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Madam winterss fight for her children by summer wine

Say now that you won’t, not afraid that you will regret afterwards?

“Pretty good.” Jason Noth said these two words in a slightly

muffled voice and then drank the wine in his cup.

If he and Sarah Yeats also have a child as a tie…….

This thought just popped up and was dispelled by him.

It’s better not to.

Now it was good.

If he and Sarah Yeats really have a child, it will not change the end of the two of them now, the only thing that may change was Sarah Yeats’s future relationship was not very good.

He can’t give her a happy and stable life, so he can’t ruin her current life.

“You take your time, I’ll go back first.” Jason Noth put the cup on the table, “Lucas is also in Atlanta, I will help you call him out to accompany you.”

“No need.” Edgar Williams wasn’t in the mood to drink.

Then Jason Noth left.

Edgar Williams felt that something was very wrong with him now.

He sent a message to Chris to inquire.

In just under two months, he felt that Jason Noth had changed to another person.



Chris’s reply being very official, the boss’s business, he will not casually tell other people, even the boss’s brother.

After seeing Jason Noth walked out from inside, he immediately welcomed, “Boss, please get into.”

Jason Noth got into the car with him.

As every time before, Jason Noth sat in the back seat and Chris sat in the driver’s seat.

“Boss, you can drink some more if you want.” Chris saw that he was still sober and added, “I’m waiting for you here, you don’t have to worry about getting drunk and not being able to return home.”

What said to Mr.Williams before was because he did not eat much.

Drinking with an empty stomach hurts the stomach and body.

But after Mr.Williams told him that the boss had eaten, he was quite relieved.

The boss has not had a good sleep for a long time, so sometimes he really hoped that he got drunk and had a good sleep.

“No more drinks, go back first.”

Chris did not say more, starting the car and leaving.

On the way back.

Jason Noth kept looking out the window, his eyes full of thoughts.

Chris hadn’t seen him like this for a long, long time, so much so that he made a guess after seeing it, “Boss, do you have something in your mind?”



Jason Noth was silent and did not say anything.

Chris did not ask further questions.

The only noise in the car was the slight tire noise coming from the car tires.

Just when Chris thought his boss wouldn’t answer, Jason Noth’s dull voice was full of heartache, “She really doesn’t want to see me.”


“Sarah Yeats.”

Jason Noth’s voice was complicated.

Chris’s eyesight paused, and his thoughts paused for a moment.

For this period of time, he or Serial Lance, no one mentioned Miss Yeats in front of him, for fear that mentioning more would aggravate his condition.

But now……

Was it Mr.Williams who said something to him?

“She moved.” Jason Noth said this with difficulty, “Moved to the villa area.”

No one knew what he was feeling when he heard Edgar Williams said that there was only a villa between Eve Kent and Sarah Yeats’s place.

At that time he had only one thought in his head, How much she didn’t want to see him so she moved.

Was he really…… that annoying to her?



“Just moving, how can it be related to it.” Chris thought not as complicated as him, just literally to understand the meaning of the words, “Maybe it was Miss Yeats that planned to live with Will Gardner.”

Jason Noth did not answer it.

He didn’t know what Sarah Yeats was thinking, nor did he know the real purpose of her move.

But as soon as he thought that it was possible that she moved because he knew where she lived originally and she was afraid that he would bother her, his heart was like shouldering a huge rock that he couldn’t breathe.

“If you want to know, I’ll go and ask around for you.” Chris did not want to see him like that.

“No need.” Jason Noth refused, “It doesn’t matter anymore whether it was or not.”

The only one who were affected was just him.

He was not important.

Chris did not reply, but he decided to inquire clearly.

If he doesn’t inquire, this matter will become a thorn in the flesh,

and it will still hurt for a long, long time.

In case it was a misunderstanding.

Wouldn’t it be to suffer for nothing?

“Should we ask Dr. Lance to come over tonight.” Chris was afraid



he wouldn’t be able to sleep all night, “If you don’t sleep properly for such a long time, your body really won’t be able to carry it.”

“No need.”


“No need.”

Jason Noth still said the same thing.

Chris was really worried about his health, so much that a sentence came out, “Can you not always do things that you regret.”

“Not listening to me in the past led to regretting divorcing Miss

Yeats now and not treating her properly.” Chris this time was serious with his words, really worried about him, “Now do listen to advice, in case meeting someone you want to take care of for a lifetime.”

“It won’t happen.” Jason Noth said with great certainty.

“You do not be so sure. Before you mentioned divorce with Miss Yeats, I said you would certainly regret, how did you reply at that time?” Chris deliberately said that to irritate him, “Now you say no, not afraid afterwards regretting?”

Jason Noth didn’t speak.

He didn’t even want to argue with Chris.

When mentioning the past, he thought of all the stupid things he had done. “Life was long. There was no hurdle that cannot be overcome.” Chris as a bystander to see clearly, “Someday in the future, you

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will certainly also meet a good lover for life, like Miss Yeats and Will Gardner.”

Jason Noth still did not speak.

He does not know what the future holds, and he only knows that now and for some time after, his heart belonging to Sarah Yeats.

As for why not a lifetime……..

The reason for this was that he doesn’t dare to be sure of anything anymore.

Matters concerning feelings and private life, as long as he was very sure of, almost all were regretting.

“Even if you don’t think for yourself, you have to think for your family who cares about you.” Chris slowly said, looking at him through the rearview mirror, “Once one day you collapse from exhaustion, your parents and elderly grandfather will be anxious deadly.”

“You can shut up now.” Jason Noth compromised with a cold tone, “Have Serial Lance come over at 10,30.”


Chris immediately contacted.

When Serial Lance learned about this, he stopped sleeping and rolled over and got out of bed, “Are you sure Jason Noth asked me to come over?”


“Really sure?”




“Wait, I’ll come right over.” Serial Lance had guilt towards Jason Noth after all, putting on his clothes quickly and going out.

He had not dared to leave Atlanta because he knew Jason Noth would find him for help.

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