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That old watch

“No matter who says you’re old! I’ll be the first to fight him to death!” Herman immediately spoke up. He didn’t want to be misunderstood.

Elaine became silent. Herman tried to coax her. But he saw that Sarah was also there. He was in a dilemma.

“He could only give a look to Will, who was next to him.

‘Come to help me persuade your mother!”

Will. ‘What does it have to do with me?’

Herman. ‘You know it well!’

Will. ‘Sorry, I don’t.’

Herman was furious.

“Sarah found that the situation was not going well.

She could only said, “Auntie took off the bracelet you gave her. The reason was that she loves the new one. Besides, she may want to cherish the bracelet you gave her.”

Thirty years was a long time.

“People didn’t want to replace an old cellphone for feeling attached. The gifts sent between couples would be more valuable than people thought.”

If it was accidentally touched and broken, the owner would definitely be heartbroken.



“Really?” Herman asked Elaine.

“No.” Elaine deliberately said the opposite. She was still in the midst of anger.

“I suddenly feel that marriage is also boring. Sarah, maybe you can give up marrying someone.”

Sarah. “?”

Will. “?”

Herman. “?”

All three of them were puzzled.

Sarah even thought back to see if there was something she had done wrong since she entered in the room.

“Look at your uncle. He has married me for more than thirty years, but he knows me less than you do.”

Elaine made a difficult problem to Will and Herman.

“According to me, finding a confidant who understands me well is better than finding someone to get married.”

“My Dear!” Herman was excited all of a sudden.

“Sarah, do you think I’m right?” Elaine still asked Sarah.

Sarah pursed her lips and nodded her head in a serious manner,


“Heh.” Will’s voice was low.



“Heh what?” Elaine was elegant when she was quiet.

And she still maintained her elegance when she was angry.

“Do you think I’m wrong?”

“I’ll go check the kitchen.”

Will was very sensible that he didn’t continue this topic.”

The moment he got up. His glanced at Sarah.

Sarah touched her nose. Captain seemed to be angry.

The special beep of the cell phone rang when she was thinking about it.

“She took it out to look at it while her uncle was talking to her aunt, and a message came into view.

[Is getting married worse than finding a confidant?]”

Sarah replied, [Don’t you think so?]

“[Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking.]

Will stood out of the door, watching Sarah reply the message.

But his smile was getting bigger.

[You just want to hear “No” from my mouth. Then you can show the message to my mother. She will teach me a good lesson, right?]”

Sarah replied, [Captain, don’t take the heart of a gentleman with caution.]



Will returned an emoji to her.

There were a few words on the emoji – Little frog, I’ve seen you through.

Sarah became speechless. She put her phone away.

“Herman and Elaine also just finished talking.

Herman was admitting his mistake.

“I was too excited just now, tomorrow we will go shopping and buy the other things you like.”

“I only like this one given by Sarah.” Elaine replied.

“Go and see why Will hasn’t come yet. It takes him so long to go to a kitchen.”

“Fine, fine.” Herman hurriedly agreed.

Herman just walked out the door. He saw Will leaning on the pillar outside, playing with his phone.

Like having noticed him, Will raised his eyes and glanced at him. For a moment.

The atmosphere between the two people was really embarrassing.

Herman was afraid that Elaine might heard their conversation. So he took will to the yard.

“Now only Sarah and Elaine were in the hall. They had a good chat.

Sarah answered all the questions asked by Elaine one by one.”

This time, after all, Will had a real girlfriend, not a fake one.

“Auntie, I want to ask you something.”



Sarah cut to the chase after chatting for a while. She slowly said.”

Elaine had a look like she knew everything. “Is it about Will?”


“Just ask. As long as I know, I’ll tell you.”

Sarah pursed her lips and weighed her words before inquiring,

“Does Captain have a nickname?”

“A nickname?”


“Does Walt count?” Elaine asked after a moment’s thought.

“Is there one besides it?” Sarah asked directly, her heart was really curious, “Just the one used by a little kid.”

“Elaine thought carefully for a moment.

Then she realized. “There!”

“What is it?”


Elaine stopped finishing the whole sentence.

Sarah looked at her in her eyes, patiently waiting for her later words.



“Will has always disliked that nickname. We hasn’t called him by that nickname after he reached 5 years old.”

Elaine looked embarrassed. She also told Sarah something happened on that time.

“His friend used to call him like that for fun. But every time he called it, he was beaten up by Will.”

Sarahba blinked for a moment.

Was Captain so fierce as a child?

“If you really want to know, why don’t you ask him?” Elaine didn’t say everything either.

“He doesn’t tell me.” Sarah said matter-of-factly, “He said the nickname is Walt.”

Elaine pursed her lips.

Sarah also did not pursue the question.

“He should be afraid that you will laugh at him when you know.”

Elaine finally explained.

“I always wanted to have a son and a daughter, so I gave the two children’s nicknames. The girl’s name is still not used.”

After giving birth to one child, Herman did not allow her to give birth to more kids.

He thought it would make her suffer too much.

“What is the girl’s name?” Sarah changed direction. Knowing the girl’s name, she might be able to make a guess based on that.



“Elaine coughed lightly to cover up her embarrassment.

“I cannot tell you. Or you will guess Will’s immediately. I can only tell you it’s relevant to a cartoon.”

Sarah paused.


“Just pester Will to ask about it. He will definitely tell you.”

There was a little gossip in Elaine’s eyes.

“For so many years, it’s the first time I’ve seen him care so much about someone.” Sarah brainstormed a scene where she asked Captain.

With the character of Captain, he would certainly say, “What can I get if I tell you?”

However, she didn’t have anything valuable to give him.

“Do you know what Will said to me before?” Elaine started speaking once again.

Sarah asked, “What is it?”

“He said that if he hadn’t had too many concerns, you might not have gone through that unhappy relationship.”

Elaine told Sarah a little secret.

“He has liked you since many years ago.”

Sarah paused for a moment.

She thought about the villa.

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Counting from the villa, Captain had liked her for at least four years.

“That watch on his hand was given to him by you, right?” Elaine was a very meticulous person.

“Sarah nodded, but she was a little surprised in her heart.

“How do you know about it?”

“Other than you, no one could make him change that old watch.” Elaine knew a lot of things.

Now she told all of them to Sarah.

“Two years ago, I saw his watch broke down. So I bought him a new one. But he refused to accept it. He just repaired the old one.”

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