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I love you, Eve.

“Your ban has long been gone.” Edgar confessed to her.

Eve was stunned.Her beautiful eyes were a bit puzzled and confused, “What do you mean?”

“Shortly after you were blocked by me, someone paid a high price for your freedom.” Edgar had a guilty conscience about this matter. “You are now free, no one can block you.”

Eve’s heart was flooded with emotions, “Who paid it?”

“If I guess correctly, it should be Sarah.” Edgar was also just guessing.

He wasn’t sure whether it was her or not.

At that time, the company executives called him and said that someone offered to cancel the contract between them and Eve, and he refused.

But he didn’t realize that the person had a powerful lawyer and negotiated with them.

In the end.

He could only return Eve’s freedom.

“I’m sorry about the past, but I can assure you, I never meant to hurt you.” Edgar still wanted to talk to Eve properly, “I forced you to kill the child before because I heard that keeping the child would cause you a lot of harm.”

At that time, although he misunderstood that the child was not his, the real reason he wanted her to abort the child was because he was afraid that something would happen to her.



He just didn’t expect that he had been lied to.

“The past has passed, there is no need to talk about it again.” Eve made it very clear, “October and I are both fine now, I won’t stop you from seeing her if you want to.”

“What about you?”


“Do you want to see me?” Edgar asked these words carefully.

Eve’s eyes moved, and after a moment of silence, she said a heartless sentence. “We are just two strangers who know each other, there is no such thing as wanting to see or not.”

She knew what Edgar wanted to say, and she also knew that her heart had wavered from the moment she learned that he was waiting outside the delivery room.

But she had to pinch off this thought that came out of her heart.

She and Edgar.

Not suitable.

“I want to see you.” Edgar’s palm was full of nervous sweat, “I want to see you every day and every night and every moment.”

Eve stopped him from saying more, “Edgar.”

“I love you, Eve.” Edgar confessed. His dark eyes were flooded with intense love. “Whether you still love me or not, I love you.”

These words made Eve’s whole heart a mess.



She wanted to quickly turn him down, but all her words were stuck in her throat.

Edgar didn’t want to embarrass her, explaining, “I just want to tell you that I only love you alone in my life, and I will only be October’s father.”

“A lifetime is a long time and you……”

“A lifetime is a long time.” Edgar interrupted her. He knew what she was going to say, “But I only want to spend it with you and my daughter.”

The content of today’s conversation was something that Eve had not thought about.

Her heart was still in turmoil after she returned to her room.

One marriage made her see too many things clearly. It was okay to like or love someone, but a marriage had to be suitable besides love.

They are not suitable.

Edgar did not leave. He wanted to see Eve and the little October again.

When Sarah came down, she saw him sitting alone outside in the garden. After seeing her coming, he even called out to her, “Sarah, can we talk?”

“What do you want to talk about.” Sarah’s attitude towards him was a little better than before.

Before it was pure disgust.

But with him waiting outside the delivery room and going to daddy camp on his own, she had a lot less prejudice about him. She also knew that Edgar was no longer the Edgar he used to be, and that he had really grown.



“I wanted to pursue Eve, but she didn’t like me.” Edgar didn’t know if something was wrong with his brain, he actually asked Sarah.

“Can you help me think out some ideas?”


Sarah felt very surprised and thought in her mind, ‘Who gave him the illusion that I would help him?’

As if Edgar knew what she was thinking, he quickly said, “I can let you be a witness. I will voluntarily give her all the properties under my name, and I will treat her well for the rest of my life.”

“Eve’s things can only be decided by herself.” Sarah gave him this answer.

Edgar’s heart fell to the bottom at once.

As an outsider, Sarah said again, “Besides, you’re not very suitable for her.”

“I know I did some ridiculous and confusing things in the past.”

Edgar admitted his mistake with a pious attitude, “But I really love her now, and will never distrust her and hurt her again just because of the words of others.”

“That’s not what I mean.”

“Then what is it.”

“You and your family.”

“What do you mean?”



“You should be very clear about what attitude your parents have towards Eve, and how much they dislike her career.” Sarah said very straightforward, without beating around the bush. “If she is really with you, can you protect her?”

“Yes, I can!” His answer to the question is very firm.

“You can’t.” Sarah said some heart-piercing words to Edgar. “To say something ugly, you are not very capable. Most of Williams Group’s accomplishments were made by your father. If they dislike Eve and scold her, can you confidently refute them?”

Sarah added, “Even if you can, but Eve does not want to live that kind of life. Freedom is what she aspires to.”

Hearing these words.

Edgar was silent.

If he had Jason’s ability, he could have the courage to say he could do it.

But he did not.

These years.

When Jason Noth was busy with the company, he was eating, drinking and playing with his friends.

Because the Williams family was huge and had many industries, he never needed to worry about the money. Even if there was something wrong, he could let Jason help him to get through the crisis.

But now listening to Sarah’s words, he realized what he lacked.

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“I know, thank you.” Edgar seemed to have suddenly grown up and asked again, “Can I stay here a little longer? I want to take another look at Eve and October.”

“This is your freedom.” Sarah did not stop him.

After that, Edgar stayed there for the whole afternoon. When October woke up, he hugged her for a while. After talking to Eve again, he temporarily left New York.

Before leaving, he left a black card with no upper limit for Eve. He would use his efforts to prove to Eve that he could give her happiness and he was a very reliable person.

After Edgar left, everything went on as usual.

At four or five o’clock in the afternoon.

Sarah received a message from Will which asking her when she was going home.

Sarah replied, [I’ve been at home].

Will, [?]

Will got up from the sofa and walked upstairs, searching the whole villa and didn’t find her. Then he returned her message, [Why didn’t I see you?]

Sarah made a phone call to him.

When she found out Will was back, she told Eve and went to look for him.

Her house was in Villa Six and Will’s was in Villa Eight.

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