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Abandon you

“Eyes help you watch.”

“Watch her run away?”

Sarah was speechless.


Surely they couldn’t have a good conversation.

“Yes.” She also exposed her renegade nature and went against him, “Watch her run away to someone else’s house.” Will pinched her on her thin waist, with a meaning of punishment. “Yes? Whose house do you want to sneak to? Tell me.”

“I’m not telling you!”

“You believe they both dare to receive you.” Will could know that she was talking about Jacob and Jim without guessing.

Sarah was speechless.

They didn’t dare.

They two were cowards in front of Captain Leon.

“With your attitude like this, I will not return to Gardner Group.” Will handled her in place. He clasped her waist with a tighter force, “It’s better to stay by your side and watch you personally.”



Sarah fell into silence. She blinked her eyes, with her eyelashes looked long, “Wasn’t that a joke just now?”

“I took it seriously.”


Will was puzzled.

Just well?

Sarah adhered to the thought of her thorough renegade nature and started her plan.

“Then I will also implement my plan. I will go to sleep with Jacob and Jim.”

“You want to organize the special training with their company so much?” Will said in a gentle tone, but the content was an unmitigated threat. Sarah was speechless.

Although she was unwilling to admit.

She found a problem. Even now the relationship between her and Captain Leon was lover, she was still a little afraid of him!

“Will Gardner.” Sarah called his name in an extremely serious tone.

Will was slightly surprised. She unexpectedly changed his appellation.

“It’s not right for you to do so.” Sarah kept a straight face and lectured him, “I am your at will.”

“What will happen if I threaten you.” Will asked her.

“I will be burned up.”



Although she said like that.

These words seemed to have no clout.

Will pinched her face, while his words were more playful, “What would you burn? Hydrogen or nitrogen?”

“Abandon.” Sarah really exposed her renegade nature.

“You can have a try.” Will’s clear eyes were extremely dark, while his lazy tone revealed an obvious threat, “It just so happens that I also want to see how Miss Yeats abandons her sweetheart.”

Sarah was speechless. Bye. He always threatened her.

“Have you thought about how to abandon me?” Will stared at her in a good mood.

Sarah’s mind has been full of ideas, then she spoke a sentence out,

“You will know it later.”

She must ‘abandon’ Captain Leon once.She would see if he was still fierce.

“I’m going to bed, I’ll let Sivan help you with the resignation procedure on Monday.” Sarah got out of his arms, did not play with him again, “You can go back to your Gardner Group.”

“Are you willing to let me go?”


“Won’t you miss me?”




“Little heartless girl.” Will gave her a pinch on her face, spoiling and loving.

Sarah did not make a response.

Will also gave up teasing her.

In order to make the proposal go smoothly, it was kind of a good idea to go back first.

A few moments later.

Sarah went back to her own room.

Will intended to deal with some more work, but Sarah’s words about preparing for pregnancy popped up in his head automatically.

The whole process of proposal, engagement and getting married would take less than half a year if the process is fast.

Thinking about this, he did not stay up late. He did not know when will they get married, but he was prepared for her desire to have children, so he decided not to stay up late.

Thinking of this, he decided to turn off the computer to sleep.

Just a few seconds after he lay down.

A phone call came from Zack came in, and his gloating voice was heard as the phone connected, “I heard from Susan that Sarah was inquiring about your nickname?”

Will did not answer.

Instead, there was danger in his eyes.



“Do you think I should tell her.” Zack laughed wildly, he felt that he had finally turned the table, “After all, that name is quite nice.”

“If you like it so much, you can have it.” Will said in a slow tone.

“A gentleman does not take away the love of others, it is better for you to keep it for yourself.” Zack got carried away with happiness. Will’s thin lips pursed up a pretty arc, with his eyes turning dark.

It looked like someone’s in trouble.

Zack owed a fight, he did not know that the danger has come.

“Maybe you should beg me? I will not tell her if you beg me.”

“I heard that you and Susan are in a relationship.”

“That’s true!”

“I have videos of you flirting with girls from your childhood to adulthood.” Will had a great ability to make things up in a serious way, “Do you think I should show it to her?”

“What?” Asked Zack.

The videos of flirting with girls?

He was puzzled for a moment. “When did I flirt with girls?”

Although he had shown a little bit of love for others in the past in an effort to keep his feelings under control, he had never truly flirted with anyone.

“You did it as I said.” Will said in a slow tone, creating a strong psychological pressure.



Zack instantly dawned, “You want to lie?”

“No matter true or false, Susan will believe whatever I gave to her.” Will gave him a fatal blow. Zack was furious. Fucking Will!

All he knew was to threaten him.

He quickly clicked on the key of call recording, only then he said the next words, “You are overconfident, Susan knows everything, can she not know it is fake?”

“Are you recording?” Will opened his thin lips slightly and said three words.

Zack was shocked.

Holy shit!

How did this guy know it?

“If you want to tell Sarah, then do it, I don’t care.” Will really did not care, he would tell her anyway, “But do not think that if you threaten me with this, I will not tell Susan about your past.” “What are you babbling about.” Zack’s mind collapsed, he just knew this guy was scheming before, but he never thought he would be so audacious now!

Will continued, “Susan is my childhood friend, she has the right to know those ridiculous things about you.”

“You are really crazy.” Zack was furious.

Will did not reply to him anymore.

Then he hung up the phone. He went to great lengths to make it real, so he sent him a message,


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‘Since you want to marry Susan, you should correct your attitude. She has the right to know the departed child.’ Zack was shocked.


Fuck him.

Zack replied, ‘Get out!’

Then he added, ‘I just made a few jokes about your nickname, do you have to do so?’

He even said a departed child, nonsense!

What a bullshit!

Will did not reply him, he just put his phone on silent and then went to sleep.

Zack was so angry with him that he couldn’t sleep. He was angry, so that he started to spoof. He took the WhatsApp account of Sarah from Susan, and then sent a friend request with his other account.

The next day was Saturday.

Sarah and Will were both at home.

After eating breakfast, Sarah was sitting on the sofa watching TV, and then she found a friend request when she looked at her phone.

Few people knew her WhatsApp account, so she just assumed that the other party knew her.

The request was passed. You are Sarah?’ Everlasting Love said.

“Yes.’ Replied Sarah.

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