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Will’s love could be seen from heaven and earth.

It sounded like Villa Six and Villa Eight were not far apart, but in fact there was still a long time. After all, a villa here was equivalent to a small estate.

Sarah was a little surprised to see Will when she went back, so much so that the first sentence out of her mouth was “Why did you come back?”

“Don’t you want me to come back?” Will pulled her in his arms and hugged her, lowering his voice and asking her.

“No.” Sarah didn’t tease him this time, “Didn’t you say before that there were still a lot of things left to be dealt with and you had to be busy for a long time?”

“Things are handed over to Aaron to handle.” Will did not completely tell the truth. After all, he still have to give her a surprise. “In a few days, I will go on a business trip, and the time to come back is uncertain. Next two days I’m free and can accompany you.”


Sarah agreed very crisply.

Originally, she was a little worried. Because Captain Leon suddenly returned and the matter was handed over to Aaron, she was afraid that she didn’t have time to properly prepare for the engagement later.

The good thing was that he still had a business trip.

Thinking about the matter of October, she pulled out the photos from her phone and showed them to Will.



Each photo was taken randomly by her, but even so, the quality of the photos was particularly high. They were even better than the artistic photos taken by professional photographers.

“This is Eve’s daughter. She was ugly when she was born, but now she’s getting better.” Sarah was a face-judger, and she didn’t even let go of a child.

“Do you want a baby too?”


“Do you want to try?” Will took her into his arms, and a nice voice rang in her ears. A warm breath came, and Sarah’s body trembled uncontrollably, feeling very comfortable, as if an electric current was rushing through. She pressed her lips.

The heart was beating a little faster.

Will picked her up horizontally and walked upstairs step by step.

The moment she was placed on the bed, Sarah’s heart was in her throat. So much so that when Will leaned in to kiss her, she reached out to stop him,

“Captain Leon.”

“What’s wrong?” Will trailed off with an upturned tone.



“No.” Sarah didn’t expect it to be so sudden. They had just hugged and kissed each other before.



The two were so close that they could feel each other’s breath. “Want to try? I’m willing to let you check out my body.”

Sarah felt very shy.

Was that what she understood?

“Some time ago, Jacob and others sent me a message saying that they were looking for a macho man and a warm man for you.” Will’s voice was low. He looked at the shy and seductive people lying on the bed and said, “They don’t think I can make you happy.”

The word “happy”.

He deliberately said it heavier.

“They’re joking.” Sarah explained, knowing that they loved to fool around.

“I’m serious.” Will’s voice was low, sexy and provocative. “No man can accept this kind of questioning.”

Sarah’s cheek gradually warmed up, and the last two words were said with some difficulty. “So you let me check it?”


“A real check?”


Sarah pressed her lips.

This action of hers to Will is tantamount to an invitation. No waiting for her to make a reply, Will slightly leaned over and dropped a soft and delicate kiss on her red lips. The kiss was also sightly chilled.



His hand landed on her soft, tiny waist, and his hand slid in a little with a scalding temperature.

This action made Sarah’s heart lift up.

The atmosphere became more and more ambiguous.

The temperature in the room rose.

The collar of Will was open and his clothes were messy.

The face, which was always lazy and reserved, was stained with desire. The bottom of the eyes were so black at this moment that people could not see them clearly.

Sarah’s ear tips flushed and the waist of her clothes had some crease. Her whole being was more charming than usual.

“How do you want to check?” Will’s voice was low, full of compulsion.

Sarah bit her lips. She had never been very good at this. Thinking about it, she reached out and put her arms around his neck, which was a response.

The temperature around Will was very high.

He had been in control of himself and tried to suppress the burning desire. “Not now.”


“I haven’t married you yet.”

Will said this very seriously.

Of course he wanted to make love with her very much. But he had to think about her.



“It’s okay, sooner or later, I will marry you.” Sarah knew that he loved herself and it was clear that she loved him too. “Your parents like me and my father is also satisfied with you. We love each other and there is no obstruction.”



“Don’t seduce me.” The desire Will had managed to suppress came out again.

Sarah wrapped her arms around him and dropped a kiss on his thin lips.

It was originally a pile of hay.

With a little fire.

It was immediately ignited.

Will pulled the quilt aside to cover them up and prepared to make love.

Ten minutes later, he stopped moving. The whole person was more like a demon than ever because of his lust.

Sarah was confused, “What’s wrong?”

“I’ll carry you to take a bath.”

“Not to do it?”


A simple sentence made Sarah start thinking nonsense.



She was like being poured a pot of cold water. All the love and desire at this moment disappeared cleanly and her mind appeared all kinds of chaotic thoughts.

The most prominent one was whether she was disgusting him.

No matter how to say.

She was not a virgin.

“What are you thinking about.” Will just shifted his attention to press his desire, and saw the person in his arms full of unhappiness.

Sarah felt self-contemptuous, then answered, “Nothing.”

“Your expression told me that there was something with you.” Will hugged her tighter, but this action caused his fail to restrain his desire. “Tell me, what’s wrong?”

Sarah was silent and did not speak, but will still waited patiently.

Although this posture and this atmosphere were very tormenting, he knew that if he released her from his arms at this time, this person would think of something messy.

“Will.” Sarah opened her mouth after a while. “What’s wrong?”

“Did you stop because of…….”

The latter words came to an abrupt end here. She really did not know how to say.

Will’s voice was upward, low and magnetic, “Because of what?”

“I’m not a virgin.” After saying that, Sarah moved a little to the side, widening the distance between his.

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Will dragged her into his arms again and raised his hand to pinch her face, “Shouldn’t you have your brain checked?”

Sarah felt confused.

“How can a very smart person be confused about this?” Will really didn’t expect her to struggle with this matter. “If I cared about this, I wouldn’t have been with you from the beginning.” Jason Noth did not have sexual dysfunction. They had been married for two years, and Will knew what would happen to them.

But he didn’t care. The only thing he cared about was that he had thought too much in the past and did not express his love to her in time, so that she could have such a not very happy marriage.

What a little fool she was.

How pitiful.

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