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Madam winterss fight for her children by summer wine

What’s in your mind for Sarah Yeats now

Jason Noth’s looked over and his tone was somewhat cold, “Are you serious?”


Edgar Williams’s attitude was clear.

Jason Noth looked at the document in his hand, but his thoughts had already drifted away.

When Edgar Williams saw that he did not speak for a long time, he urged, “Can you give a quick answer?”

“I can promise you, but my request can not let anyone know except you and me.” Jason Noth was silent for a while before he said these in a somewhat low voice.

Edgar Williams agreed without even thinking about it, “No problem.”


“What’s your request?”

Jason Noth’s pitch-black eyes were flooded with black.

Edgar Williams incidentally made a guess, “You wouldn’t want me to break up Sarah Yeats and Will Gardner, would you?”

If so, he definitely can’t agree to this.

Not to mention that if Eve Kent found out about this, she would definitely alienate him more and more, but this matter itself is rather wicked.



He was determined not to do it.

He has a daughter.

“Every time you go to visit Eve Kent, help me pay attention to Sarah Yeats.” Jason Noth’s head was full of Sarah Yeats, the heart being suppressed, “Do not need to inquire too much and ask questions, just say what you would get.”

Edgar Williams paused.

He opened his mouth, “You……”

“Yes or not?”

“She already has a boyfriend.”

“I know.”

“They have a good relationship, the odds are that they will not break up.”

“Don’t need you to remind.”

He knew how much that person loved Sarah Yeats after the day he left New York.

Naturally, it was also clear that once the two were together, Will Gardner would not let Sarah Yeats suffer any further harm, letting alone giving him a single chance.

Edgar Williams could not understand his behavior and thoughts, “Then you still ……’

“You just need to do as I say.” Jason Noth’s tone was cold, and those eyes had emotions that had been forcibly suppressed, “As long as you promise, I will help you double all of Williams Group’s performance this year.”



“No problem.” Edgar Williams readily agreed.

It’s just telling him what he’d seen and heard, not anything unethical.

It’s not a big deal.

When Edgar Williams saw the blue of his eyelids and the red blood

in his eyes, he patted him on the shoulder, “Don’t go to work today, go with me to drink and relax, look how tired you are.”

“There are still things to be done.”

“Let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

Edgar Williams did not care about his will, dragging him and leaving.

Chris watched them leave, and he drove a car to follow them, seeing them enter a clubhouse, then he sent a message to Edgar Williams.

Chris, [Mr.Williams, the boss has not rested and eaten properly for almost two months, if possible, I hope you will let him drink less later.

Not having a good rest and irregular diet for a long time was not suitable for drinking alcohol.

These two months.

The boss has already had stomach disease. If he hurt his body by drinking, he didn’t know how to explain to the boss’s parents.

Edgar Williams finished ordering wine before he saw this message.



After he answered it, he got the staff go to prepare the meal.

This request,made the staff inside baffled, “Mr.Williams, we do not have meals here……”

“Have someone go next door and buy some, it should be light and nourishing to the stomach.” Edgar Williams handed the card over and tipped.

The staff immediately went.

Jason Noth was puzzled by his behavior, and his cool voice was like winter water, “You’re here to eat?”

“The meal was ordered for you.” Edgar Williams also said explicitly, he also noticed that Jason Noth’s complexion was not as good as before, “You should have had time to eat dinner. Eat first,

so later drinking is not so easy to get you drunk.”

“No need.” Jason Noth refused.

Edgar Williams only smiled and did not say anything.

The staff soon bought the light and appetizing meals over.

When Edgar Williams handed it over, Jason Noth didn’t even look at it, he directly picked up the wine next to it and started drinking it.

“Eve Kent was now living very close to Sarah Yeats, and there was only a villa in between.” Edgar Williams was true to his word,

talking to him about the conditions, “If you eat this meal before drinking, I can make a few more trips towards New York.”

Jason Noth’s hand holding the cup stalled in the air.



Only after a while did he fondled the cup and naturally said, “She’ll see you if you go?”

“Yes.” Edgar Williams said with great certainty.

Jason Noth gave him a disgusted look and just thought he was talking shit.

Edgar Williams added a sentence before he drank, which was also the most important one, “My child was born, and the mother agreed that I could go see October anytime, and this matter also got Sarah Yeats’s permission, and she gave me the access card to the villa area.”

A simple sentence made Jason Noth stop all movements.

It was as if he had been pressed the pause button, and his entire being stood still.

“Eat your meal first.” Edgar Williams took his glass down and handed the meal over, “I promise to bring you back some news about Sarah Yeats every time I go to New York.”

Jason Noth didn’t answer, just ate the whole meal.

It’s a good thing this was in a private room, otherwise this scene would have caused a crowd of people to watch.

“Jason.” Edgar Williams was somewhat complicated by his reaction.

Jason Noth’s movement of eating was eye catching, and the whole person also maintained that indifference, “Just say if you have something.”

“What is your mind for Sarah Yeats right now.” Edgar Williams was a little worried about his current state, after all it was really bad, “Is it still holding on to the hope that she will turn back, or is it just aimlessly waiting.”



“Neither.” Jason Noth knew exactly what he was doing.

He knew Sarah Yeats would not turn back, and he knew that no matter what happened in the future they would not return to the beginning, but the heart was not something that can be controlled if you want to.

Edgar Williams’s face was complicated, “Then what do you think.”

“Not much thought.” Jason Noth did not tell him the truth.

It was only Chris who knew it.

Jason Noth ate and then drank with Edgar Williams. Edgar Williams was in no mood to drink after learning of his state,

but he could see that Jason Noth’s situation was bad, so he drank with him.

“Will you and Eve Kent…… make up?” Jason Noth asked as he drank his fourth cup.

“I don’t know.” Edgar Williams was also unclear, just said, “But it does not matter, as long as she was not with other people, I will often go to see her and little October, and always wait for her until she is willing to marry me.”

With his understanding of Eve Kent, if it wasn’t for that accident back then, she wouldn’t have gotten married to him.

As an entertainer in the entertainment industry, she was choosing to marry late, and now if she makes a comeback, she probably won’t consider relationships.

The odds were still a little bit better for him.

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