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I’ll watch her for you

Will’s eyes glanced over her body.

“He was pondering whether she was simply saying this. Or was she hinting to him that she was suspicious of last night’s affair?”

“Given your condition last night, it doesn’t seem to work.” Sarah said in a serious manner.

Will laughed.

After the reunion, this guy had already said “it doesn’t seem to work” several times. She was so skeptical of his ability.

“We can try it some time, and you will know if it can work.” Will said unhurriedly. However, he was really sexy and charming when he said this.

“I’m just afraid that by then you will have other opinions.” Sarah, “…” She suspected that Captain was teasing her, but she had no evidence. Knowing that she couldn’t win Will, Sarah didn’t continue this. topic. She just focused on eating her breakfast.

Only after she went to the office did she return Jacob’s message. “Just tell us when you plan to propose, we promise to be on call.” Jacob called her and said in the phone.

“Don’t tell Robert and others.” Sarah felt Robert could no longer be relied on, “We can ask Julian to join in us.”

Robert was on Captain’s side.



“If he knew that she intended to propose to Captain, he would definitely betrayed her and talked to Captain. Then no surprise could be left.”

As for Julian.

All along he was more inclined to be on her side.

Jacob understood her concerns. “No problem.”




“How far have you developed?”

“What?” Sarah was a little confused.

The topic had been changed too quickly.”

“How far have you progressed with Captain?”

Jacob was more concerned about this issue.

Now she was full of gossip.

“Don’t tell me you guys aren’t doing anything right now.”

Sarah, “…”

Jacob was a little surprised by her silence. “Really? Nothing was done?”



“We kissed.”

“No more?”

“Nope.” Sarah answered very naturally.

“Do you want to try him some time? If he has some problem in that aspect… You can go to the doctor before it’s too late.” Jacob said seriously.

It was really the private conversation between girls.

“He has been single for thirty years! But he isn’t enthusiastic at all! There must be a problem!”

“Sarah coughed lightly. Her eyes moved before she replied.

“He is very good.”

Although there was nothing between them until now.

“But there were several times… When they kissed, they were close to each other, and she could clearly feel his body’s change.”

She could be sure Captain was in good health.

“You have to try it to know if it’s good or not.” Jacob said this in a meaningful way.

“Don’t you want to find a boyfriend? Robert and Julian are single. Do you want to consider them?”

Sarah properly changed the subject and refused to talk to her about this.

“One is a cool guy, the other is a warm boy. There is always one for you.”

“No, thanks.” Jacob replied her with two words.



“If she wanted to have feelings for those two people, she would have found a boyfriend long ago. There was no need for her to be reminded. ”

The two said something else before hanging up the phone.

Sarah put down the phone and then started working.

There were many kinds of feelings.

Some were bombastic, some were calm.

“The feeling between her and Captain belonged to the combination of both. Perhaps it was because they had been together with the acquaintance of too long —Or they had experienced too many times life and death. Even if they were together now, they didn’t change the way they communicated with each other greatly.”

After all, since a long time ago, they had been acting as teammates who could deliver their lives and backs to each other. If the difference must be found out…

“That should be to each other’s possessiveness than before a lot more.

Now they wanted more to be good to each other.”

In addition, there was not much difference.


Jacob reminded her.

“Captain had been single for thirty years. So she couldn’t let him suffer from the aching need for a long time.”



When the proposal was successful, she would sleep with him.

“If Will knew this idea, he would certainly be very pleased. And at the same time… he would be looking forward to see how she would sleep with him.”

Unfortunately. He didn’t know.

Some time after that.

“The two of them went to work and left the company normally. By a chance Sarah saw Will working overtime on Gardner Group’s work. She realized that he was doing two jobs together during this time in order to be with her every day.”

“You’ll start back at Gardner Group next Monday.” Sarah did not want him to be so tired, “Sivan can handle things of Angel International Group.”

“Angel International Group was now in a stable stage. It didn’t need to expand its business for the time being. Sivan could do it alone.” Will refused.

The reason he worked overtime recently was just that his father threw all the work to him.

“The last time, when he had gone home with Sarah, Herman had pulled him out and talked to him privately. Herman had been acting as a miserable old man. He had kept telling Will his hardship and the options without his own wish. Now his son had been back home, but he still couldn’t travel around the world with his wife!”

He had also said that he had also wanted a son who would love his father.

“Will hadn’t exposed his father. He had just promised to take over the business of Gardner Group, letting his parents go on a trip together.”




After the promise, Herman told him not to talk to Elaine about it.

It was then that will learned that Herman had promised Elaine to help him manage Gardner Group until his kids were in kindergarten.

“I’m just a little busy in these days. One week at most.” Will just wanted to be with Sarah.

There weren’t a lot of things in Gardner Group that needed him to deal with.

“Taking over the company in the future was also a relatively easy job. If he agreed to go back this time, it would be difficult to come back to Angel International Group later.”

“It’s better for you to go back.”

Sarah analyzed with him, and her words were very reasonable.

“Gardner Group and Angel International Group are involved in two completely different areas. If you stay in Angel all the time, people may gossip.”

As the boss of Gardner Group, Will had been working at Angel

International Group every day.

It would create a misunderstanding for Gardner Group and people outside – he preferred technology and was not nostalgic.

In that case.

Gardner Group could possibly be affected.



“Look at you. Are you eager to kick me out?” Will understood.

“No, I’m just analyzing the situation reasonably with you.”

Sarah was also planning something for her own.”

“If Captain had been here, they would have been together almost every moment of every day. So she couldn’t plan the proposal quietly.

After all, the slightest movement would be easily discovered.” But if he went back to work at Gardner Group, it would be different, and she would have plenty of time to set up and prepare. If it was usual.

Will would not leave in any case.

But what he thought now was same as Sarah’s.

The proposal.

“Gardner Group is a long way from here.”

Will had agreed in his heart, but on the surface, he still intended to make things difficult.

“The two company were not in the same district. If I go there, I will be unable to see you every day.”

“It’s okay.” Sarah replied without hesitation.

So he could still distinguish working affairs and feelings.

Talking about love was not the only thing in the world of adults. “Hey, you’re fine, but it doesn’t mean I’m fine.”

Will propped up his head with one hand, the other hand was still spinning the pen.

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“I have had a hard time catching up with my girlfriend. What can I do if she leaves me secretly?”

“I’ll help you keep an eye on her.” Sarah gave a reply after a brief moment of reflection.

“Will pulled her to his lap, making her sitting on there. His hands wrapped around her thin and soft waist. And his voice was lazy and sexy when he asked her.

“How can you help me keep an eye on her?”

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