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Remember to get rid of me first if you get angry next time

“Dr. Lance said your body will have problems if you don’t keep a good sleep.” Chris reminded.

“That’s him who will have problems, not me.” Jason was resistant to the medicine,

“You go back to rest early, I can handle myself.”

“You really don’t want to take it, boss?”

“I won’t take it.”

“Then you drink this cup of water, please.” Chris put the medicine away and handed the water over.

Fortunately, he was prepared and put one in the cup in advance.

“If my guess is right, the medicine will also be put in the cup, right?” Jason sighted on it more than a glance, and his voice is very calm.

Chris can’t say a word.

But he still wanted to take a chance and siad, “No.”

“Take it down.”


“I’m not thirsty right now, I don’t want to drink for now.” Jason refused in a different way, “Put it there, I’ll get it myself when I want to drink water later.”

Chris silently sighed, resigned to put the cup down.



Sometimes the boss is too smart is not a good thing.

He put down the cup and sent a message to Serial, ‘My boss refused to take the medicine, and he figured it out by putting it in the cup.’

Serial sent a message back, ‘I don’t know what to say.’

I have never seen such a disobedient patient.’ from Serial.

After he sent back the message he put the phone in his hand and played with it, his eyebrows knitted together.

He want to send a message to Sarah at first, and asked her to persuade him, but he still feel not appropriate after thinking it twice.

Although Jason would listen to Sarah, he must don’t want to bother her for his own thing. Besides, once Jason knew he had found Sarah for him, his psychological burden would increase.

The situation will only get worse then.

After a serious consideration, Serial was intended to put the phone down, but when he just put his phone on the table, a sence on the phone screen attracted him, that is a post from Whatsapp.

Coincidentally, the post was sent by Sarah.

The content of the post is ‘Will, my boyfriend.’

And Sarah also posted nine pictures of her and Will.

Serial was stunned.

I will post her real life on the internet?



And it’s a post of showing off her boyfriend?

He immediately commented with a word, ‘Are you sure your account have not been stolen?’

However, he deleted these few words just as he typed out, and he silently clicked a like.

This kind of time.

He shouldn’t go looking for a sense of existence.

The K was not easy to deal with, if he offend Will, the consequences of him will be tragic.

Sarah didn’t even looked at her phone. She passed her phone to Will after posting and sat on the sofa with him. Then she said, “I’ve already post our photos as you asked, you can’t say that I don’t love you now.”

Will dropped a kiss on her red lips.

Sarah was stunned.

Why did he kiss her again?

“Good girl, a reward for you.” Will lazily and loosely ventured a word.

Sarah was very bold at the moment and said, “This reward is not good enough.”


“Everyone else’s rewards are clothes, bags, and cosmetics.”

“I’ll buy anything you want for you.”

“I don’t want those stuff.”



Sarah refused directly.

Every time the new and limited edition models sent by brands would be given to Rita by her, as for cosmetics, she might use it once some times, she basically has no makeup of her face.

“Then what reward do you think is good?” asked Will.

Sarah’s eyes focused on him, and her good-looking eyes rolled twice, “How about taking me home to meet your parents?”

Will was shocked.

He was unexpected to hear this.

He had thought of many presents to send to her, those that fit Sarah’s character and those that did not fit her, he all had thought of.

Only this one. He didn’t think of it.

“Do you really want to go?” He was happy in his heart, but he suspected that this girl was deliberately playing a trick on him.

“I really want to go.” Sarah nodded, incidentally also said the reason, “Last time I was pretending to be your girlfriend to visit your parents, and I did not buy gifts for them, this time want to meet them formally.”

“You don’t have to prepare gifts, they will be very happy if you come to visit them.” Will smiled with pleasant.

Although this behavior of her is a little bit perverse, but it does not matter, it is already a very happy thing that he can make this ‘little frog Sarah’ initiative to go to visit his parents.



“Then how about we go tomorrow?” It seems that Sarah has already made her plan,

“It happens to be the weekend.”


Will has never stopped smiling.

The first thing he did was to call up his parents and tell them about taking Sarah home tomorrow.

They were very happy.

After the time was set, Will circled Sarah in his arms and looked at her with a bit of scrutiny, “Why do you suddenly want to go to my home? Honestly, what are your plans?”

“I don’t have any intention. I just want to visit your parents.” Sarah looked calm.

In fact.

The visit was secondary.

She mainly wanted to ask the captain’s parents what the captain’s nickname was when he was a child.

Last time the captain said he didn’t have a nickname, and if he had to count one it was little Will, but her intuition told her that the captain must have had a nickname.

After all, when she asked Susan two days ago, Susan was verbally avoiding the question.

“Do you think I will believe it?” Will guessed that she had a purpose, but could not guess what her purpose was. “It’s fine if you don’t believe it.” Sarah took the opportunity to mess things up and stood up from him with an angry look, “Why are you asking me if you don’t believe what I said.”




Will laughed softly.

Sarah was confused. He’s laughing at what?

She is angry now, right?

“How about I find a few videos of couples arguing and getting angry to show you?” Will looked at her with a calm face of playfulness, “You should study the details inside carefully, so that your acting will be more realistic.”

“You think I’m joking with you?” Sarah’s acting skills were in place.

Will commented, “You can get by in front of Robert and the others.”



“I’m not joking with you, I’m really angry with you.”Sarah’s words were cold, and her whole person was a little more detached than before.

She was on a collision course with the captain.

She admitted that she couldn’t win the fight.

She also admitted she can’t beat him at fooling others.

But she can’t still lose on this.

“Well, I know.” Said Will calmly.

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Sarah was surprised.

That’s it?

He has no more to say?

“Atha.”Will was so happy that the smile in his eyes has never disappeared.

Sarah looked at him, subconsciously answered gently because of this title, “What?”

“Do you know that you have a huge bug in your anger acting?”


She was acting quite well.

Even she had to believe it herself.

“Which couple have you seen sitting on each other’s lap when they are angry and quarreling?” Will’s thin lips pursed up in a nice arc, and his ink-clear eyes swirled with laughter.

Sarah was embarrassed.

She lowered her eyes to look.

Only then did she realize that she had just been hugged after being hugged by the captain.

“Next time remember to shake me off first if you get angry.” Will’s eyebrows were all gentleness, and his tone was lazy, “This way the play can be acted for a longer time, and I can also participate in playing along with you.”

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