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He didn’t dare to admit that it was love

The two daughters were married at once.

It was better to give him some time to adjust.

“Humph!” Rita Yeats also knew what he meant by that, simply gave a threat, “I will find sister.”

Her father, “……’

She just knew he would accept what Pumpkin said.

“Mom was the boss when she lived, mom died sister being the boss.” Rita Yeats understood the family status thing, a pair of eyes looking great, “But sister loves me, as long as it was my request she will agree, in other words, now I am the boss.”

“Want to get something, don’t you?” Eric Yeats felt that this girl was spoiled.

Rita Yeats smiled wryly, and Eric Yeats pretended to be angry and glared at her, they played without hurting the peace, the feelings being very good.

It was close to noon.

Sarah Yeats and Will Gardner came.

Rita Yeats was the first to rush into the arms of her sister, before greeting Will Gardner, who greeted her and gave her and Eric Yeats all the things he brought.

Looking at the pile of valuable things, Eric Yeats greeted them to sit down.

At first, there was nothing to talk about.



Eric Yeats would like to say something, and found that it was not quite appropriate, and finally choose to start eating.

The process of eating was about some very polite chat, whatever Eric Yeats asked Will Gardner would naturally answer it.

So the atmosphere seemed a little strange.

To be more precise.

Only Eric Yeats felt a little uneasy.

“Will Gardner, can you come with me to the study for a chat?” Eric Yeats took the initiative to pick up the topic after eating, also really wanting to talk with him, “There were some words I want to talk to you alone.”

Sarah Yeats wanted to stop it.

No matter what the words were, it’s the same to say here.

But Will Gardner chose to go up with Eric Yeats to chat.

Before going up, he sent a message to Sarah Yeats, Just talking, it’s okay.

Sarah Yeats glanced at the message, and glanced towards the study that had already closed, with some indescribable feelings in her heart.

Rita Yeats felt her emotions and came to sit next to her, “sister, were you worried about Will Gardner?”


No need to be worried.



Dad would not stop her from being with Captain Leon.

She was just not used to this kind of way to talk.

It felt strange.

“Just relax, dad is supportive of you and Will Gardner being together.” Rita Yeats spoke to her, not caring if she wasn’t worried, “During the time you weren’t home, I often heard him say things like you and Will Gardner were a good match.”

Sarah Yeats said nothing.

But her mind had drifted away.

She knew that dad would not interfere with her relationships and would not make things difficult for Will Gardner, but there was still no way to be completely at peace.

Half an hour later.

Inside the study.

Eric Yeats and Will Gardner had already talked about some things.

Will Gardner had been polite, modest and gentle, “Don’t worry, I will take good care of her and won’t let the past happen again.”

“Pumpkin is rather stubborn.” Eric Yeats knew Sarah Yeats well, “There is something that she may be more stubborn with, at that kind of time, I hope you can compromise.”

“She is very good, you do not have to worry too much.” Will Gardner only said these words.

He understood Sarah Yeats’s stubbornness, and everything about her.



When Eric Yeats saw him like this, he also knew that his daughter had found someone truly worthy of a lifelong commitment.

Since this was the case.

He, as a father, was also relieved.

After the two of them finished talking, they opened the door and went out, and they saw Sarah Yeats standing outside the door.

“Pumpkin?” Eric Yeats paused for a moment.

Will Gardner was also slightly surprised.

Sarah Yeats looked natural and her words did not fluctuate, “I came to see how your talk went.”

“We’ve finished talking.” Eric Yeats replied.

But he knew she just worried about Will Gardner She should look outward!

Sarah Yeats took Will Gardner’s hand naturally, and said goodbye to Eric Yeats, “Then let’s go back first, we have some things to do later, and I’ll come back to see you later.”

“Not eating dinner?”


Eric Yeats didn’t keep them any longer.

Anyway, they were in the same city, they could meet whenever they wanted to.

After leaving Sarah Yeats sat on the passenger side and asked him, “What did my father tell you?”



She waited for a long time down there.

After seeing that the study door was closed for a long time she couldn’t resist going up, but the door was better soundproofed and she couldn’t hear the conversation inside happened

“Tell me to take good care of you, and talked a little about your mother.” Will Gardner didn’t hide it from her, it just that he also wanted to relieve her past emotional pain, “said something about your past.”

Sarah Yeats paused.

Closed her eyes.

Will Gardner stopped at the intersection and looked at her, “Do you think your parents’ marriage was really a simple business alliance?”


Sarah Yeats said quickly.

Until now she still remembered what dad had said to her, remembering how she felt when she heard those words.

“I don’t think so.” Will Gardner’s voice carried the magic power to soothe people.

Sarah Yeats looked at him.

Will Gardner analyzed it to her, “At first they may have been tied together because of the business alliance, but later on, your father and mother truly loved each other.”

“No.” This had always been a pain in Sarah Yeats’s heart, “Dad himself said that there was no love between him and mom.”


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“After a long time, you can’t tell if it’s love or habit.” Will Gardner

was able to bring himself into the role, “A man who really does not love his wife, there was no way to live a happy life for the rest of his life.”

Sarah Yeats was a little moved and subconsciously looked at him. “Love for a person can’t be hidden.” Will Gardner analyzed it to her, “The reason why your father told you that there was no love between them, perhaps because he also did not know if it was love, or, he did not dare to admit that it was love.”

The feelings of adults, simple or complex.

Sarah Yeatsaoxi’s mom and dad, obviously belonged to the latter.

“You should be able to understand if you think back carefully on the life they got together.” Will Gardner hopes she can come out, “Only with love-based marriage, life will be happy and sweet. It can not be performed.”

There were always loopholes in acting.

With Sarah Yeats’s observation it was impossible not to find.

If not, it could only mean that it was not acting, but real love.

Sarah Yeats carefully thought back to the past, what appeared in her memory, only Mom and Dad sweet and warm life, the two never had a quarrel.

If Dad hadn’t told her that, she really would have thought they were very much in love.

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