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That’s a pretty good plan

Will let out a light chortle, raised his hand and gently pinched her face, “That’s a pretty good plan.”

Sarah was even more confused.

What plan?’ She thought.

“Not satisfied and not unsatisfied. Don’t you just want to do it again?” Will deliberately teased her.

Sarah was stunned and she immediately retorted, “No.”

“Whether you do or not, I’m not gonna let you.” Will knew she was embarrassed, so helped her wipe away the discomfort naturally. “Wash up, and have breakfast.”



“I’m going to wash up.” Sarah obediently got up.

Looking at her slipped away quickly, Will adjusted his state before getting up.

The reason why he said that before, in addition to wanting to relieve Sarah’s discomfort, another reason was that he was well aware of how dangerous he would be in the morning.

Last night he forced himself to stop so that she would not continue to suffer, but this morning he didn’t know if he could hold it back. After Will totally calmed down, he stepped on his slippers and went to the bathroom.

When Sarah saw him in the mirror, she was filled with discomfort.



“Atha.” Will was squeezing toothpaste while talking to her about business.

Sarah was brushing her teeth, “Hmm?”

“When are you going to my base to practice?”

Sarah was confused.


Practice what?’

“You are so weak now.” When Will got out of bed, he was a different man, as if he were the fierce drillmaster again, “Maybe you should practice there so you can keep me fed afterwards.”

“No.” Sarah vaguely replied.

She understood what “keep me fed” meant.

She would not go.

Will stood behind her, looking at her from the mirror with foam in her mouth, deliberately bent gently beside her and asked, “Really not going?”

Sarah was speechless.

But she somehow feel that it would be dangerous if she said no.

“If you don’t go I’ll have to let you make up for the shortage with diligence.” Will said extremely serious, his ink-colored eyes flooding with tease, “Practice more, you should get tired less quickly.”

Sarah froze, steadying her mind and saying, “Indulgence is not good for your health.”



“Moderation is good for physical and mental health.” Will replied to her.

Sarah kept silently brushing her teeth.

Her intuition told her that the moderate amount that Will said must be different from the moderate amount she thought.

“I’m gonna change my clothes.” Sarah put the toothbrush and cup away and immediately walked away, “You take your time.”

Looking at her fleeing figure, Will slowly brushed his teeth, and his dark eyes were tinged with a smile.

After getting out of the bathroom, Sarah changed her clothes and went downstairs. Originally she planned to drag the suitcase straight away, but when packing clothes, something important occurred to her — take Will back to see Dad.

Will would be on a business trip in a few days, and his return time was uncertain.

And some time later she would have to propose to Will It was time to let them see each other.

So she sent a message to Eric to ask if he was free today. Eric had made a date with friends, but he still told Sarah that he was free.

Sarah did not directly say that she would take Will back. She only mentioned herself.

She hadn’t asked Will after all.

It was not good for her to tell Eric in advance, in case will had something to do.

When Will came down, he saw her sitting on the sofa with her cell phone, tapping on it.

He knew that she must be sending a message.



“Breakfast is ready.”


Sarah obediently went over to have breakfast.

During the breakfast, when she saw the message from Eric asking what she wanted for lunch, she did not replied but asked Will, “Captain, are you free today?”

“Yes.” Will first answered the question before asking her, “What’s up?”

“I want to take you home to meet my family.”


“After breakfast?”


After getting this answer, Sarah replied the message from her dad.

She took the phone and replied word by word, [I’m not picky. Just ask the nanny to prepare more. I’ll come with Will.]

When Eric saw the message, he immediately froze.

He looked at the words sent by Sarah, and handed the phone to Rita who was at home, “What does your sister mean by this?”

“Take Will to dinner here.”

“I know. I’m asking what she means by that.”



Rita was confused.

She did not know what he meant.

She put down the phone and blinked, “Dad, are you out of your mind?”

“You’re out of your mind.” Eric snorted coldly, then offered a guess of his own, “Dose Pumpkin mean she is bringing Will back to meet me?”

“I guess so.”

“Don’t guess. Say yes or no.”


“Then should I change into something smarter?” Eirc asked. He attached great importance to this meeting.

Last time will sent Pumpkin back, he did not stay and had dinner. Pumpkin said that she felt that their relationship was not that stable.

Now since she chose to bring him back, it meant that it had been stable enough.

Since so, it was also time to talk to Will.

“No need, it’s not like Will has never seen you before.” Rita had been relaxed about it. She had already gone to dine with them several times, “Besides, even if you wear very nice clothes, but sitting with Will, you still look…”

Eric straighten his face and asked, “Look what?!”



“Look like you are the most handsome guy.” Rita heatedly smiled.

Eric glared at her.

Stop sucking up.’ He said in his mind.

Of courese he knew that he was not as handsome as Will.

But that was not important!

The important thing was that he had to show the most handsome side.

“Skip the snacks and help me in the kitchen.I’m gonna make a big meal for them.” Eric stood up and already began to think about the menu, “This is the first time that Pumpkin takes her boyfriend home.”

Rita said, her eyes quick-moving, “Dad.”


“If I take my boyfriend back… Will you make us a nice meal too?”

“You’re planning to bring him home?” Eric’s brow instantly knitted up.

“Can’t I…” Rita felt a bit guilty and pursed her lips, “Haven’t you seen him? And agreed with us being together?” “I’m just saying yes to your relationship, not marriage.” Said Eric, looking serious, “Besides, I told you not to get Sarah here, you did.”

When Pumpkin came, he didn’t even have a say.

He even had no opportunity to show his majesty as a father.

Rita rubbed her nose, looking somewhat guilty.

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If she did not get Sarah here that day, Andrew would have been overwhelmed by the pressure that Eric gave.

“You can forget about bringing him here to talk about marriage.”

Eric put it bluntly, “Just let him be your boyfriend.”

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