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This is the best gift I’ve ever received in my life

Sarah was silent.

She was so embarrassed that she just want to leave.She got off him and sat on the sofa, and very seriously told him something, “I really feel that what Jacob and Jim said before makes sense, and I’m a little worried about my future life suddenly.”

“Worried about what?” Will asked her.

“Worried that I would still help you count the money after you selling me.” Sarah said very serious, no joking at all.

“Don’t worry, even if I sold myself will not sell you.” Will pinched her face.

Sarah suspiciously looked at his face for a moment, and did not see anything.

If captain start a business from scratch, he can certainly start a successful business in the shortest time, after all, he was really good at fooling people and make a trap for them.

“You don’t believe me?”

“No, I believe you.”

Will’s eyebrows lightly raised, he was unexpected to hear this answer.

Sarah added the latter words in a serious manner, “My price is higher, no one can afford to pay the price even if you want to sell.”

Will’s eyes were tinged with a smile.



This answer. It is really irrefutable.

After that, the two people almost stay together the whole day.

When it was close to evening, Sarah found a reason to go out to buy something.

She knew it clearly that Will won’t give her a chance to buy gifts for his parents and will bring her to his home directly. However, she was afraid that the bodyguards can’t buy the gifts which can satisfy her.

After all, it is a gift to the captain’s parents, it is better to choose personally.

In fact.

Will does think so.

He and his parents will be happy as long as Sarah come to see them.

The gift is not important at all.

The next morning.

The two people simply packed up and left the door. The first thing will was going to do was to take the car keys and unlock it, but Sarah opened her mouth before he went to drive, “I’ll drive today.” Will gave her the keys.

“I meant to drive my own car.” Sarah took out her own keys, “I haven’t even driven them for a long time since I’ve been with you.”

“Okay.” Will put his own keys into his pocket.

Sarah felt relieved and went to the garage to get her car.



After the car drove some distance out of the villa area, Will, who was sitting on the passenger side, naturally asked, “Are you hiding something from me?”


“The car.”

“What do you mean?”

Sarah kept pretending to be innocent.

The reason why he had to drive her car was because all the gifts she bought last night were placed in this car, and if she didn’t drive it, she couldn’t get the gifts.

“Nothing.” Will has already seen her through but not to break her lies, then he made a guess, “It was a long way to my parents’ home, remember to tell me when you are tired of driving later.”


Sarah answered.

At eleven o’clock at noon, the two arrived.

Will saw her dawdling in the car without getting off, went over and opened the car door for her, “What’s wrong?”

“I have some things to delay.” This was the first time Sarah hid something from Will, her was a bit nervous, “You go in first, I’ll be right there.”





“Are you still angry about yesterday’s thing?”

“What?” Sarah was all confused, a little unsure of what he meant by that.

“I promised my parents to take you home, if I go in alone, Mom and Dad will beat me out of the house.” Will said slowly, and make fun of her causually, “So you did this on purpose? To let me be kicked out of my home?”

Sarah tried to explain, “I am not ……”

“Then you should go in with me, it can not be that you are afraid to meet my parents.”

“I just want to fix my makeup.”

“I’ll wait for you.”

Sarah was silent.

She also understood at this moment that no matter what she said, the captain would not leave alone first.

She pulled out the car keys and slowly got out of the car and walked to Will’s side.

Will went to hold her hand, but Sarah avoided, “Wait a minute, I still have something to take.”

After saying that, he went to get the gifts that he put in the car last night, in addition to the basic tonic, there are some other valuable items.

“I still think that since I’m here to visit your mom and dad, I should prepare some greet gifts.” Sarah explained to Will, “I just don’t know if they like it.”

She also wanted to ask the captain about his parents’ hobby.



But if she asked, he would definitely say that she doesn’t need to prepare.

She would just have to choose the right gift based on her impressions from the last time she met them.

“Idiot.” Will poked her in the head.

Sarah was confused.

Will took the gift in her hand and helped her carry it, holding her with his other hand to give her warmth, “Didn’t I tell you that they will be happy as long as you come.”

“You are good to me, I also want you to feel that I value you.” Sarah replied.

Will smiled, squeezed her palm and led her in.

Same as last time.

Will’s parents were very enthusiastic.

When they found out that Sarah had also bought them gifts, the smiles on their faces were even bigger, and they were complimenting Sarah.

Sarah knew they would be happy at her visit.

But they would be even happier if she brought a gift with her.

“I don’t know what you guys like, so I picked some out myself.”

Sarah was not as formal as last time and took the initiative to talk to them.

“Thank you, Sarah.” Will’s mother’s eyes curved into a crescent, she was very happy,



“This is the best gift I’ve ever received in my life.”

Will was stunned.

And Will’s father was also confused.

The four eyes looked over at the same time.

Will raised his eyebrows lightly, and his tone was unhurried, “Last time you also said that the gift I gave you was the best in your life.” “Nonsense, her favorite gift was clearly my gift.” Will’s father was not willing to show weakness up, he has to fight to win or lose on this thing, “Look at her hand, she is still wearing…” Will’s father suddenly paused.

He stared at the newly worn bracelet on Will’s mother’s hand, and his eyebrows knitted up at once.

She Changed it?!

“You……” Will’s father pointed to her wrist, and the words stuck for a moment.

“I’ve been wearing that bracelet you gave me for thirty years, it’s time to change it.” Will’s mother is really like a bracelet sent by Sarah, and said kindly to Will’s father, “It happens that this is the one I wanted before, so I want to try it immediately.”

Will’s father was shocked!

And he was not happy at once.

Sarah was a little confused.

Is this …she accidentally destroying the relationship of Will’s parents?

“What are you doing with an angry face, you’ve scared Sarah.”


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Will’s mother took Sarah’s hand, she was extra gentle, “What, am I only able to wear the bracelet you gave me for the rest of my life?”

“That’s not what I meant.” Will’s father explained.

“Then what do you mean.”

“I …”

“You what? I think you just don’t want me to wear pretty jewelry, think I’m too old to match these beautiful ones.” Will’s mother hummed, and her temper came out at once.

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