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I’m not sick, I don’t need to take medicine

It’s a pity.

Jason did not cherish her at first, and lost Sarah, a good girl.

“The situation of Edwin has not yet been determined, even if it is determined, Jason will solve it.” Mr. Noth did not want his wife to worry about these things, “He can handle everything well except his own relationship with Sarah.”

A simple word.

Let Mrs. Noth’s mood become depressed.

Even though months had passed, she still felt that Sarah had separated from Jason just a few days ago.

Mr. Noth knew what she was thinking and hugged her tenderly.

When Jason returned to his room, he sent a message to Chris, asking him to check

Edwin’s whereabouts and friendship circle over the past year.

Chris did as he was told.

At twelve o’clock at night.

Jason was still lying in bed, unable to fall asleep.

Since recovering his memory, except for the time he drank, there was not a single day for him to have a good rest.



In the following days, his insomnia did not get any better.

Fearing that his grandfather and his family would be worried if they found out, Jason moved out after two more days and lived in the villa where he lived with Sarah before.

This day.

Jason just finished handling the documents handed over by Chris, and was going to get a glass of water. But unexpectedly, when he just stand up, his eyes suddenly turned black, and he could not hear anything! Then he fainted on the ground.

Chris was frightened and shouted, “Boss!”

He called out Jason several times, and Jason did not respond in the slightest.

Chris immediately sent him to the hospital.

Serial also rushed over after learning of the situation.

Looking at the unconscious person still lying on the hospital bed, he asked casually as usual, “What’s going on?”

Didn’t he be healed before?

But that’s not right.

He helped Jason recover personally, there can’t be any problem.

“The doctor said his daily sleep was too little and his spirit was awful.” Chris answered truthfully.

Serial glanced towards the person on the hospital bed, “How many hours of sleep does he get a day?”




This figure.

It was also something he checked after the doctor had told him.

“For work?”



“I think so.”

Chris wasn’t really sure.

His boss had stayed at the old mansion most of the time during this period and didn’t deal with company matters, so it couldn’t be about work.

Since it wasn’t work, he could only guess insomnia.

Serial didn’t say anything, and he was thinking to give Jason a checkup when he woke up.

When Jason woke up, he was unwilling to cooperate with him, after the IV, he got up to leave the hospital after he was in better spirits.

Serial stopped him, “Come with me for a checkup.”

“No, I’m fine.”


“Don’t you want to go back to New York? There’s nothing for you here for now, just go back.”



“Come with me for a checkup, if you keep torturing yourself like this, it won’t take long for your spirit to collapse.” Serial intended to scare him, but some of it was true, “When the time comes, how will you ensure Sarah’s happiness?”

Jason was stunned.

“Don’t you want to see her happy? If you dead or your spirit is broken now, you will be unable to help her if she was bullied by Will.” Serial used his weakness to cheer him up.

Jason stood there without moving.

Chris came over as a lobbyist, “Boss, go get checked out, only if your body is well, you can see with your own eyes how well Miss Sarah is doing.”

“There’s nothing wrong with me, I just have insomnia and can’t sleep.” Jason’s thin lips slightly opened, his attitude was not as strong as before, “It will be fine after a while.”

Neither Serial nor Chris opened their mouths.

Both of them knew what the reason was.

In the final analysis, it is because Jason did not come out of his last relationship, and the guilt and regret in his heart also increased his psychological burden.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to check, let me do a hypnosis for you later.” Serial could see that his state was not very good, and there were still red bloodshot in his eyes caused by lack of sleep, “If you do not agree, you do not want to leave the hospital today.”

“Got it.” Jason gave them a word peacefully and crossed them towards the outside.

Chris followed him closely.



Serial calmed down and was also chasing after him.

In the Paradise Villa.

Serial used hypnosis to put Jason into a deep sleep.

Chris had never seen real hypnosis, at this moment it was inevitable that he would be a little worried, “Will something bad happen to my boss?”

“Relax.It’s safe.” Serial was professional, and he was very assured about his skills, “I just let him have a good sleep, with his current mental state, if he continues to torture himself like this, it won’t take long for his spirit to break down.”

“You can’t hypnotize him every time.” Chris was in a complicated mood.

He knows where the knot is, but this knot can only be untied by the boss himself.

He could not persuade him, and Serial could not do it neither.

“Later I will prescribe a medicine to you, give him one pill every day before going to sleep.” Serial slowly said, heavy emotions flashed in his always gentle eyes, “If he does not eat, you soak it in water or milk for him to drink.”

The medicine.

It was developed by him at first, passed the audit of the Drug

Administration, and it has no side effects. Only the cost is extremely high.

“Thank you.” Chris was slightly relieved.



While Jason was asleep, Serial called his assistant to sent the medicine over.

Fortunately, he had brought some with him when he returned earlier and left it at the base, otherwise he would have had to fly abroad.

“After this hypnosis, there is still a little effect for the next two or three days.” Serial explained things very clearly, “It can make him sleep for about three hours every day, after two or three days you should give him medicine.”

“Okay.” Chris answered. Serial hmmed and went to the phone.

According to Jason’s current condition, those medicines from the base were not enough for him.

He had to order a batch of herbs to make medicine before those drugs were finished, otherwise something would definitely happen, if Jason was allowed to torture himself.

This sleep.

Jason slept for nine hours.

When he woke up, it was already dark outside, his consciousness was a bit chaotic and he couldn’t tell where he was.

It was only when Chris came in to see how he was doing and tell him about his location that he found out.

“You don’t have to worry about the company affair, I’ve already taken care of it.” Chris was a very dependable man, “Get up and eat something, dinner is ready.”

Jason replied with an ‘Okay’.

His muddled consciousness was quite awake at the moment.



Halfway through his meal, he suddenly remembered something,

“Where’s Serial?”

“He’s busying with something.”

“What is it?”

“I don’t know, he didn’t say.”

Chris said this according to Serial’s request.

Jason didn’t ask any more questions, just ate his meal as usual.

His state made Chris extremely uncomfortable, but he didn’t open his mouth to say more.

A few more days passed.

The hypnotic effect was no longer there.

Chris took the medicine that Serial had given him to Jason, and just as Serial had guessed, Jason didn’t eat it at all.

“I’m not sick, I don’t need to take medicine.” Jason didn’t think he was at the point where he needed to take medicine, “The coma before was just an accident, now I won’t be in coma.”

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