason changed the subject.

“Well, he’s quite worried about you, and when he saw that you weren’t in the good mood he let me come and have a talk with you.” Mr. Noth folded his legs and fondled his teacup, “He even scolded me for you.”



Jason was not in a good mood, so he just answered, “Hmm.”

“Just one hmm?”

“You need comfort?” Jason asked back naturally.

Mr. Noth took a light sip of tea and also spoke to him directly, “I don’t need comfort, the person who needs comfort is you.”

“I don’t need it.”

“That’s not what your state tells me.”

“I’m fine, I’m just a little tired after walking for too long and want to stop and think about the wrong path I took in the past.” Jason said slowly, and his voice was low, “When I think it clearly, I will continue to move on.”

“Would you think it through?” Mr. Noth asked him.

He was very relieved about other things of Jason.

This kid has never let anyone worry about him since he was a kid.

But when it comes to love, he was really afraid he wouldn’t be able to break through.

How absurd the wrong things he did before, how much he would regret now.

“Think it clearly.” Jason gave him a positive answer, “I just need some time.”

What does this mean.

Of course Mr. Noth understood.



He made a promise to Jason, “Take your time to think about it, there’s no rush, and neither your grandfather nor your mother will rush you in a short time.”

“Thanks dad.”

“What do you think about Sarah?”

“That’s it.” Jason’s voice was a little more low, and his eyes were deeper than ever, “She’s already found someone who can take care of her, so it’s not right for me to disturb her again.”

Mr.Noth thought about what he had said earlier and asked, “Do you really think Will is someone worth trusting for life?”

“Yes.” Jason said with certainty.

Mr. Noth was a little curious.

What kind of person was it that could make even Jason approve? He knew about the Gardner Group, but the heir to the Gardner

Group had not been announced openly, and no one knew who is he. “He was good at martial arts, and he also has good family background, good looks, most importantly, he treats Sarah well.”

With every word he spoke, Jason’s heart ached, “As long as he has been like this now, it is worth Sarah entrusted to life.”

“Does he know about Sarah’s affair with you?” Mr. Noth asked a critical question.

Jason hmmed, “Yes, he knew.”

It was because he knew, that Jason was relieved.



After Mr. Noth heard this, he didn’t ask any more questions.

He stood up and patted Jason’s shoulder with the care and affection of a father to his child, “Don’t hold anything in alone, if you don’t want to talk to us, talk to your friends.”

“I know.” Jason replied like a sensible kid.

Mr. Noth knew that he just wanted to be alone now, and after saying two more words of concern from a father to his child, he left his room.

For love.

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He still needs to walk out slowly on his own.

For the rest of the afternoon, Jason spent time in his own room.

Looking at the greenery in the courtyard outside the window and the blue sky overhead, his depressed mood was healed a little, and he also reached an unprecedented state of tranquility.

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