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The person I like is her, nothing else

“I’m sorry.” Lydia and Jessie finally opened their mouths.

“We were wrong in what we said before. We shouldn’t have slandered you when we didn’t know the truth of the matter. Please forgive us.”

“You guys also threw dirty water at Will.” Sarah cared only about that, “Apologize to him.”

The two people’s anger came up all of a sudden. But even their hearts were filled with dissatisfaction and discontent, they could only suppress it.

“We’re sorry, nephew. It’s our faults.”

Their hearts were discontented when they said these words.

“Please forgive your aunties, Will.”

“Will you apologize others if they wrongly accused you and then say sorry to you?”

Herman coldly grunted, supporting the two kids.

“From now on, don’t come to our house if nothing happens. It’s annoying to meet you two.”

“Brother, how can you talk to us like this?”

“Second brother!”

Both Lydia and Jessie expressed their discontent.

This time, they came because they heard that Will had found a second married woman as his girlfriend.



“They wanted to come to persuade Will.

[Actually they just came to hit him when they thought he was down.]

Anyway, the Gardner family was a luxurious family.

How could will marry someone into his house so casually?”

But what they didn’t expect was that…

Will and his parents actually all liked Sarah.

“Ask yourself how you speak to me before asking me how to speak to you.”

Herman kept a straight face. He didn’t treat his sisters with special privilege.

“Before now, you said bad things about Will. We did not bother with you. But it doesn’t mean that we are cowards. If you dare to say any other bad words about these two kids, don’t blame me for treating you rudely.”

Lydia and Jessie knew that they couldn’t get any advantages, so they could only leave with dull anger.

In the past, no matter what they said, Herman and Elaine would not take it too seriously in order to maintain the relationship.

But this time….

The result was something they never expected.

“After seeing them leave, Elaine looked at Herman surprisedly.

“In the past, you didn’t take their words into your hearts, right? Why do you change yourself now?”



“The past things have passed. We know our own son — even if they accused him.”

Herman didn’t care before, but that didn’t mean he could still be indifferent now.

“Now it’s different. Sarah is our daughter-in-law, we can’t let her be bullied.”

Elaine was finally satisfied.

“She had been thinking of retorting them for a long time. The only reason she didn’t do this was that Lydia and Jessie were Herman’s sisters.”

Now things changed.

Herman knew to resist now.

“Will.” Elaine was more concerned about one thing.

“Are the things you just said true?

Have Lydia and Jess really done those ridiculous things?”

“I made it up.” Will’s face was calm.

“I haven’t paid attention to their lives over the years. So I don’t know how they live.”

“But you said that so seriously!”

Elaine glared at Will. Just now she had believed Will’s words!”

“I just said that to tell them… We live in an Internet era. People couldn’t know an online news is real or fake.”

Will said slowly, with his own considerations in his heart.



“As long as I spread these news, even if they are fake, their lives will be greatly affected.”

Only when the knife fell on their own bodies would they know how much it hurt.

“Elaine, however, warned him.

“Just threaten them is OK. Don’t really do it.”

Spreading rumors was illegal.

No matter how much you disliked someone, you couldn’t retaliate them by spreading rumors.

“I know.” Will knew it well in mind.

He curved his lips, smiling nicely.

“I just want to scare them.”

“They shouldn’t come after this time.”

Elaine felt guilty about Sarah.

“I didn’t expect them to come suddenly today. if I had known, I would have let the bodyguards stop them.”

“Sarah, I’m sorry.” Elaine took her hand, “I made you suffer today.”

“It’s okay, Captain has settled everything.”

Sarah didn’t particularly care about the eyes of the onlookers, so she didn’t feel anything.

“Do you guys really not mind that I’m a second married woman?”



People of the luxurious families generally treated this kind of things seriously. At least, among quite a few families she knew, people would care about it.

“That’s not a big deal.”

Elaine really didn’t care about it. So she also told Sarah a heartfelt word.

“Your uncle and I might only consider it if you had a child with you.”

“Consider what?” Will raised his eyebrows and stood by Sarah’s side.

“Elaine was stunned for a while. Then she asked him naturally, “Don’t you know about it? Of course we’ll consider whether you are impulsive or truly like her.”

Although Will had grown up.

But in their minds, Will was still a kid who would be impulsive of loving others without full consideration.

“If Will was in a crush, he would be impulsive for only a while. Then when the interest receded, it was very likely that he would care about Sarah’s past.”

A girl who has experienced an unhappy marriage will have a hard time carrying through a second marriage that also failed. So she had to think about it.

“Have you seen any impulse that can last for a few years without interruption?”

Will’s skin was fair. And he looked handsome and at ease.”

Elaine froze for a moment.

It seemed to be reasonable…



Will had liked Sarah for so many years, it couldn’t be a spur of the moment.

“The person I like is her.” Will made his heart very obvious,

“Nothing else.”

Sarah’s eyes twitched and fell on him.

“Will squeezed her palm. Then he spoke to Herman and Elaine.

“I have to work tomorrow. We gotta go. We’ll come back to visit you when we’re free.”


“Drive slowly when you go back.”

“Herman and Elaine didn’t try to keep them. They knew that it was the time to give the two of them more time being together without interruption.”

Sarah also said goodbye to them.

When they left.

“Elaine took a very nice envelope and handed it to Sarah. And she whispered to Sarah.

“There’s an answer you want in here.”

Sarah was bewildered for a moment.

Elaine whispered in her ear again, “Nickname.”

“Thank you, auntie.” Sarah took it.

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“Goodbye, honey.”

Elaine liked Sarah more and more when she looked at her. Her eyes were full of tenderness.

“Come back to play with auntie when you’re free.But don’t buy anything if you come next time.”

“Sarah said, “Okay.”

Then she left with Will.”

The car was driven by Will when they went back.

“Will glanced towards Sarah on the passenger side. His eyes were dark and nice.

“What did my mom say to you when you left?”

“Nothing.” “Don’t you tell me the truth? Really?”

“It’s nothing.” Sarah now also learned to lie seriously, “just said that she liked the gift I gave her the most, you and uncle sent can not compare.”

Will believed it.

After all, this has been said once before in front of them.

The first thing you need to do is to take the paper envelope in your hand and not open it, now if you open it, in case Captain sees a handful of snatching it over.

The two arrived home at about five o’clock in the afternoon.

The first time Sarah slipped into his room, Will a second before she closed the door also walked in, but also blocked her body to close the door.

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