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Low Family Status

“Not for couples.”

“We are now a couple and we’ll get married. Everything must be in pairs.” .” Will chose the goods himself. His angular face looked dignified and amzaing.Sarah glanced at him, and finally chose with him. He’s right.’

We are a couple. Our stuff should be in pairs, too.’ Sarah thought.

So the two chose toothbrushes, towels, slippers, and pajamas together.

Almost all kinds of the stuffs were selected, whether it was for couples or not.

Sarah had always felt that captain was a tough and ruthless instructor, but now she realized that away from the training ground, he was also a gentle and meticulous boyfriend.

He knew even more about life and romance than she did.

“You think we got all we need?” Will pushed the cart with one hand and held her with the other.

Sarah took a look at the things in the cart and suddenly teased him with a joke,

“Didn’t we come to buy snacks? Why are we buying all the daily necessities?”

“I forgot one thing.”


“A daily necessity.”

Sarah was confused.



She looked at the cart and thought, ‘These are not daily necessities?’“Wait for me for a minute. I’ll go check that out first.” Will rubbed her head, and he had a meaningful look in his dark eyes, “Or when we check out later, you’ll be embarrassed.”

Sarah was even more confused.

What would I be embarrassed about?’

Although she was curious, she did not ask more.

She would know when they got home anyway, so she didn’t need to ask too much.

The two checked out at the self-checkout machine and drove back. They bought a lot of daily necessities, but did not buy a single snack.

At nine o’clock in the evening, two people went home.

Will put away all the lovers’ towels, electric toothbrushes and so on.

Although most of their previous stuff was also for lovers, it was a rush to move, and he had someone else prepared those things. “Captain.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Didn’t you also buy another daily necessity?” Sarah saw that the shopping bags were empty and asked in slight confusion, “How come I didn’t see it.”

“You wanna see it?” Will began to set a trap for her. But Sarah didn’t notice that and said, “Yeah, show me.”

She was simply curious that what daily necessity could make her embarrassed.



Pots and pans?’

But these seem to be cooking utensils.’ She thought.

Indeed, her cooking skills were not as good as his, but she wouldn’t be embarrassed about it.

“Your hand.” Will’s voice was low and slow.

Sarah did as she was told.

While she was being curious and waiting, Will took out a small box from his pocket and placed it in her palm and deliberately lowered his voice, “With this, You can inspect my thing whenever you want.”

Sarah’s curiosity was completely extinguished. She only felt that the thing in her hand was somehow thorny.

She used to be able to look right at it.

But Sarah just had a strange feeling when she took it from Will.

“I have something to do. I’m going up.” Sarah shoved the box of condoms into his hand, and said calmly, “Keep it yourself.”

After saying that, she turned and left.

Will yanked her back.

She hit his hard chest all of a sudden, and her heart was in her throat.

“You wanna slip away again?”

“I really have something important to do. You can ask Sivan.”




“Really.” Sarah answered very firmly.

Will held her with one hand and took out his phone with the other to make a call to Sivan.

Sarah couldn’t see his phone and thought he was checking the arrangements for things at A&Y International.

Only then the beep came did she realized the fact that he was talking to Sivan on the phone.

“Sivan is asleep. You…”

“Shh.” Will put his index finger on her lips, making a silent motion, “Given what I know about him, he’d be either working or working out by now.”

Sarah had nothing to say.

Fine, you know him well!’ She thought.

When she was dazed, the phone was answered. Sivan’s voice came from the phone, “What’s up?”

“Does Sarah have any work commitments recently?”


Sarah suddenly coughed.

Sivan, who was about to say no, paused, and with his knowledge of his boss, he decisively lied, “Yes, there is an urgent file that needs to be taken care of by Ms. Yeats right now. Is she with you? Help me hurry her up.”



Will smiled slightly.

You guys really know each other.’ He thought.

“It’s Sivan.” He handed the phone to Sarah and quietly watched her act.

Sarah was afraid of being found out, but she did not show it at all,


“Ms. Yeats, our partners are pushing for it. Please confirm the document I sent you.” Sivan’s acting was very good. He deserved the title of best assistant.

“Okay.” Sarah looked serious, “I’m on it right away.”

After saying that, she hung up the phone.

Now she had no fear of being caught lying, “I told you I had something to do. See, I did not lie to you.”


“Then I’m going up?”

“Go ahead.”

Sarah went upstairs as soon as she heard that. Will read her mind and raised his eyebrows meaningfully.

Sarah sent Sivan a message of thanks as soon as she returned to her study.

Sivan just asked, [Do you listen to him or does he listen to you?] Sarah paused. She didn’t know how to answer.



Sivan, [Boss, you’re not a henpecked wife, are you?]

Sarah answered quickly this time, [No.]

How could she be?

She simply did not want to discuss life and ideals with him.

[Not now, but the way you’re reacting, you will be.] Sivan was suddenly worried about his boss’s future, [It is obvious that your family status is lower.]

Sarah was speechless.

Sarah emphasized it just to prove that she wasn’t: [I am really not.]

[Well, you’re not.]

Sivan’s words could be described as perfunctory to the extreme. He had already decided that his boss was afraid of her husband, she wouldn’t have let him tell that lie.

Sarah stared at his reply, wanting to let him know that she really was not.

But the more she explained, the more suspicious she would get. If she didn’t explain, Sivan had already decided.

What to do?’ Sarah asked herself. While Sarah was thinking about this, the door was knocked by Will,

“Ms. Yeats, are you finished?”


“Can I come in?”


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“Not for now.”

After Sarah said this, she was seriously thinking about how she could rise her family status a bit.

But she couldn’t find a suitable way.

The only one with a chance had to do with the fact that she got cold feet.

Will did not take her words seriously, after all, he knew very well that she was not really busy inside with work.

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