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She wondered if he was trying to plot something

“Captain?” Sarah was a little confused.

She was not quite sure what he was doing coming in.

“Will walked in and closed the door.

He glanced at the envelope in her hand.

And the corners of his lips raised in a nice curve.

“What’s in the envelope? Let me see.”

“No!” Sarah quickly put the envelope behind her back.

Will walked towards her step by step.

Sarah kept backing up.

A few moments later.

Her back hit the wall.

“Will came in front of her and slightly leaned down to close the distance with her.

“What is it that you want to hide even from me?”

“I can’t tell you.”





“If I want to grab it, you can’t seem to protect it.” Will said a rather cruel truth.

The smile at the corner of his lips was deeper than before.

“Are you sure not to show it to me?”

Sarah was speechless.

She couldn’t refute this.She couldn’t match will with her height, her strength, or her fighting skills.She was a loser!

“No, I’ll be angry if you grab it.”

Sarah could only reason with him, but she was not sure if it worked.

“I will ignore you for three days.”

“So fierce?” Will’s smile intensified.

Sarah nodded her head.

Looking at her like this, Will wanted to pinch her fair and tender face.

Why was this guy so cute?

“I won’t grab it if you kiss me.”

Will gave Sarah an opportunity to erase the embarrassment.”

Sarah, “…”



Even if she didn’t kiss him, he wouldn’t rob it.

Why did she want to kiss him?

“Will was tickled by her puzzled and clear eyes.

He leaned over and took the initiative to drop a kiss on her red lips.

At the same time, he wrapped his hands around her waist.”

The breath collided and the temperature rose.

The atmosphere became more and more ambiguous.

“Will finally nibbled gently on her lips.His voice was low and dumb.

“Remember to come out after watching, your boyfriend is waitingfor you to hug downstairs.”

“Okay…” Sarah answered.

At this time, she found her voice had become several degrees lowerthan before.

“Will smiled in a low voice.He dropped another kiss on her red lips before releasing her.Then he rubbed her silky soft hair and left the bedroom.”

Sarah watched him leave.

After the door closed, she touched the lips that still had a residual feeling, her cheeks were slightly hot.

How could he … kissed her.

After calming her heartbeat, she opened the envelope that Elaine had given her, which contained a black card and a folded piece of paper.



She was going to take the two things out together, but she stopped when she touched the black card.

The feel… It was not like a business card or something like that, but it was a bit like a bank card.

She took it out instantly. It was a black gold card.

“She had a similar black gold card, too. Why did Elaine give her this?”

“She took out another piece of paper. Elaine wrote that this card belonged to Captain, but it was now given to her for safekeeping. And she also said Captain’s nickname.”

Seeing the word, Sarah froze for a moment.

The first reaction was that this nickname did not match Captain at all.


It was quite funny.

She put the piece of paper away and took the black gold card downstairs to find Captain.

“The first time Will saw this card, he was not surprised. Through the conversation, Sarah also knew that Elaine had planned to give Will the card. Will was asked to keep this card for his parents’ daughter-in- law as a gift.”

Sarah returned the card to him. They were not yet married, so she was not suitable to keep it.

“Will, however, stubbornly gave her the card. Then he said, “Sooner or later, it will be yours, so take it.”

“Then you answer me a question.”

“What is it?”



“What is your nickname?” Sarah still wanted him to tell her by himself.

“At first, Will was stunned. Then he looked at her up and down. The low and slow voice came out of his mouth.

“Did you go to my house to find out my nickname from my parents?”

Sarah, “…”

Was it obvious?

“Didn’t they tell you?”

Will pinched her face.

How could he be unaware of her thoughts before?”

“I did not ask them.”

“Still pretending?”

“I really did not ask them.” Sarah said seriously. Will gave a light heave.

“They had been together recently, and he knew that she was a lot more cunning than before.

Otherwise, he would really have been fooled by her.”

“I did ask a little.” Sarah was defeated under Will’s eyes.

She told him with half-truths and half-lies.

“But auntie didn’t tell me. She only said that your nickname was given together with the girl’s, and the girl’s is relevant with a cartoon.”



“She didn’t tell me anything else.”

Will weighed her words, obviously pondering whether it was true or a lie.

“Sarah’s acting skills were now in place. She sincerely asked, “What exactly is your nickname?”

“Do you want to know it so much?”


“I will tell you the day we marry each other.”



“Brother Will.” Sarah popped up another name out.

“Will pinched her face with a little more force than before.

“Where did you learn that? Do you want to be cleaned up?”

Sarah was speechless. She decisively shut up.

“Next time you call me like that, run five kilometers with weights.” Will released the pinch of her face, his low voice was a little sexy,

“Do you hear that?”


“Do you have something to say?”




“Sarah did not resist. She was good as a small cat.”

Will leaned over to close the distance with her, his voice was very nice. “Are you unhappy?”


“Be good, I’ll go to make you something delicious.”

Will rubbed her head and got up to go cook.

“Sarah knew Will would not let her step into the kitchen. So she simply went upstairs to her room, holding her computer to draw the ring design.”

That evening.

The two of them had dinner together.

As usual, Sarah went to bed after ten o’clock. But Will stayed up late.

At one o’clock in the morning.

“He entered Sarah’s room very gently. He carefully came to her bedside, then carefully and cautiously put the finger ring on her finger.” In order to ensure that no accidents would occur, he also deliberately warmed the finger ring a little bit.

This operation…

It was exactly the same as Sarah’s.


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He tried one by one and eventually recorded the middle and ring fingers’ size. “Just as he was planning to withdraw quietly, Sarah opened her eyes in a daze. When she saw a figure by the bed, her whole body was refreshed.”

Out of instinctive reaction, she struck down at Will!


A dry and crisp collision.

“Sarah recognized the figure in the darkness through the other party’s skills.

She murmured out, “Captain?”

Will, “…”

“Should he blame himself for teaching her too well before?

Or should he blame this guy for being too vigilant?”

“He knew that he had been exposed.

So he hid the rings before going to turn on a small light, which was not Strong.

He was afraid that the sudden strong light would make Sarah uncomfortable.”He slowly opened his mouth only after the light was turned on.

“It’s me.”

“Why are you in my room?” Sarah asked a very straightforward question.

It was past one in the morning.



Will sneaked into her room.

If it were any other person, she would have to wonder if he was trying to plot something. But Captain… He was not such a person.

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