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Give birth to a child

Staring at the long string of numbers, Sarah did not know how to reply for a moment.

Should she say that Zack was naive, or he was just stupid?

After a moment of hesitation, she sent him a message, ‘Give me the name of your bank account.’

Zack was just thinking about the 10 million. He didn’t think anything of it. He just texted the name, ‘Zack Snyder.’ Sarah was speechless.

Sarah was just about to type back to him.

Zack withdrew the message.

Staring at the word ‘typing’ above, for the first time did Zack felt himself was like a fool. How did… he send his name over?

When thinking about this, Will sent him a message, with a tone of taunt, ‘Brain is a good thing, but you have nothing to do with it.’

Then a phone call from Zack came in.

Will answered.

“You know it’s me?” That’s what Zack started with, he was still a little unconvinced that he would be found out with such superb acting skills.

“No one but you would do such a stupid thing.” Will’s words hurt, “It seems that I have to talk to Susan sometime, I will let her consider carefully whether she wants to be with you or not.”



“What do you mean.”

“The IQ of her boyfriend will affect the next generation.”


Zack got angry.

Susan sat down on the sofa and curled up into a small ball, with a pair of eyes that was dark, bright and large. “You really do not know they are teasing you?”

“I …..” He certainly did not know!

Zack was tempted to say this sentence.

But he also knew it.

The consequences of saying this were absolutely miserable.

Being criticized by Susan was a small thing, but he was afraid that Susan really thought he was stupid, and she would want to break up with him.

“I definitely know it.” He changed the sentence and said in a serious tone, “I just thought they were bored and wanted to amuse them, but they were too deep in the play. ”

Susan gave him a scornful look.

She knew Zack’s poor intelligence.

All this time they’ve been together, he still thought that Susan was into that boy from the Davis family.

He was really…



He was really stupid enough.

She did not answer his words again, just turned on the TV and began to watch.

“Don’t assume everyone’s IQ is the same as yours.” Will knew it well how to hurt people with words, “Susan is smarter than you.”

Zack was speechless.

He wanted to beat this guy up.He was really talkative!

“She is my wife, she must be smart.” Zack began to counterattack, “But you, did Sarah know your nickname? Do you want me to talk to her?”

“You can have a try.”

“I will just give it a try.”

Zack hung up the phone with a snap.

As if Will knew what Zack was thinking, after he put his phone aside, he immediately took Sarah’s phone and unfriended Everlasting Love, without forgetting to add him to the blacklist.

Zack sent Sarah a message, but it was shown that he was not yet her friend.

This made him angry enough.

He really wanted to fight back, but he couldn’t. And every time he succeeded, he would be miserable.

After Will unfriended and blacklisted Zack, he just left Zack alone, and whatever Zack tried to do, Will could handle it.



What he concerned more is that.

What Sarah was going to do with him this weekend.

Once he was back in Gardner Group, he couldn’t be back every day.

The road from Gardner Group to here was particularly congested. To describe it in an exaggerated way, it could be congested from afternoon to the next morning.

She just drove him away without giving any compensation?



“Aren’t you going to say something?”


“You want to drive me away without any compensation?” Will’s eyes fell on her, with a clear and shallow arc between his good- looking eyebrows, “After going over there, I can only come back once a week.”

Sarah nodded, “I know.”

This was exactly the result she wanted.

Only when he was not at home, she could plan properly without having to worry about being found out or anything like that.

Will was speechless.



She knew?

It was just like the answer she would say.

“Don’t worry, I’ll come over to you when I’m free.” Sarah added this sentence.

For this.

Will was despaired about this.

From what he knew of Sarah, she was not one of those people who would live one day apart like three years, and it was almost impossible for her to come to him on her own initiative.

The fact was similar to his guess, since he went to work in Gardner Group, Sarah did not come to see him.

In the twinkling of an eye.

A few more days have passed. Will was still working for Gardner Group.

He was going to come back this Friday at noon, but Sarah refused.

She called him back in the hospital and made it clear to him. “I won’t go back this week. Eve has just entered the delivery room. I have to stay with her for a few days.”

Whether the birth went well or not, she had to be with her for the rest of the day.

Her parents were gone, and she had no lover. She was the only friend she had.

“Fine.” Will knew the relationship between the two, “Don’t get too tired.”

Sarah agreed, then the two ended the call.



She made arrangements early to make sure everything went smoothly during the birth.

When Eve’s file was transferred here, Sarah chose a private hospital with excellent medical resources. This hospital had a close relationship with Bella, with its excellent medical technology and staff.

As she waited, a leaner figure appeared in the corridor.

She saw him because she was the only one there.

Edgar Williams.

Her eyebrows wrinkled.

She didn’t know how to describe her feelings right now.

As Eve’s friend, she did not hope to see Edgar here.

But she knew, Eve did not completely forget Edgar. His appearance here right now was very likely to let Eve’ affection that had been covered take root again.

“I won’t bother her.” Edgar said this before Sarah could speak, “I will leave as soon as I make sure she is safe.” Sarah did not say anything and continued to wait. Waiting was suffering, Edgar sat there with his palm covering with sweat. His heart had been tight as soon as he came in. Fortunately, the whole process went smoothly.

The moment the nurse opened the door and came out with the baby, Edgar stood up and walked over, while his eyes covered with worry and panic. “How is the mother? Is she okay? Did it go well?” Three questions in a row.

The eyes of Sarah and the nurse fell on him. The nurse didn’t make them wait too long and told them all about

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Eve and the baby. “Everything went well, the mother and daughter are all safe, she born a princess.”

“That’s good…” Edgar was relieved.

His eyes fell on the child in the nurse’s arms, and there was tenderness between his eyes.

Although the child was wrinkled, he was sure that she would grow up to be a beautiful girl as Eve.

The nurse took the child away.

Not long after that, Eve was also pushed out.

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