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Sarah remembered that when she had given Captain the watch, he had asked her if she wanted to know the origin of the old watch.

At that time, she had asked, but Captain hadn’t said more.

“Later she asked Captain when he started liking her. And his answer at the time was something to do with that watch. But she didn’t remember giving him the watch.”

“When did I give him that watch?” Sarah tried to think again, but still could not remember.

“Many years ago, I don’t know exactly when.” Elaine said truthfully.

“But I can be sure that if you keep asking him, he will definitely tell you his nickname.” Will was not easily moved.

But once he moved his heart, he wouldn’t change his love.

Although it was bad to think in this way, she was really glad that Sarah had divorced Jason.

“If the two hadn’t divorced, Will would have only stayed in the organization for the rest of his life, dedicating himself to the country.

And he would never fall in love with another girl. ”

“Good.” Sarah intended to ask again after going back.

After a while.



“Herman and Will just came in from outside. Sarah didn’t know what they talked about. But Herman’s face was very good.”

“Will came to Sarah’s side. He asked her to go to dinner with Elaine.”

Then they left.

After lunch.

Sarah and Will chatted with the two elders for a while.

“At almost two o’clock, Will’s two aunts came. Both of them dressed especially fashionable. They just looked like noblewomen.”


Will and his parents didn’t like them much.

“The relationship between the three families had been fine. But the two aunties often came to Herman and Elaine’s side to brag about their great kids, criticizing Will as an unfilial son. Then Herman rarely interacted with them.”

“What are you guys doing here?”

Herman was the first to voice his discontent.”

“Stop saying that, Herman. I just come to visit my brother and sister-in-law. Can’t I do this?”

Lydia Gardner — the younger aunt of Will, smiled. She spoke with gentleness and politeness.

“We didn’t get together for New Year’s Eve. So we just have to come and see.”



“Who is this girl?” Jessie Gardner, the elder aunt of Will, looked at Sarah.

Herman and Elaine neatly in one sentence. “My daughter-in-law.”

“But her face seems familiar to me.”

“I also feel familiar with her. If I guess correctly, she is Sarah Yeats, the girl who divorced her husband and shared 1.4 billion dollars a while ago. People talked about her online.”

“The one who cheated on her marriage and shared her ex husband’s money?!”

“Brother, sister-in-law, how can you two be so confused? She is such a bitch! How can you permit Will to marry her? Don’t you fear her cheating all your money?” ”

Once they said this.

Herman, Elaine and Will were all unhappy.

“Without waiting for Herman and Elaine to speak, Will first said indifferently.

The oppressive feeling around him was strong.


“What?” Jessie asked.

“Apologize to Sarah.” Will’s eyes were like a knife. It was the first time he behaved so cold.”

“Why should I apologize?” Jessie asked.

She despised Sarah from the bottom of her heart.

“She took 1.4 billion from Jason Noth. Every netizen knows. I did not say anything wrong.”



Will’s breath became cold.

“Sarah stopped Will before he opened his mouth.

She stood out and said lightly.

“The divorce really exists. But do you have anything that can prove I cheat my ex-husband?”

No matter before or now, she could say with great confidence that she did not cheat on her marriage.

“She and Jason were married in a flash, and both sides were not familiar enough with each other.

So they signed a marriage agreement before the official marriage.”

As long as one of the two sides had a problem with the content of the agreement, both could end this flash marriage.

Both of them listed a number of conditions.

“She had one more condition than Jason’s. It was that she didn’t inform Jason of her identity, family history or old friends. She just wants to be an ordinary girl, SarahYeats.”

Jason agreed.

They then signed an agreement and registered as couples.

“Isn’t 1.4 billion the proof?” Lydia said in a shady way.

“Stop saying that!”

Herman’s anger immediately rose.

The kids couldn’t criticize their aunties, but he could say something.



“Do you really think Sarah only cheats and deceives others, just like your kids?

If you talk more nonsense, don’t blame me for splashing you with water.”

“Lydia and Jessie were so embarrassed. They didn’t know what to say. They could only stare at Sarah.”

“Sarah naturally stared at them. She easily overpowered them.”

“I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Sarah Yeats.”

Sarah skipped nonsense.

Now she understood that the most direct way to talk to others was to show them her identity.

“The chairman of Yeats Group is my father, and the chairman of Ambers Group is my grandfather.”

As for Angel International Group…

There was no need to say.

“The chairman of Gardner Group is your father-in-law.” Elaine added a sentence next to her.

“You…” The two did not expect this identity.

“Now do you still think I need to cheat my ex-husband to get the 1.4 billion?” Sarah retorted them with facts.

At this moment.

She suddenly understood a truth.



“If she was really just an ordinary person with no family background and no company of her own… Once she took the 1.4 billion, wouldn’t she be blamed?”

Thinking about this. She thought of Eve.

Previously, Sarah just knew and understood her thoughts.

But at this moment.

Only then did Sarah really understand her decision at that time.

“Well, that’s why Will, the boy with a heart higher than the sky, marries a divorced woman.”

Lydia began to gossip again. Her words were with thorns.

“So he values her family background.”

Sarah instantly clenched her small fists.

She could be gossiped, but Captain couldn’t. “When you first married the young master of the Jones family, didn’t you also value his family background?”

Will’s voice was chill, and his eyes were also cold when he looked at her.

“Does he know that his daughter is not his own?”

“What are you talking about?!” Lydia instantly got angry.” Jessie, on the other hand, began to look at them at ease.

Will aimed at Jessie again. “Auntie Jessie, does uncle know that you keep a male model secretly?”

“What male model?!” Jessie’s face changed dramatically.



And she immediately scolded, “Don’t talk nonsense!”

“If you don’t apologize to Sarah, I will let people spread these two news later.”

The tone of Will’s voice was not fast or slow, but it made people tremble.

“I’ll buy two more hot searches. Within tonight, uncles should know about it.”

“Will! You don’t need to spray people with blood here!”

“Look at the good son you have raised, Herman and Elaine. What is he talking about?!”

The two people instantly got anxious.

“Will glanced at his wristwatch. Now he looked noble and cold.

“You only have three minutes. If you don’t apologize after three minutes, I will do it.”

“Lydia and Jessie were so angry that their chests were heaving. They wanted to curse Will, but they also worried that Will really will talk nonsense on the Internet.”

If they were really listed in the hot search list…

Not only their reputation would be ruined, the stock price of the

Wing family and the Jones family would also plummet.

“A variety of emotions were intertwined. They finally reluctantly apologize to Sarah.”

“Do you call this an apology?” Will was dissatisfied with their perfunctory attitude.

“Or do you also want to be given only a glib apology after being slandered and wronged?”

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