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Don’t break your word

Sarah was embarrassed.

The initiative that had been brewing was suddenly broken up.

Will noticed her reaction. His thin lips pucker up in a nice curve, and his dark eyes were filled with doting love.

A few minutes later, Sarah’s hair was blow-dried.

He put the hair dryer away and handed her the small box from the pocket of his robe,

“The rest is up to you.”

When she saw what it was, Sarah only felt that it was harsh. She was not 17 or 18 years old.

But she just felt a little uncomfortable.

“How about…” she was a little abashed.


“Nothing, you go lie down.”

There was no sense in getting stage fright before she even got on the stage. She told herself that no matter what happened later, she was going to make Will yield to her.

Will was lying in bed waiting while she was cheering herself on. He looked at her face with a determined look, and knew pretty well what she was thinking.

“If you are embarrassed, we can switch positions.” His tone was lazy and loose, with a touch of tease.



Sarah refused directly, “No.”

She walked over and turned off the lights, leaving only a small light next to the bed.

The dim light did not dissipate the tension, but let her heart a little more uneasy, so much so that when she went to bed and touched Will’s somewhat hot body, her heart almost jumped to her throat.

“Captain, if you’re nervous I can go get you some water.” Sarah tried to divert her attention and relax herself, “Or I can tell you a story first.”

Will smiled, “I’m not nervous.”

Fine,’ Sarah thought,

I’m the one who’s being nervous.’

“When is the inspection?” Will closed the distance with her and deliberately lowered his voice, “I’m ready.”

“I don’t think you’re ready.”


“You’re not.”



“Are you abashed?” Will went straight to the point, with a a faint smile.

Sarah wanted to say no, but she knew exactly how well Will knew herself.



What she was thinking was almost written on her face.

“Maybe some other time if you feel abashed.” Will would not force her. This kind of thing should come naturally. “Or just let me.” Added Will.

Sarah was silent.

Will did not rush her.

After a long while,

Sarah handed the little box that covered with her sweat to him, lay with her back to him and said glumly, “You go.”

Sarah gave up. She accepted the fact that she had a low family status. She knew that Will would not really bully her.

Even if she was bullied, She would find a chance to bully him back.

“Really?” Will felt the thin layer of sweat on the surface of the box.

Sarah replied in a muffled voice, “Hum.”

Will put the small box aside, and reached out to hold Sarah in his arms. Her back was against his chest and she could clearly hear the sound of his heart beating.

At that moment, Sarah froze.

The more she thought about what would happen next, the more nervous she became.

“It’s getting late. Time to sleep.” Will held her in his arms, his voice low and hoarse.



Sarah was all relaxed then said blankly, “We’re not doing it?”

“Not tonight.”


“You’re not ready.” Will wanted to give her some time to prepare mentally. At least she would not be so nervous that her palms were sweaty. “We first share the same bed. After you get used to me sleeping with you, then talk about this.”

Sarah did not know how to describe her current mood.

On the one hand, she felt warm, because Will was very gentle, always taking care of her feelings.

On the other hand she felt guilty. Last time they stopped in the Nick of time because they didn’t have condoms, and now because she was too nervous, Will chose not to do it.

As a single man for thirty years and now in the green, it was a little cruel for him.

All sorts of emotions ran through her, and suddenly she turned to face him. Will did not think much of her behavior, and he just assumed that she was comfortable sleeping in this position.

However, the next second,

Sarah rolled over and pressed him underneath. She regained her courage and spoke in a serious manner, “We agreed to inspect the thing today. We can’t break our word.”

“But you’re not ready, are you?”

“I’m ready.”

Sarah said very seriously.



Will laughed so hard that his chest cavity was vibrating, and his eyes were full of love and tenderness, “Well, you go.”

To prove she could do it, Sarah lowered her eyes and kissed him on his thin lips, gently and awkwardly, obviously not good at it.

Will suffered, but he played along. However, she was really not good at it. She gave up before they were halfway there, and eventually it was Will who led the “inspection”. The room was dimly lit, and the quilt was constantly undulating.

When everything stopped, it was already two o’clock in the morning.

Sarah felt that she was exhausted, and could not even lift a finger. She had never been this tired before, even when the training was super double.

“More?” Will said in a low and hoarse voice, his arm wrapping around her thin waist.

Sarah hurriedly shook her head.

No more.’

Too tired.’ Sarah thought, but she had no strength to speak.

Will was obviously still in good spirits, but when he looked at Sarah who was so tired that she didn’t even want to open her eyes, he tried to hold back his desire. “You sleep first. I’ll carry you to take a bath.” Said Will.

Sarah gave a weak “hmm”.

The moment her consciousness fell into a deep sleep, there was only one thought in her mind, people who had endured for thirty years were so scary.

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Will gave a loving smile and kissed her on the lips before going to the bathroom and run the hot water.

He would be responsible for this.

He would always protect her and give her a lifetime of happiness.

After the hot water was ready, Will carried her to the bathroom to take a bath together.

Afraid that she would feel cold later, he also turned up the temperature of the room.

Half an hour later, both of them finished bathing.

Will lay on his side of the bed and looked at the sleeping beauty in his arms. His dark, deep eyes were filled with strong love.

He turned off the light in the bedroom and hugged Sarah into a sweet sleep.

This night, both of them slept very well.

The next morning,

Sarah woke up and found that the bedroom was different from the one she used to live in. Before she could think about how she got here, a low, lazy voice sounded in her ear, “You awake?”

Sarah gave a start and turned her eyes to see Will’s handsome face.

At that moment,

All images from last night came to her mind.

“Did you sleep well?” Will’s heart was tickled by her clean and clear eyes.

Sarah pursed her lips and lowered her eyes, not daring to look at him, “Yes.”



“How do you feel?”


“The inspection.”

Sarah did not reply.

“Not satisfied?”




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