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When are we going to have a baby?

“What?” Eve asked very naturally.

“Edgar came to the hospital the day you gave birth to October. I didn’t tell him about your due date. He came on his own.” Sarah told Eve what happened that day so she could make her choice. “But before you came out of the delivery room, he went into hiding.”

Eve was stunned.

It would be a lie to say that there were no mood swings.

People are emotional. Once on shore, one prays no more.

Eve was silent for a long moment before she spoke, with an imperceptible complex of emotions in her tone. “It’s normal for him to come. October is also his child after all.” ”

Sarah did not say more.

She knew that Edgar had come for Eve, which Eve herself also knew. It meant that Eve did not want to have any emotional involvement with Edgar since she said this.

“I’ll go down and talk to him about October.” Eve straightened the long hair that spread around her ears, still rationally.

Sarah told her to go at ease, she helped her watch the baby.

Looking at the baby sleeping soundly on the bed, Sarah unconsciously raised a gentle smile at the corner of her lips. She really wanted to reach out her hand and poke the baby’s face, but was afraid to wake her up.



With her itching heart.

She took out her cell phone and sent Will a message.

In order to make sure that the special prompt tone would not disturb little October’s sleep, Sarah also started the program to turn off the tone temporarily.

Sarah, [When are we going to have a baby?]

At this time, Will was handing over all his work to his secretary.

When he saw the message from Sarah, he put down the work in his hands. The corners of his lips raised a pleasant arc. He texted her back, [As long as we get the marriage license, we can have a child at any time.]

Confession, falling in love, proposing, getting engaged, getting married, getting pregnant and having a baby.

This process could not be messed up.

Aaron was waiting there holding the documents, looking at the expression of his young master, and had a bold guess in his heart.

He guessed that Will must be sending a message to his wife.


“You go first, I’ll call you later if something comes up.” Will thought Aaron was waiting impatiently and took the initiative to say this.

Aaron’s desire for gossip couldn’t be hidden, “I’m not busy. Are you messaging your wife?”



“My wife?’ Will repeated it in his mind.

And he briefly thought of it for a moment.

Then his eyes were tinged with a satisfied smile, and he gave a humph.

“Can you wife win you?” Aaron was more concerned about this question. Until now he still remembered his young master’s criteria for choosing a spouse, “Can she protect you?”

“I can protect her.” Will only said these four words.

Aaron didn’t understand.

He was a little skeptical.

He stood there looking at Will, wanting to say something but then stopped.

Will noticed it and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Didn’t you used to say that you wanted someone who could win you and protect you?” Aaron clutched the file, but his heart was on the gossip. “Why are all the requirements different now?”

“You don’t understand.” Will replied, with his lazy voice and undisciplined temperament.

Aaron looked puzzled.

Will looked at Aaron after returning the message. His thin lips opened slightly, and he said word by word. “To truly love someone is to be willing to lose to this person. As long as the opponent is her, I willingly admit my defeat.”

Aaron was suddenly speechless.



Wasn’t this the flaunt of their love?

A little envy.

Will had dealt with the important things. He took out the last document from the drawer and gave it to Aaron, “You can call me about important things that can’t be handled, and you can decide on other things after weighing the pros and cons.” ”

“What about you?” Aaron pushed his glasses.

“I’m going to prepare for my proposal and wedding.” Will stood up with the phone. Because of Sarah’s words just now, he were in a good mood. “If not necessary, Don’t bother me for months.”

Aaron felt a little devastated.

Should he tell the young master that he had only come to Gardner

Group for two months of work? He just quit?

“My young master.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Are you serious?” Aaron asked with particular seriousness.

Will returned carelessly, “Of course!”

“Didn’t Chairman Gardner let you manage Gardner Group well?”

Aaron had thought that he could have follow Will to make some achievements, but the young master didn’t seem to have the entrepreneurial spirit he imagined. “I can ask someone to help you prepare for your proposal and wedding.”



“I don’t want to leave any things about her to others.” Will’s thin lips opened slightly, and he said words from the heart. “As for the Gardner Group, just maintain the status quo.”

His life was not short of food and money.

He could go and do what he wanted to do.

Aaron could only obey Will. He felt very curious and really wondered who was the person that his young master would be willing to lose to.

“Come on!” Will had been adhering to the philosophy of giving enough money to retain talent. “From this month, your salary will be doubled, and the performance bonus will be increased by two points.” ”

“Okay my young master!” Aaron suddenly felt energetic, “Just go and fall in love. It’s will be no problem to let me be in charge of the company.”

Will patted his shoulder, took the phone and car keys and went out.

Aaron sent him off with a smile.

Double pay and two points of performance bonus!

A lot of money!

Will was really generous!’ thought Aaron.

Sarah didn’t know that Will had arranged things for the Gardner

Group. Looking at the message he returned, she fell into hesitation. Could they have a baby at any time after getting a marriage license?



In another month or so, the proposal ring should arrive.

After proposing, she would take Captain Leon back to meet her father. Then after another month or two, they should be able to get their marriage license.

With this in mind, Sarah quickly replied with one word, [Okay.]

After the message was sent.

She took a few more pictures of the sleeping October.

As for Eve.

At this moment, she was still chatting with Edgar.

After talking about some basic issues, Edgar seemed to know Eve’s concerns and comforted her, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell my parents about the baby’s existence, and I won’t let them know.” He knew the character of his parents.

Once they knew that Eve had given birth to a child, they would try everything to snatch the child back.

He knew that October belonged to Eve.

No one was qualified to snatch her away. Including himself.

“Thanks.” Eve was indeed worried about this.

“I had also let my subordinates pacify your parents, and I didn’t tell them about your pregnancy and childbirth.” Edgar said slowly, “You don’t have to worry about them coming out to trouble you.”

Eve pressed her lips together and her heart was a little complicated. She said thanks again to Edgar as she did just now.

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To ordinary people, mother and father were two very warm people.

But for her.

They were a nightmare and trouble.

Since childhood, it had always been.

“Edgar.” Eve called out to him.


“Can you lift the ban on me?” Eve looked up at him, feeling a little stuffy in her heart, “I want to go back to that place and fulfill my dreams.”

Ever since she fell out with Edgar and her agent called to inform her that the company had decided to abandon her, she completely disappeared from the entertainment industry. Almost a year’s time.

It was enough for the audience to fade her into oblivion.

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