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“What are you doing in here?” Sarah looked at the door that was opened and had a guilty conscience.

“I came in to see what Ms. Yeats is busy with.” Will walked over with careless steps and said in a lazy voice, “By the way, if there is anything I can help?”

Sarah put down the phone, “no, not right now.”

Will came to her side.

His eyes fell on her black computer screen, and with a few snickers, he said, “You have quite a special way of doing work, Ms. Yeats.”

Sarah gave a puzzled look.

“The monitor can run even when it’s black.”

Sarah was speechless.

“Why don’t you teach me? I’ll pay you.” Will enjoyed watching her slightly depressed face.

“I can’t.” Sarah was quite good at talking nonsense with a serious look, “This technology requires a lot of hacking, and you can’t do it.”

“Why don’t I feel that way?”


“Even a great hacker needs a computer running to act, right?” Will paced back and forth beside her, reached out and pointed to the closed power plug board, “The computer is not even on. How did you



do that?”

Sarah had nothing to say. She hated myself for being sloppy. She coughed lightly and said, “I did it on my phone.”

“Finished?” Will asked again.

Sarah felt a little helpless.

They were just having a very simple conversation, but now she was under the illusion that she was being interrogated.

Will really gave her a strong sense of pressure.

“Done.” Sarah did not dare to say that it was not finished. She was afraid he would pick on her again, “I’m gonna take a shower and go to bed.”

Will’s hands were propped up on the table behind her and he trapped her between his arms, “It’s only half past nine.”

“A bath takes me half an hour.”

“You just took a shower before we went out.”

“I was sweating in the supermarket.”



“I’ll run your bath.”



When Will said this, he stood up straight, and his narrow eyes were full of meaning.

Sarah blinked for a moment.

She just felt that something was wrong.

When Will went to run the bath water, Sarah sent a message in the group of three, asking an urgent question, [What can I do to show my family status?]

Jacob, [?]

Jim, [?]

Sarah’s eyebrows knitted slightly and replied, [What does ? Mean.]

Jacob, [What are you thinking? With the captain still want family status?

Jim, [You can have a dream, but can not have delusion.]

Sarah was bewildered. She just want to enhance her family status. But now it seemed like it was some wishful thinking.

Jacob, [If you really want family status, there is only one way.]

Sarah, [What?]

Jacob, [Make him yield to you in bed.]

Sarah was speechless.

Jacob, [In bed, as long as you’re not shy, he’s shy.]

Jacob, [Go for it.]



Sarah sent an ellipsis.

She just did not think so but she had no choice.

“Ms. Yeats, the bath water is ready.” Will appeared at the door, with a slender figure and excellent vibe, “Go ahead.”

“Would you stop calling me that?”

She always felt that he was teasing her by calling him Ms. Yeats.

“Don’t like it?” Will deliberately said so.

Sarah nodded, “I don’t like it.”

“I kinda like it.” Will smile lightly and his low voice was magnetic.

Sarah’s watery eyes met his, and she blurted out a threat, “Then I’ll call you by your nickname.”


Will did not care at all.

Walt, it is even a little better than Captain Leon.’ Will thought.

Sarah was rendered speechless.

Didn’t he beat up Zack for calling his nickname?’

How come he keeps so cool now?’

“Go Get in the bath.” Will walked over and picked her up from her seat, like taking care of a little baby.



Sarah walked slowly.

When she reached the bathroom door, she asked, “You really don’t care if I call you by your nickname?”




Sarah was silent. She didn’t believe it. She didn’t even like being called that.

Suddenly, she came up with a bold idea, and she didn’t know whether it was Jacob or Jim who gave her the courage. She said,

“Then you take a shower, too and wait for me in bed when you’re done. I have something to talk to you about.”

“Atha” Will’s eyes deepened, and he looked down at her with a bland face.

Sarah’s tone rose slightly, “Hmm?”

“Do you know what you meant by that?”


“What does it mean?”


When heard this, Will smiled harder.



He laughed so hard that his chest shook, and even his voice had laughter in it, “Alright, I’ll wait for you to inspect me.” Sarah felt uncomfortable again, but she said silently to herself what

Jacob had said to her – as long as she was not shy, Will would be shy.

The half hour that followed was torturous for Sarah, but for Will it was a kind of anticipation.

He was curious to know how Sarah would inspect him.

Soon, half an hour passed.

When Sarah came out of the bath, she saw Will lying on her bed in his robe. His hair was more messy than before, and there were a few more allure in his dignity.

When she looked over, Will also happened to look at her. Seeing her wet hair, Will lifted the quilt and intended to dry her hair for her.

“Don’t you move.” Sarah stopped him, being nervous, “I’ll do it.” Will raised his eyebrow and thought, I just wanna dry your hair. Why so nervous?’

Sarah had already forgotten about the hair drying thing. She had planned to come out to dry her hair, but forgot about it when she saw Will in her bed.

“Don’t get nervous later.” Said Sarah.She did not know whether to say this to herself or to Will, “I will take it easy.”

Will was amused by her and replied to her calmly, “Good.”

“Are you ready?”

“Always ready.”

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“Should I turn off the lights?”

“Up to you.”

Sarah thought, I’m completely dominating, but how come it seems like he isn’t shy at all?’

If Jacob and Jim knew about this, they would definitely ask, “Do you have some misunderstanding of being completely dominating?”

“I’m coming, then.” Sarah adjusted her nervous mind and forced herself to play it cool.

Will’s eyes fell on her still dripping hair, and he said slightly with his thin lips, “Wait.”

Sarah was stunned.

Will lifted the quilt, got out of bed, and stepped towards her with his slender legs.

“Didn’t I say I’d do it?” Sarah didn’t know what he was going to do.

“Don’t you have to blow dry your hair before you start?” Will took a dry towel aside and wiped her hair before taking the hair dryer to help her dry her hair, “The night is still long. We can take our time.”

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