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What if you can’t get it over?

During this time, Grandpa Noth sent his housekeeper to bring him some fruits and snacks.

Jason was being gentle all the time.

A gentle Jason such like this.

Not only Mr. Noth and Grandpa Noth was not used to it, even the housekeeper was also not used to it.


After the housekeeper served him hot tea, Mr. Noth inquired about his condition,

“What is Jason’s condition now?”

“He was just sitting in the room and enjoying the outside view, not reading a book or playing with his phone.” The housekeeper said truthfully, after all, he had a good relationship with Grandpa Noth, “Although he did not seem in a bad mood, I always feel that he is a little strange.”

“What is strange about him?” Grandpa Noth asked.

“His character.” The housekeeper spoke, “In the past, although the youngest master was also polite and courteous to me, I felt that it was not quite the same as now.”

Grandpa Noth sighed.

Sure enough.

This kid, Jason, hadn’t come out after his emotional setback.



“Where’s my unfilial son?” Grandpa Noth took aim at Mr. Noth. “Mr. Noth accompanied Mrs. Noth to go shopping.” The housekeeper knew roughly all of the family’s whereabouts, “When he was leaving, he said that if you asked about him, he asked me to convey a message.”


“Jason needs to walk out on his own, it’s useless for others to comfort him.”

“Humph!” Grandpa Noth was exasperated, he felt that Mr. Noth’s words were too sharp, “It’s obvious that he’s useless himself, and he’s using that as an excuse.”

The butler was very sensible and didn’t make a reply.

The following days.

Jason was eating and talking with them, and he looked no different from before.

But those who were familiar with him knew that he was obviously not normal, and as the experienced man, Grandpa Noth, knew that this was a phenomenon of keeping things bottled up in his heart.

After three or four days.

Edwin, who was playing outside, also came back.

Although he always makes a joke of his brother, Edwin still cares about his brother when he is in a bad mood.

At the night of the 20th.

The Noth family was having dinner together.

Jason was not much different from before, eating normally.



Grandpa Noth had conspired with Mr. Noth and Mrs. Noth and passed them an eye signal when Edwin was frantically eating his meal.

Mrs. Noth understood in seconds, she put down her forks for the moment after taking a bite of steak, her eyes fell on Jason, her voice was gentle as ever, “Jason, there’s something I want to ask you.”

“Go ahead, please.” Jason paused in his eating movements.

“Are there any pretty single girls around you?” Mrs. Noth asked. Jason paused.

He looked at his own dad the moment he heard his mother’s words.

Didn’t he say that they won’t let him go on a blind date in a short time? This is……

“Introduce some good girls to Edwin if you know.” Mrs. Noth was afraid that he would misunderstand and added, “He is not young, it’s time to get married.”

What the fuck?!’ thought Edwin.

He was totally shocked.

He paused in his eating action, then his eyes rolled and immediately said, “I have a girlfriend, you don’t need to force me to go to a blind date.”

“When did that happen?”

“How come we don’t know?”

“Who’s the girl?”

Mr.Noth, Mrs. Noth and Grandpa Noth spoke in unison.



Only Jason can see…

He knew that Edwin was lying after one look.

In order to avoid any subsequent trouble, he didn’t hesitate to break down his brother’s lie, “He lied to you.”

“No, it’s true, we’ve just been dating for a week.” Edwin said extremely quickly, the look of his eyes was more serious than ever, “If you don’t believe me, I’ll bring her back to you in a couple of days.”

“Do you need me to show your itinerary to mom and dad?” Jason continued to debunk his lies.

Edwin became a little anxious.

What’s wrong with my brother?!

He used to have to cover for me, so why did he start exposing his secret now.’

He desperately gave his brother a wink, hoping he could save himself from the ‘blind-date torture’ in time.

But unfortunately.

Jason did not mean to help him at all.

“I really have a girlfriend.” Edwin stressed, and to make the words sound more believable, he made it up, “Only we chatted online, we just confirmed our relationship last week, and we haven’t had the chance to face each other yet.”

Everyone gave him a rolled eye.

It was clear that they didn’t believe him.



After dinner.

Edwin went to chat with Jason.

Both Mr. Noth and Mrs. Noth didn’t bother, they both wanted to find a suitable time to talk with Jason together, but it was clear that it wasn’t the right time now.

In the backyard.

Edwin followed Jason around, complaining about all his perverse behavior today, and Jason has been bearing it all the time.

At the beginning, both of them were talking about Edwin.

Later on, Edwin started talking about Jason, “Brother, have you ever regretted that you didn’t treat Sarah properly?”

“Yes, I’ve regretted.”

‘Not only do I regret it.

But also I wanted to go back in time and make up for everything.’

“Mom and Dad are quite worried about you, they afraid you’ll be bored alone also let me come back to talk to you.” Edwin walked side by side with him, his tone was lighter than ever, “But I don’t think it’s necessary.”

Jason looked at him sideways.

Edwin was a sunny and warm person when he smiled, “My brother is the most powerful person in the world, no matter what kind of difficulties he encounters, he will carry them through.”



“What if he can’t overcome it?”

“That’s impossible, he will definitely carry it through.”

Jason did not speak.

Of course he will finally let it go.

It’s just that what is lost will become a regret in his life, and that void in his heart will never be filled.



“Come out and play more often when you have time.” Although

Edwin said that he was not worried about him, he still hope that his brother can quickly cheer up, “When you ecounter emotional problems again in the future, don’t be emotional, be rational.”

He also knew the past of his brother and Sarah.

With his brother’s IQ, there should not be any problems.

He can only say that love make people lose their reason, emotions overwhelm the rational defense.

“Don’t close your heart either.” Edwin said the most important thing, “If you close it, others can not walk in, and you can not walk out.”

He felt sorry that Sarah and his brother didn’t make it to the end.

If it is possible, he hopes more than anyone that the two of them will be together forever, but life is a process full of regrets.



Sarah became Will’s girlfriend.

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And his brother should also learn to move forward.

“Since you know love so much, you should bring your girlfriend back before the end of this year.”Jason didn’t intend to listen to his advice, “If you don’t find one, I’ll arrange for you to go on a blind date.”

Edwin was stunned, “What?”

So he just said all those nice things for nothing?’ Jason deliberately did not look at his eyes, and added the next words, “This is not only my intention, but also the intention of our parents and grandfather.”


“It’s useless to call me brother.”

“I like men and how to bring home a girlfriend.” Edwin had already started making up nonsense in order not to go on a blind date, “This is not fair to that girl!”

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