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Can you not tell them?

Jason’s suspicious eyes fell on him, his eyebrows frowned invisibly, “Really?”

Over the years, Edwin has not had many relationships.

Nor did he hear him say which girl he liked.

It is true that……

He really likes men?

Edwin was instantly guilty.

He would like to quickly and firmly answer ‘Of course it is true’, but he is afraid that after saying out can not be retracted.

A look in his brother’s eyes.

It is obvious that he was taking his words seriously.

“When did you found that?” Jason’s voice was low, and there was more seriousness in his words.


Edwin was a little unable to follow his mind.

Jason’s eyes fell on him with scrutiny, “When did you find out that you like men.”

Edwin momentarily some do not know how to give a reply, and he hesitated for a while and finally gave Jason a vague answer, “I also do not know very well.”



“Do you have a boyfriend?” Jason slowly asked.

Edwin was shocked.

He didn’t even think about it and quickly denied it, “No.”

It will surprise everyone including himself if he has a boyfriend. He is a normal man. He only likes girls.

“Have you ever been on a date with a man?”


“Do you have someone you like now?”

Edwin originally wanted to say no, but thought that if he said no, his brother would definitely let him go on a blind date.

After thinking about it for a while, he decided to lie, “Yes.”


“This is my privacy.” Edwin tried to find some excuses, “I don’t want to tell you.”

“Sooner or later this thing will be known to mom and dad.” Jason was really thinking about him, “They may not strongly stop it, but you’ll never get past grandpa’s hurdle.”

“It’s okay.” Edwin didn’t care at all.

He didn’t really like men anyway, it didn’t matter.

Jason noticed his state, his good-looking eyebrows wrinkled up, and for the first time, he called his name so seriously, “Edwin Noth.”



“What’s wrong?”

“Are you …… just trying to play up for fun.”

“How can that be, am I such a person?”

“Tell me the truth.” Jason was a lot more serious than even before.

If you really like a person, how can you not care if your family accepts or not.

The attitude of Edwin.

It was completely different from the way he used to treat things seriously and responsibly.

“I promise you, no matter who I like, I will take it seriously.” Edwin knew that his reaction just now was a little too casual.

“Don’t tell Mom and Dad about this for now, I’ll find a chance to talk to them.” Jason said firmly, but his mind was a bit complicated, “I’ll talk to you after the I talked with them.”

“Okay.” Edwin agreed.

He was also completely relieved.

In all likelihood, his brother and parents will not let him go on a blind date again from now on.

“Since you’re sure you like…..” Jason paused here and then said directly, “Don’t mess with girls in the future, and…”


“Stay clean.”



“Don’t worry!”

Edwin made all sorts of assurances.

Jason gave a sound of ‘hmm’ to reply, and his good-looking eyebrows were flooded with more gravity and complexity than ever before.

He have never thought that Edwin would like men.

Who influenced him?

At that night.

After talking, Jason went to find his parents.

Both of them thought he was coming to talk to them about Edwin’s blind date, but they didn’t think he was coming to stop it.

After Jason asked them not to force Edwin to go on a blind date,

Mrs. Noth was puzzled for a moment and thought she had heard wrong, “Are you sure you’re not going to tell us about Edwin’s blind date?”

“No.” Jason said frankly and didn’t hide, “He’s not in a very good state right now, so it wouldn’t be fair to those girls if we force him to go on a blind date.”

“It’s not like they have to be together on a blind date.” Mrs. Noth thought simply, “Just think of it as making a friend.”

Nowadays, many young people choose to go on blind dates. Some of them became friends after the blind date, playing together, having a dinner together.



It is also considered a way to make friends.

“Better not.” Jason stopped.

Mrs. Noth and Mr. Noth looked at each other and then the words came out from her, “Are you hiding something from me?”

Jason became silent instantly. How can he deal with this?

“Is it hard for you to say that Edwin likes men?”

“How do you know?”

Mrs. Noth was shocked.

Mr. Noth was also stunned.

Both of them was shocked and confused.

Mrs. Noth was as elegant as ever, only with a few complications between her eyebrows, “He really likes men?”

“Yes.” Jason answered truthfully.

“He’s the top or the bottom?”


Jason’s face was full of confusion.

He was a bit confused by his own mother’s words.



“Do you want to talk to him?” Mrs. Noth was still worried, and she always felt weird about Edwin, “See if you can straighten him out.” “I’ve already talked to him.” Jason slowly said, his words as serious as usual, “Give him some time to think about it, don’t even let him go on a blind date until he officially thinks it through.”

“Okay.” Mrs. Noth agreed.

Mr. Noth’s eyes glanced over the two.

Then he said, “You guys believe he’s a gay?”

Both Mrs. Noth and Jason didn’t answer.

Waiting for his next words.

“As I see, liking men is just an excuse for that kid not wanting to go on a blind date.” Mr. Noth saw through it all, and he talked unhurriedly, “If you don’t believe me, you can check his dating circle.”

If he really likes men, there must be traces. He is not convinced that his son is a gay.

Mrs.Noth’s pretty eyes blinked, and she was thinking.

Jason was inexperienced with this kind of thing, and when he heard Edwin admit with a look of embarrassment that he liked men, he didn’t think too much about it.

But now when he thought about it, everything seems to be normal for Edwin since he was a child, and if he watches emotional movies, he also watches male and female leads.

“I will find out.” Jason gave them a reply at the first time, “I will give you an answer within a week.”

“Okay.” Mr.Noth answered.



After the conversation.

Jason stood up and went back to his room.

Mrs. Noth’s was still worried, her eyebrows were all complicated feelings, “What if Edwin is really a gay?”

“Then we’ll beat him to straight.” “This kind of thing is not something that can be sloved by violence.”

“Don’t worry too much, Just let Jason to find out the truth.” Mr. Noth’s good-looking eyes were filled with a comforting warmth, “In my opinion, there’s ninety percent chance he’s not gay.”

“I hope so.” Mrs. Noth for always worried about her kids most, “Jason now has emotional problems, it is impossible for him to enter the next relationship in a short period of time. If Edwin really likes men, our dad certainly can not accept.”

It would be fine if Jason was still with Sarah.

After all, Grandpa Noth likes Sarah. If she were here, even if Edwin likes men, the old man wouldn’t care too much.

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