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Sarah wanted a baby

A second before she came out, Edgar concealed his figure in advance and did not appear in front of her.

Sarah noticed it, but she did not show it. She just sent Eve back to the ward together with the nurses.

Eve had a normal delivery.

The nurses gave instructions and took the baby here, then they left.

Sarah had never given birth to a child, and did not know what it was like. She only saw the netizen described that it was very painful, so painful that they doubted they could not bear.

“How are you?” Asked Sarah.

“I’m okay.” Eve was just a little weak, her eyes fell on the child next to her. “It was painful before I gave birth, so painful that I swore I would never give birth again, but now I think it’s all worth it.”

Sarah glanced at the baby.

It was crumpled.

A little ugly…….

“Do you think she’s ugly?” Eve quipped, as she was aware of Sarah’s face obsession.

Sarah felt a little guilty. “It’s okay.”

“Most of the newly born children look like this, it will be fine after they growing several days.” Eve smiled, the bottom of her eyes had satisfaction and compassion for the child, “Babies grow quickly.”



“Do you want to hug?” Eve asked, as she saw her itch to try.

Sarah pursed her lips, “Can I?”

“Of course you can.” Eve lost her smile.

Sarah held her breath and slowed down her breathing and movements, then she carefully held the child in her arms.

She didn’t know why, she just felt the baby was crumpled and ugly, but when she felt the little one in her arms, her unconsciously had an affection for her.

So tiny…

“Do you want one?” Eve noticed the look on her face.

Sarah glanced at her and nodded after a brief thought, “Yes.”

She didn’t feel much before, but at this moment, staring at the tiny

one in her arms, she just felt that life was so amazing.

She put the baby to sleep after holding it for a while.

In the following period of time, Sarah almost stayed with Eve all the time. The company’s affairs were all given to Sivan to deal with, she did not have to worry too much.

She booked a bed at the postpartum care center for Eve. Sarah knew that she liked performing industry, so she also arranged a special postnatal repair project.

From physical repair to psychological repair.



All of them were arranged.

At first, when Eve refused when she saw the fully equipped, luxurious and comfortable care center, she knew this place was very expensive.

But when Sarah told her to take care of her body before she could devote herself to the industry she loved, she agreed.

Eve spent the whole month here. Sarah was here with her for the

first half month, and then the company needed her to handle some things, so she came every afternoon.

As for the child’s registered permanent residence.

Sarah helped her to register.

Her nickname was October, while her official name was Suri Kent.

In a flash.

A month has passed.

During this month, Sarah witnessed the child change from one day to the next, and now she was already very cute and soft.

In order to ensure that Eve’s body could recover to the best condition, Sarah let her stay in the care center for more than 40 days. She originally intended to let her continue to live, but Eve directly slipped away.

Sarah had to take her back.



But unexpectedly, when they left the care center, they saw Edgar sitting downstairs.

They stood eye to eye.

Edgar’s first reaction was to slip away.

He promised that he would leave her alone, then he would follow it.

“Edgar.” Eve called him.

Edgar’s body stiffened, his felt his feet were like being filled with lead that made him stand still, he was just like a deadman.

Eve didn’t know what was wrong with her.

Perhaps it was the birth of the child, or the psychological counselling in the care center, she seemed to have suddenly got over many things.

“Do you want to come and see her?” Eve took the initiative to say this in a very normal tone.

This place was not a mall restaurant, and Edgar should not be here. Unless… He knew that she had given birth to a child.

Sarah was a little worried about her, “Eve… ”

“It’s okay.” Eve was now in a much better frame of mind, “After all, he is October’s father, I can’t really let the child only have a mother.”

Her childhood was unhappy.

But she hoped that her child’s childhood would be complete.



At least, the role of the father could exist part of the time.

Edgar’s heart shook and he turned around with difficulty.

His eyes fell on Eve’s face. He moved his lips and wanted to say something, but nothing came out.

But the pair of eyes that were extremely complicated expressed everything.

After a long while.

Only then did he ask in a dark voice, “Is it okay?”

“You are her father and have the right to see her.” Eve was now thinking more about the child, she suddenly seemed to care less about herself, “Of course, if you don’t like…”

“I’d like to!”

Edgar quickly blurted out.

He walked over with his heavy step and stopped a step away from her.

It has been too long…

It has been a long time since he had been so close to her.

“I… ” Edgar opened his mouth, but couldn’t get the words out. Eve did not speak, she just lowered her eyes to look at the child who was sleeping soundly.

Edgar’s hands hanging at his sides moved, his heart torn a million times before he asked, “Can I, can I hold her?”

“Do you know how to hold a child?” Eve asked a very direct question.



Sarah was also curious about this question.

She had been able to hold a child since she was young because she had brought Muffin up after she was born.

She was just too young, she did not have too much feelings about things, only knowing that she had a cute sister.

“I do!” Edgar blurted out, wiping his hand on his own body. It could be seen that he was very nervous.

Eve was a little hesitant.

It wasn’t that she didn’t believe him, but mainly because the child was too delicate.

Edgar was afraid that she did not believe in him, so he added, “I have specifically attended a daddy training camp to learn it before, I knew how to hold the child, as well as how to change the diaper.”

The moment this statement was made.

Eve and Sarah both dropped their eyes on him.

Sarah’s eyes twitched.

So after being beaten up by Captain Leon that time, Edgar didn’t show up again because he went to the daddy training camp?

“I mean it.” Edgar thought Eve didn’t believe in him and emphasized a bit, but he lowered his tone a bit considering the reason the child was sleeping.

In fact.

It was not just the child.

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He also learned what a husband can do during pregnancy to make his wife happy. In addition, he also learned the birth process, and what he needed to do after delivery. He learned it all.

The reason why he did all this.

Was for him to do these things when Eve needed him. Instead of doing nothing for her when she needed him, except for being excited.

Eve was torn for a few moments, but she still agreed to let him hold the child. “Then please be careful, she just fell asleep.”

Edgar agreed.

Just when Eve was worried.

He took the child from her arms with an extremely natural manner and held it in his arms skillfully.

Staring at the child’s soft face and tightly closed eyes, his eyebrows were full of soft doting and love, he was unable to let go of it.

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