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This seat is not yours.

“What is her name?” Edgar asked with a few more moments of joy in his heart.

“Her nickname is October, and her full name is Suri Kent.” Eve answered, glancing at his face.

She thought Edgar would mind the child taking her last name.

But he showed no sign of displeasure.

On the contrary.

There was a smile on his face when he heard the names. “Nice.”

“Go back first.” Sarah spoke appropriately. Whether it was Eve or October, it was better not to let them be be in a draught. “It’s quite windy here.”

“Okay.” Eve responded.

Hearing this.

The joy in Edgar’s eyes darkened for a moment.

He realized that they would be leaving soon.

Edgar took one more look at the child in his arms, and there was deep reluctance in his eyes. But he could not keep the child for all he wanted.

With all kinds of emotions interwoven, he gave the child back to Eve.

Eve didn’t know why Edgar suddenly gave the child back to her, but didn’t say anything. She picked up the child and walked with Sarah towards the car.



Sarah opened the car door for her.

It wasn’t until the car door closed that Eve found Edgar standing there and did not follow.

Sarah sat in the driver’s seat and knew what Eve was thinking. She said impatiently to Edgar before Eve spoke, “What are you still standing there for? Don’t you get on?”

Edgar instantly returned to his senses.

His darkened eyes were refreshed.

Get on?

Was that what he understood?

“You have three seconds to think.” Sarah showed no mercy to him. “Three.”

“On!” Edgar did not care if he misunderstood. He immediately walked towards the car. There was still the surprise in his eyes that he had not had time to hide.

He knew that if Sarah agreed to let him get in the car, it meant that Eve also agreed.

Did it mean that he was able to spend more time with Eve and October again?

The moment he thought of this.

The heart rose with uncontrollable joy and happiness.

He wanted to open the back door and sit in, but found that it was a little inappropriate.

Sarah had always been excellent to Eve, so it was normal for Eve to sit in the back seat of the car with the child in her arms. But if he was also sitting in the back seat, wouldn’t that treat Sarah as a driver?



Thinking about this.

Edgar decisively open the passenger door.

“What are you doing?” Sarah looked at him a little unpleasantly.

“Get in the car.” Edgar was so filled with happiness at the moment that when he said this, his eyes still had the joy which hadn’t receded down. “Didn’t you let me on?”

“Go sit in the back.”


“This seat is not yours.” Sarah made the words very clear.

Edgar was suddenly speechless.

He resolutely sat in the back.

If it were usual, he would definitely complain first, and then scold

Sarah for not knowing his good intentions.

But now he didn’t want to complain about anything at all, only to thank her.

Since Eve was discharged from the hospital and came to the confinement center, he had been wandering downstairs around the confinement center frequently and naturally knew that Sarah had helped Eve a lot for over a month.

He was very grateful for this.

After Edgar got into the car, Sarah started the car and left.



In order to see Eve and her child more often in the future, she intended to give them her own set of villa to live in.

Of course.

The most important reason was to see how to raise a child.

After the car drove into the villa area, Edgar was surprised by the outside environment. The greenery area was much larger than what he expected and the surrounding scenery was beautiful.

He had always known that there was a district of villas covering a large area in the prime lot of New York, and there were only twelve villas inside, which were sold at sky-high prices.

But what he didn’t expect was that one of them belonged to Sarah.

This woman!

She deserved to be the miss of the Yeats Group!

“Miss Yeats.” Edgar relaxed his mood while talking.

Thinking he was mocking her, Sarah’s tone was a bit cold, “What’s the matter with you?”

Edgar felt confused.

Did he piss her off?

He didn’t think too much about it, and directly said the key point, “Does anyone sell houses in your villa area here? I want to buy one.”

“You’re not qualified.”



“I have money!”

“I’m talking about the qualification to buy a house.” Sarah added.

Not everyone could buy a house in this villa area, and one of the most basic requirements was to be a native New Yorker.

If one had to buy it.

He needed the help of at least two owners who lived here.

She wouldn’t help him, and neither would Captain Leon.

As for the others, they were either abroad all year round, or they were the kind of people who were not nosy.

“Is there no other way?” Edgar felt a little regretful.

Sarah did not answer.

Not going to talk to him again.

After the car arrived at her villa 6, it was parked in the garage.

Because it was prepared in advance, there were servants and bodyguards in the villa.

Sarah took Eve to the second floor. On the third floor was her room and Captain Leon’s room.

Although Captain Leon let her live on his side, she still prepared everything for him over here.

While Eve was putting the child to sleep, Edgar pulled Sarah out, hesitating to say something.



“Is there anyone selling a house in this villa area?”

“Yes, there is one.”


“Yes.” Sarah didn’t hide it from him.

“Then can you help me buy that house? Any amount of money, I can afford it.” Edgar said it very seriously, without any joke in it.

Sarah refused, “No.”


“There is no reason.”

“As long as you help me, I can promise you a request.” Edgar stated his purpose, “Please help me, just because I wants to give my daughter something as a father.”

Sarah paused and was a little surprised, “You want to buy it for October?”


Edgar nodded his head.

In fact, he wanted to buy it for Eve.

But he knew Eve’s character, and she would not accept it if he gave her the house directly. He could only give it to her in another way.

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“Let me think about it.” Sarah did not immediately refuse. “Don’t tell Eve, she’ll refuse if she knows.” Edgar knew her character, and he had grown a lot during this time. “I really just want to give them something, no other ideas.” Sarah gave him a look and did not give a reply right away.

This matter must be told to Eve, and she couldn’t hide such a big thing from Eve.

She went to the second floor.

Eve just put the child down to sleep.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing that Sarah had something to say, Eve asked, “Does Edgar get you in trouble?”

“He wants to buy a house for October.” Sarah said to Eve, “The house here.”

Eve was stunned for a moment.

She had spent a long time in the entertainment industry.

Naturally, she also knew that people who could live in this place were representatives of status and wealth in New York.

“This matter will be discussed until October grows up.” Eve didn’t accept it, and was very rational, “It will depend on whether she wants it or not.”

Sarah agreed with her.

She guessed that Eve would answer like this.

“By the way, there’s something I haven’t told you.” Sarah thought for a moment and opened her mouth.

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