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It’s free, who am I to say no?

Is Will Gardner your boyfriend?’ Asked Everlasting Love. Sarah subconsciously looked towards Will who was on the phone, and then replied,

‘Yes.’I’m pregnant with his child.’ Said Everlasting Love.I went to see him once, but he asked me to abort.’

Sarah was confused.


Captain Leon’s?

Her mind was full of doubts, while she looked blank.

Will just saw her staring blankly at her phone after the phonecall, as if she had encountered something very puzzling.

“What’s wrong?” Will walked over and hugged her.

Sarah blinked her eyes.

Will locked eyes with her.

What was going on here?

“Your ……” Sarah was thinking of wording, “Your lover said she was pregnant with your child, and she also said you asked her to abort the child when she visited you to force you to be responsible for her.”

Will was puzzled.



Will was extremely puzzled.

Sarah handed him the phone and let him see by himself.

Although she didn’t know who this person was, what she could be sure of was that this was either a prank or someone was trying to ruin her relationship with Captain Leon.

She couldn’t promise anything else.

But what she could say for sure was that Captain Leon could never do such a thing.

Will went through all the dialogue.

He didn’t even have to guess that it was Zack’s other account.

“If I’m not mistaken, it was Zack who pretended to be her.” Will handed the phone back to her and incidentally said the reason, “I had an argument with him last night, and I pissed him off. He probably wanted to pull a prank and see us quarrel.”

“So that’s it.” Sarah rolled her eyes.

Everlasting Love send a message again, ‘Can you help me talk to him, so that he would not force me to abort this child.’

‘Okay.’ Replied Sarah.

At Susan’s side, Zack was puzzled.


Was Sarah… normal?



Everlasting Love continued, ‘Really!’

Well, the child is innocent.’ Replied Sarah.

Zack was petrified there. Over and over again, he wondered if

Sarah’s brain circuits were working.

Seeing his reacted a little bit, Susan casually asked, “What are you doing?”

“Nothing.” Zack did not dare to admit what he did, while he was afraid of being beaten.

Then Susan ignored him.

Zack came over and asked curiously, “I want to ask you a question.”

“Say it.”

“What would you do if one day my lover out there got pregnant, and I asked her to abort the child, but she begged you to let her keep the child?” Zack was really interested in knowing what a normal person would do about this matter.

“What?” Asked Susan.

Susan’s eyes instantly became dangerous.

Zack immediately explained, “I said if! If!”

“I will put you two in a cage and sink you into the sea.” Susan gave him a word.

Zack made a detailed inquiry, “So you won’t agree to let her have a child?”

Susan stared at him suspiciously.



Finally she asked a question, “You asked so carefully, do you have someone outside?”

“How is it possible, I will only like you in my whole life.” Zack said in an extremely serious tone, he would not lie to Susan, “I will never do anything wrong to you.”

Susan gave him a blank stare and then ignored him.

Zack continued to talk to Sarah, ‘Thank you, you are a good person.’

Have you got money? If you don’t have money, I’ll give you some. It’s still quite costly to have and bear a child.’ Asked Sarah.

Zack was speechless.


He really couldn’t continue to talk with her.

The original idea was to let Sarah ask Will by this method, and then let the two have a little conflict to revenge himself on Will for what happened last night.

Now it seems that.

He made a mistake.

“Susan……” Zack handed her the phone and chose to confess, “You can find Sarah to talk to her sometime, I believe her brain circuit is a little strange.”

To be precise.

Not strange, but odd.



Susan was bewildered, and she had no idea how Sarah was involved again.

After she finished reading their chat logs, she understood everything.

She handed the phone back to Zack and said something that made him extremely shock. “She was right.”

“How is it right!” Zack was completely confused, “You said you will sink us into the sea when I asked you before, but Sarah’s answer was clearly….. stupid.”

“You are stupid.” Susan said in an indifferent tone.

Although she didn’t have much contact with Sarah, she still knew that Sarah was never a person who could endure these.

Such being the case, there was only one reason that Sarah knew that the person she was talking to was playing a prank.

Zack was puzzled. “What do you mean?”

“Don’t play mind games with Will and Sarah.” Susan was a person who knew everything, “The two of them are much smarter than you think.”

“What?” Asked Zack.

What did she mean?

How come he still didn’t understand?

But Susan did not tell him more, she just sighed in her heart and wondered why was there such a stupid person.



Seeing that he did not reply the message for a long time, then Sarah chatting with Will. “He did not reply the message.”

“He should be in doubt about life.” Will hugged her.

Sarah was a little curious, “What kind of argument did you have last night?”

Will remained silent on this question. He couldn’t say it for now.

“What he did won’t hurt your friendship, but it will make trouble for you.” Sarah worked her brain to make a guess, “From what I’ve seen, he’s cocky, but he’s not the kind of guy who would do something like that at will.”

One careless move could ruin their relationship.

Zack would not just mess around.

In that case……

“Maybe Susan had something to do with the argument you had with him last night?” Sarah asked.

Will didn’t hide it, he just told her about his threat to Zack last night.

Sarah froze for a moment. She didn’t expect Captain Leon to be so childish.

“You’re not afraid of ruining his relationship with Susan?”

“I won’t do it, Susan knew who Zack was .Even if I did it, Susan’s reaction should be the same as you just now.” Will knew both of them, “Only Susan might take the opportunity to beat Zack up.”

Then Sarah was relieved and focused on another thing. “Then how did Zack mess with you?” Captain Leon would not do something for no reason.

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Unless Zack made trouble first.

Will was speechless.

“I think he threatened you with your nickname.” This was the only thing Sarah could think of.

“Don’t do random guess, you will never guess.” Will avoided her answer while his eyes fell on her phone, “He sent you a message.”

Sarah was diverted.

Everlasting Love said, ‘I have no money, but don’t worry, I will work hard to raise this child, thank you for making it happen.’ Sarah’s eyes lingered on it for a moment before she sent a message back. ‘Give me your credit card number, I’ll wire you 10 million dollars.’

Zack was totally confused.


He didn’t care if he was role-playing, he immediately copied his credit card number and sent it.

Ten million for nothing, who was he to say no!

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