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“I just want to see if your alertness has dropped after not training for a while.” Will said seriously, he was still at ease.a serious.

“Now it seems to be maintained well.”

Sarah was still still a little confused“Just now, she had been forced to defend herself. She was not really awake. At the moment she only felt that the words were very difficult to understand.”

There were no tasks that needed them to carry out.Why did Will try her? For what?

“You can sleep, I gotta go.” Will only wanted to leave now. Sarah called him, “Wait.”

“Will naturally stopped, not even the slightest look of weakness. His tone of voice was similar to before.

“What’s wrong?”

“Do you really just came to test my vigilance?”


“No other purpose?”


“If there was, I would have failed to get married with you.” Sarah’s brain also came online a little bit in the conversation with him.

Will was stunned.

What kind of people would take this to talk about things?



Sarah waited for his answer.

“You can’t use this to talk to me.” Will corrected, but his brain was thinking how to conceal this guy, “Change another condition.”

It was just a simple sentence. But it was enough for Sarah to understand everything.

Captain’s behavior was definitely unusual!

“Previously, when they had been in the organization, Captain had also tested the vigilance of several of them. In most cases they could recognize the tests, only in a very few cases they would fall into the pit.”

“Now there was no mission or notice of training. In this case, it made no sense that Captain would come to test her alertness.”

The most important thing was…

“She was his girlfriend now. And it didn’t make sense that he would do this kind of official business on private time.”

“Why this expression?” Will raised his eyebrows lightly.

“You’re not being honest.” Sarah was clueless for a moment and couldn’t guess what he came in to do, “Lie to me.”

Will, “…”

The two people stared at each other.

One was calm and unconcerned, and the other was stubborn to ask for an answer.



“After about thirty seconds, Sarah spoke once again. She asked, “What do you want to do when you come to my room so late?”

“Must I say?” Will had already thought of a response.

Sarah replied, “Yes.”

“I want to see if you still have the symptom of insomnia.” Will said serious, trying to pretend. ”

Sarah did not expect it to be this.

For a moment, she didn’t know how to answer it.

Will added another sentence, and also rubbed her head. “Originally I just want to see you and leave. I did not expect to wake you up.”

“I don’t have insomnia anymore.”

Sarah told him and showed him the health bracelet she wore while sleeping at night.

“You can also see this health bracelet you prepared for me, the data on that is quite accurate.”

“Hmm.” Will gave a h mph.

Sarah also did not think much more.

“After talking to her a few more times, Will let her go back to sleep. He helped her turn off the lights and door when he left the room.” After returning to the room he breathed a sigh of relief.

Will Gardner. He could be dangerous to be an enemy.



“He was smart, calm, good at disguise. As long as he wanted to tell a lie, basically no one could unravel. Once such a person became an enemy, it would put people to despair.”

But the person he loved would be particularly happy. He would give her all the surprises.

Even if the surprise was discovered and bumped into in the middle, he could cover it up perfectly.

“He sat in his chair and opened one of his Whats App contacts, and sent Sarah’s ring finger and middle finger circumference over.

Besides, he also sent two extremely delicate and beautiful ring design drawings.” People would know his thoughts and efforts after scanning these things.

After sending it, he asked. “How long will it take to get the proposal ring customized?

“At least three months.” The person on the other side returned the message quickly.

Will returned. “Okay.”

Three months… It was enough for him to get the proposal plan ready.

As long as Sarah revealed a little bit of intention to marry him, he would immediately arrange the proposal on.

“After all this, he talked to the people in the group where Sarah was not present.He tried to find out when Sarah wanted to get married.” As soon as he sent it out, someone in the group messaged back.

Jacob, [You can propose anytime.]

Will, [?]

Will, [What do you mean?]



“Jacob did not hesitate to sell Sarah, but not completely,

[I asked her about this matter with Jim before. From her meaning, as long as you propose to her, she can agree at any time.]”

Will’s dark eyes paused for a moment when he saw this. He immediately returned, [Are you sure you didn’t misunderstand her?

Jacob, [Sure for sure — as well as certain.]

Looking at these words.

Will fiddled with his phone and thought about it.

If Sarah really wanted to get married, there were at least three months before he could propose to her.

Three months…

Wouldn’t that be too long?

There was a moment when he wanted to rush the progress of the ring.

“But he controlled himself. Things made in a hurry would not be as delicate and perfect as those made with enough time. He did not want his proposal with her to have any flaws and regrets.”

Jacob, [When do you plan to propose?]

Will, [Three months later, the rings only began to customize. And the fastest will take three months to get.]

Jacob’s eyes rolled.



“She immediately sent a message to Sarah. She asked her how the proposal and ring she prepared for Captain was going.”

Since both sides wanted to propose to each other, they could finish it on one day.

That way it would be a double surprise.

“After sending a message to Sarah, she just re-messaged back in the group,

[That you can take its time preparing the proposal. During this time, Jim and I will also try to find out what style of proposal scene she likes.]”

Will, [Okay.]

After the talk he put the phone down on the bed and went to sleep.

Perhaps it was because he had just talked about this topic, Will had a dream after he fell asleep.

“he dreamed that he proposed to Sarah successfully. In his dream, they had a very grand wedding. And he even dreamed that they had a lovely child.” This night.

Will spent every minute in the sweetness.

“The sweetness was so good that he asked Sarah a question when he woke up and ate breakfast with her.

“Do you like boys or girls?” Sarah. “?”

What boys and girls?

She was hesitant, and she could only ask based on her guess. “Do you mean… a child?”

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“I love them both.”

Sarah did not pick the baby’s gender.

“Both boys and girls were good.

She was in the same frame of mind.”

“Last night I dreamed that we had a baby.” Will still thought that dream was sweet, “It was cute and well behaved.”

“Do you like children?” Sarah asked.

“Only like to have them with you.” Will was telling the truth.

For children, he had never been a fan.

But when he thought that their child was the crystallization of his love with Sarah, he could not help but like it.

“Sarah glanced at Will.

Then she said seriously.

“If you really want children, we have to prepare for pregnancy in advance. One of the preparation for pregnancy is not to stay up late.” It was just a simple sentence.

But it pulled the memories of the two back to last night.

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