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Thinking about this, her previously collapsed world was repaired bit by bit.

She looked at Will Gardner and said a more important thing, “When Dad told me about him and Mom earlier, I asked him why he would drink to drown his sorrows when Mom died, and he told me that he and Mom had been a couple for decades after all, although there was no sensational love, the companionship was real.”

It was this sentence.

Overturned her previous perceptions.

“They were in love with each other.” Will Gardner was more certain now, “It’s just that your father confused love with habit, or as I just said, he didn’t dare to admit that it was love.”

The marriage, each other had a favorite person.

In such a case, even if they were fond of each other, it will not be truly expressed.

“I’ll talk to your father sometime.” Will Gardner took the initiative to take this task, “To give you a satisfactory answer.”


Sarah Yeats agreed.

The two went back and nestled in the sofa to watch TV.

At first, both of them were watching the TV seriously.


Madam winterss fight for her children by summer wine

Watching and watching.

The atmosphere became sexy with the images on the TV.

In the picture, the main hero and heroine of the film was on the boat passionately kissing, like fire, all the desires being ignited.

Sarah Yeats subconsciously pressed the fast-forward button, wanting to skip this image.

“Press back.” said he.

Sarah Yeats had already skipped that clip, feigning incomprehension and asked, “You like to see that image?”


” “So direct.


She fondled the telecontroller and negotiated with him, “It’s already skipped, if you want to watch it, you can slide to it alone after watching it later, okay?”

“You like to watch the coming plot?” Will Gardner’s eyelid slightly raised and asked.

Sarah Yeats nodded her head.

Will Gardner also did not speak again.

This reaction made Sarah Yeats doubtful. She felt that Captain Leon was not as the normal.

That was not his normal case She was thinking about it.



The plot changed to even more sexy than just now.

The characters were having sex But it was cut at that time.

Will Gardner lips raised, looking at her, “So you like this.”

Sarah Yeats,”


How did she know the next was sex.

“Do you need me to help you edit down all the images just now and play them on a loop?” Will Gardner teased her, “I also know a few movies with similar plots, need I to edit down those with you?”

“Have you seen this movie?” Sarah Yeats quickly realized that something was wrong.

She knew why Captain Leon was so bashful after asking that earlier.

It was because there was a pit waiting for her.

“Don’t change the subject.” Will Gardner perfectly changed the topic, “You still haven’t answered what I just said.”

Sarah Yeats, “……”

She decisively clicked the back button and secretly swore that she would never watch romance movies with Captain Leon again.

“Angry?” Will Gardner still had a smile.

“Come upstairs with me.”




“I want to get you laid.” Sarah Yeats’s revenge came.

This was what Will Gardner did not expect, “Now?”

“Now.” Sarah Yeats had already thought how to tease him.

“Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking.” said he.”Lead me on, then leave me alone”.

Sarah Yeats’s idea screwed.

How this can be guessed?

Then she came over and sat on him, looking at him face to face, “Then will you come for me?.”

“Yes.” Will Gardner said slowly with low voice.

He had to release her anger.

Otherwise, it’s not easy to find her back if running away.

“If you don’t mind, this place can also be used as a bed.” Will Gardner’s hand clasped her waist and rubbed at the position of her tailbone, “Get me laid here.”

Sarah Yeats got up and slipped away.

The first thing she did was running back upstairs without looking back.

At this moment she understood a very important thing.

Captain Leon was impossible to have the emotion of shyness.



Will Gardner saw her fleeing, his heart relieving. otherwise he really didn’t know what to do just now, and he couldn’t really let her flirt, after all, he used up condoms last night.

Sarah Yeats ran upstairs to the room and complained on the group chats.

The idea was that the other two were not reliable at all.

Jacob, [Pumpkin awesome! I was really not expecting you to dare to sleep with Captain Leon.]

Jim, [How was the experience?]

Jacob, [Was Captain Leon ok?]

Sarah Yeats, “……”

Sarah Yeats suddenly did not know how to answer.

It also became clear that these two people were watching the show.

While thinking about this, a text message appeared on her phone.

[I put a credit card in the mailbox outside the villa where Eve Kent lives, I paid for her expenses during this time. I will work hard so that she can marry me freely. –Edgar Williams] After sending this message, Edgar Williams went to Jason Noth. Since he had decided to love, he had to show his attitude.

When he went to Jason Noth and asked him to take him to work properly, Jason Noth’s face, which was always cool and indifferent, was more than a little puzzled, “Have you taken the wrong medicine?”

“No.” Edgar Williams lost his usual arbitrarines, the whole person was a lot more calm, “Yesterday, I talked to Sarah Yeats about Eve Kent, she felt that I was not suitable to be with Eve Kent, after thinking carefully, I think she was right.”



Jason Noth paused.

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Sarah Yeats……

It’s been almost two months since he’d heard this name.

“You taught me how to manage a business.” Edgar Williams talked to him, good-looking eyes flooded with seriousness, “I want to make some achievements to show my parents and Eve Kent, so they know that I am also capable.”

Only when he had the ability can he be qualified to oppose his parents’ marriage arrangement.

Only then would he be able to help Eve Kent to be steadfast.

“As for the conditions, feel free to ask.” Edgar Williams said generously.

Even if Jason Noth wanted him to help him with free voluntary work for the rest of his life, he would still agree.

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