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Needless to say so politely.

“Then why did you stop.” Sarah’s heart was mixed with various emotions. Will took her a little into his arms and asked her, “You guess.”

Sarah did not answer.

If she knew why, she wouldn’t have asked.

“There is no contraception.” Will told her the reason in a hoarse voice, with a pair of deep black eyes surging with irresistible lust, “So I stopped.”

Sarah smothered no words.

All along, she had been a little concerned about this matter.She worried that he would mind about it.

“I’m in a physiological safety period right now.” She blurted out these words, and at this moment emotion triumphed over reason.

In the past, this was something that Sarah would never have said. After all, even in the physiological safety period, there would be risks.

But now she had only one thought.

That was to continue making love with will.

“No.” Will was very insistent on this matter, preferring to restrain himself. “There is a possibility of pregnancy even during the safe period, and I can’t do it until you have a formal marriage license with me.”



“I’ll take you to see my father in a few days.” Sarah lost her former sanity and coldness, and became a little more human. “Then get a marriage license among three months.”

In other words.

Even if she was pregnant, it did not matter.

Will’s eyebrows were lightly raised, and his voice became more and more low, “Want to check my body so much?”

“Very want.” Sarah nodded her head.

“It’s useless to think, be good and bear it.”

Sarah pressed her lips again and her mood was somewhat low. It had come to this point.

How could this man still be so calm?

“Do you think I’m not attractive.” Sarah suddenly spoke out a sentence. She was obviously a confident person, but at this moment, she always gave birth to a variety of strange psychology. “That’s why you are so indifferent.”

Will laughed angrily. Indifferent?

Did she have any idea how hard he had been restraining?

“I? Indifferent?” When he said this, Will leaned his body towards her.

After that, Sarah understood everything.

Her eyes were full of love. “Then why did you restrain yourself? We will get married and get a marriage license, and I know you will be responsible for me.”



“Take a bath.” Will made an instant decision.

He lifted the quilt and carried her to the bathroom.

If he let this woman talk any longer, his heart, which he could not easily control with reason, would have to be shaken.

Of course, he would be responsible for her, and would get a marriage license with her, but he did not want her to be criticized by the world.

This society was a little unfair to girls. He hoped his girl could not be subjected to these gossip. It was not a big deal for him to restrain himself.

“Will!” Sarah said fiercely.

Will restrained himself at last. He helped her to shower and dress. The whole process was torturous, but he also felt pleasurable at the same time.

After Sarah finished shouting his name, the tips of her ears turned red and she was embarrassed.

Half an hour later.

The two finished showering and sat on the sofa downstairs.

Emotions faded and reason returned.

Sarah’s eyes fell on the TV, but her thoughts drifted to nowhere.

When she thought about how she was inviting Will after being rejected, she feel ashamed.

How could she get so active?



“Why are you sitting so far away?” Will looked at the distance between them, and the tone of his voice was not fast. “Are you angry for my rejecting to your check?”

Sarah were wordless.

Why did he have to mention it?

“Come here.” Will’s voice was very nice.

Sarah, holding the remote control, looked nonchalant and said in a casual tone, “No, it’s convenient for me to sit here and watch TV..”

Will looked at her all the time.

Was she really angry or embarrassed? ‘ Will thought.

“Really do not come over?”


The moment her words fell, Will stood up and walked over towards her.

Well, then he could come over towards her voluntarily.

He sat down beside her, and the sofa sank a little. Sarah immediately tensed up and the hand that held the remote slightly rubbed.

“Do you want to go to the supermarket? Will put his arms around her, sensing her tight body and understanding everything. “Get some snacks and groceries.”

“Hasn’t the house servant already bought these?” Sarah asked.



“Go and see if there’s anything you like.”

“You want to go?”



Sarah’s mind wandered a little.

Will clasped her waist and gave her a deliberate pinch on her slender waist.

Sarah went numb all over her body. She pressed her lips and looked at him with a slightly emotional glance. “What are you doing?”

“Hug you.” Will spoke in a very slow tone.

Sarah was speechless.He was obviously flirting with herself.

How dare he say that he was only hugging her.

“You’ll have to change your diet in a few days.” Will said this seriously, pinching her tiny waist again. “Too thin.”

He wondered how such a thin girl could be so explosive in a fight.

Now they were in love, he had to take good care of her.He should make her put on some weight.

“You don’t have to be so tactful.” Sarah misunderstood him his meaning and thought that Will’s speaking skills became better.

“Well, if you think I’m small, you can just say it.”



Will felt puzzled.

With his eyebrows lightly raised, he replied, “Small?”

“Isn’t that what you just said?” Sarah asked rhetorically.

Will’s eyes lingered on her face for a moment.

Atha was twenty-five and he was thirty. Compared with their age, she was indeed much younger than him.


“Aren’t you the one who always thinks I’m old?”

By now he still remembered her talking about how old he was.

Sarah was stunned. She soon realized that they were talking about different things and that she seemed to have misunderstood his actions and words.

“There’s no dislike for your old age.” She changed the subject, not wanting to ramble on about the matter. “It’s getting late. Let’s go to the supermarket first, or they’ll all be closed.”Will felt that there was something wrong with this conversation, but didn’t know what it was.

It was not until they had got into the car to go to the supermarket that will suddenly understood what Sarah meant when she said she was small.


When Sarah was putting on the seat belt.

He raised his thin lips in a beautiful curve and said to her in his languid voice, “No.

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Sarah didn’t understand for a moment. She had automatically filtered out that previous topic and asked,


“Nothing.” Will started the car, not making her uncomfortable.

The car started towards the supermarket.

Sarah also did not ask more questions.

The two went to the supermarket together for the first time.

The people in the supermarket at this time of the day were more than at noon.

Will enjoyed the feeling. He went and bought the same brand of body wash and shampoo as Sarah, as well as some aromatherapy she liked.

When he prepared to buy the toothbrush, Sarah stopped him.”Don’t we already have toothbrushes at home?”

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